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Mini of the Day

Jedi Sentinel
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: July 12, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.85
200 pt: 3.60


Sorry, we don't have this card image yet.

Sith Dragon


Jedi Sentinel
Old Republic
Cost: 17
HP: 70
DEF: 18
ATK: 8
DAM: 10

Lightsaber; repair 10; satchel charge; stealth

Force 2

Today's character is an interesting grab bag of effects. For 17 points you get a stellar 70 HP and 18 DEF, but while the +8 ATK is a bit lacking for the cost. Most figs in this price range have an effect to boost their attack. The 10 DAM stinks, but you trade that off for a Jedi that can shoot.

For effects you get lightsaber for the +10 DAM to adjacent characters. I have never liked this effect (mainly on Kyle). It would be nice if instead it was worded as the base DAM for this character is 20 when attacking an adjacent character, simply because a crit will only get you a 30 DAM hit. Repair 10 can be interesting. In the Old Republic there isn't anything you can use it on yet, but there is always the tried and true Viper. Combine this with the Sentinel's stealth and a Black Sun Vigo and you get a Viper that will take a LONG time to go down. The Sentinel also has the new gimmick of the set with satchel charge. No R2 or Lobot will slow these guys down.

100/200pt: I am going to lump these together again. The Sentinel isn't a bad character, but it is simply left wanting. It has only a single attack, 10 base DAM, and +8 ATK. Granted with Bastila and some cheap 5pt fringe you can ratchet her ATK up rather easily, but for only `10 DAM she just really doesn't cut it as a shooter. I would rather take Utapaun soldiers form the RotS set. And as for Jedi, their +8 ATK wont help them hit the big Jedi before being wiped out by a triple or quad attack. However, as i said, these may be the best character to run with a Viper outside of the separatists. She will fit more of a gimmick roll in your squad then an attacker.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5



Jedi Sentinel (CotF)

Cost: 17
HP: 70
DEF: 18
ATK: 8
DMG: 10

Repair 10
Sachel Charge
Force 2

Does this piece look familiar to you? No, I'm not talking about KOTOR, but stat-wise does she have similar stats compared to someone else? Perhaps Dark Jedi and Dark Side Adept? Now, I would throw in Dark Side Acolyte, but he doesn't have a gun. This jedi isn't too bad for what she is, and probably the best of what's listed.

Although she is in a low-variety faction, she does get some of the support she needs kudos to Bastilla. She also isn't unique, which allows you to run multiple copies of her. Good. As for her stats, it's not too bad considering its only a 17 point piece. Granted, the damage is only 10, but you have lightsaber in your arsenal, so it isn't too bad. Unlike Dark Side Adept, she also has Repair 10 (which won't be used too often unless you use HK-47), Sachel Charge and Stealth, giving her a bit more usefulness. Also, like a jedi, she has two force points.

Now, would I use her in a Old Republic squad? Probably. Seeing as how little variety there is (for now) I seem to have little choice in the matter. She's solid for her score, but don't think she's a Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter. Use her wisely.

In 100 PT and 200 PT she is a decent piece for how much she's worth. Run a few of these alongside Bastilla, and you'll be dealing some damage. However, Old Republic hasn't reached its maximum potential, so unless you REALLY wanna run it, run her alongside your squad.

100 PT: 3.5/5
200 PT: 3.5/5

"May the force be with you."
tjmk Jedi Sentinel
Cost: 17
HP: 70
Def: 18
Atk: +8
Dam: 10

Special Abilities:
Lightsaber (+10 Damage against adjacent enemies) Repair 10 (Replaces attacks, touch, remove 10 damage from one Droid
Satchel Charge (replaces attacks, remove an adjacent door from the map for the remainder of the game) Stealth (if this character has cover, it does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker more than 6 squares away)

Force Powers:
Force 2

Wow, talk about cost-efficient. This is my favorite of the Old Republic Jedi. The Guardian has good combat skills. The Consular has some good and interesting abilities. This guy has a bit of both mixed in for a very solid and strategic character. Excellent stats for the cost he has, especially for a non-unique. His attack is a little lacking, but he makes up for it by having the versatility of range. Yeah, that's right. This Jedi has a gun.
True, it makes him a little lacking for damage in the ranged category, but if you need to overcome damage reduction or deal some extra damage you can always rush in there with the lightsaber ability. Repair is an okay ability, healing for droids is nice, but the old republic doesn't have any droids yet, and although there are a few fringe droids that you might want to use this is more of an "oh, that's nice" ability. Satchel Charge is what really makes this character stand out, and really what makes this set stand out is it's introduction of this ability. Satchel Charge finally gives us an answer to Override. It is also a form of Override in itself. Instead of posting a sentry at the door to keep it open for your shooters to keep firing through, you can just blow the door off and move on. However, the real use of this ability is to get around Override, and it does a marvelous job at it.
Stealth just makes this guy all the better. You can snipe from cover and not worry about being hit, or if you need to use your Lightsaber you can sneak in and not have to worry too much about being gunned down until you get close enough to strike. The standard 2 Force Points will are welcome for the added mobility or for the rerolls. So all in all, a character I really like for all the strategic abilities it offers as well as for a decent combatant.
However, I will admit that he has difficulty hitting at times, and he is also rather fragile and lacking in damage dealing capabilities unless you get in close. So if you're looking for a Jedi to get into the fray and hack their way through legions of foes, go with the Guadian and/or Bastilla, but if you want a "jack-of-all-trades" Jedi, then this is the one for you.

Rating: 4/5
Bottom Line: If only for the Satchel Charge this character gets a good rating. The ability is quite rare at the moment, and it is one that many will be wanting to use, depending on the meta. However, when you throw in all the other abilities, and the versatility of using a gun OR a Lightsaber, that makes this guy a good, solid character. Just remember that this guy is an special ops/infiltration Jedi, and not a warrior Jedi.

This is tjmk, signing out.

Zeroph Zeal
Jedi Sentinel

Faction: Old Republic
Hit Points: 70
Defense: 18
Attack: +8
Damage: 10

Abilities: Lightsaber, Repair 10, Satchel Charge, Stealth Force 2

Of the non-unique Old Republic Jedi coming out in Champions of the Force, this is by far my favorite.
This piece simply has so much going for it its not even funny. At 17 points, 70 hitpoints is a steal. Add
18 defense, decent Attack, with good abilties? You get a very solid piece for the Old Republic.

Unlike the other Old Republic Jedi in this set, the Sentinel has ranged attacks. Sure, it only does 10 damage ranged, but this is understandable as it also has Stealth. The Jedi Sentinel can stand in the backrow shooting enemies and charge if needed. While Repair 10 really doesn't help the faction any, it could be useful repairing a X-1 Viper Droid you are using for cover, if needed. Satchel Charge is a great ability that I simply love from this set. Although the Ugnaught and Scorch have this ability too, having it is a great plus. In my opinion, I'd rather have this unit over Scorch anyday.

Lightsaber gives her the ability to charge her enemies, recieving the normal 20 damage. While 2 Force is hardly stellar, it is great for a piece of the Sentinel's cost. However, it has the same downfall as the previously reviewed Guardian. The faction. The faction of the Old Republic, if you didn't get to read my review from Monday, is extremely undersupported.
They need more good units like the Jedi Sentinel to actually see competitive play. This, however, is a step in the right direction.

100 PTs: 4/5 If you are running Old Republic, run her.
It's really that simple. In 100 point format, she will do much better than the Guardian or Consular.

200 PTs: 3.5/5 Due to less support, the Old Republic falls through here. You may yet still be able to create a decent Stealth-based squad here with the Old Republic here, and running a few of these would definatly be helpful.

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