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Mini of the Day

Jedi Guardian
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: July 10, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3
200 pt: 3


Sorry, we don't have this card.

Sith Dragon


Jedi Guardian
Old Republic
Cost: 23
HP: 80
DEF: 18
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Double attack

Force 2
Lightsaber Sweep

This might as well be generic unique week. This week we are doing generic Jedi from Knights of the Old Republic II video game. In the game most of these were uniques, but here they are generics.

There really isn't a lot to say about today's fig. For the points he ends up being a very good Jedi with average stats for the older unique Jedi that are costed in the upper 20s. He only has force 2, but with only sweep as a power it isn't too bad.

The one problem you are going to find with Old Republic in general is that it just doesn't have the strength and depth of the other factions yet. They are in the same boat New Republic was in until this set, in which they effectively gained five new characters to the team. Old republic will take 1-2 sets to gain some real power, depending on what Bounty Hunters holds for them.

100pts/200pts: With the depth at both levels very low for the Old Republic it should be very easy to get at least one of these in if not more into your team. While he is a very good piece, especially for the cost, he just doesn't have anything special about him.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

The Jedi Guardian is obviously Wizards' attempt to make us feel better about the poor Old Republic having only one Unique piece. "Look!" the Jedi Guardian seems to say, "I have Double Attack and Lightsaber Sweep with a +12 to hit! You don't need any fancy named Jedi! You've got me! Or a half-dozen of me!"

The surprising thing is, she's pretty much right. While not a particularly inspired piece (as befits a non-Unique), the Jedi Guardian is extremely efficient for the points, and it's worthwhile to ask yourself if you should even be using Bastila Shan (the Old Republic's one actual Unique), when she costs exactly the same as two Jedi Guardians. The answer may be in the ranged component of your squad.

If you have a significant ranged component to your squad, Bastila is probably the better choice with her Battle Meditation ability. If you're just making a squad of bruisers, two Jedi Guardians may fit the bill better (although Force Valor is pretty excellent for a bruiser-centric squad...).

The significant weakness of the Jedi Guardian is that against a ranged squad, she's going to get into trouble. With a mere 18 Defense and 80 hit points, she might not make it to the fight if you're not very careful with your positioning (this is true of most melee pieces, actually, but the JG has no special defenses and no speed-related powers, so she's extra vulnerable).

The long and the short is that if you want to play the Old Republic at this point in the game's history, you probably need to run a Jedi Guardian or two. They're the solid anchor that will probably be dealing most of your damage.

Overall rating in 100: 4
Overall rating in 200: 3 (there are probably more enemy guns to hide from at this point level)



Jedi Guardian (CotF)

Cost: 23
HP: 80
DEF: 18
ATK: 12
DMG: 20

Melee Attack
Double Attack

Force 2
Lightsaber Sweep

Hello, and welcome to KOTOR week! For those who haven't heard of KOTOR, or simply have no idea what the initials mean, KOTOR stands for Knights of the Old Republic. This is a game that has been released a while ago for the XBOX and maybe (can't remember) the PS2. So, we now start with Jedi Guardian.

Other than resembling the character from KOTOR, she has fairly decent stats. However, that's almost all that she is. She seems to be a decent 23 point beatstick, having 80 HP to last in battle, 18 DEF to dodge from firing squads (not jedis), 12 ATK to hit on an average basis, and the average lightsaber-wielding 20 DMG. Other than that, she has Double Attack and Lightsaber Sweep, which is good for a low-cost piece.

For her faction, Old Republic could use some support. They have only a few pieces for variety, and little support compared to the other factions. Bastilla is their only unique, as well as their only support, so most squads using Old Republic will want to use Bastilla with her Force Valor. So, Jedi Guardian is needed in this faction due to the lack of variety, but she won't get the right support until more sets come out, and that's what we all hope to see in the upcoming Bounty Hunters.

In 100 PT or 200 PT, she is the average beatstick in a low-supportive faction. What more is there to say? She's good, but she'd be higher if her comrades would pick up the pace. So her rating might be a bit low, but she'll be back someday.

100 PT: 2.5/5
200 PT: 2.5/5

"May the force be with you."
tjmk Jedi Guardian
Cost: 23
HP: 80
Def: 18
Atk: +12
Dam: 20

Special Abilities:
Melee Attack,
Double Attack

Force Powers:
Force 2
Lightsaber Sweep (Force 1, replaces attacks, attack each adjacent enemy

Now we come to Old Republic week. This week it seems we are looking at the Jedi of the Old Republic. They don't have too many, yet. I really like this piece, it is a good solid combat piece. This guy is almost better than a lot of the Unique Republic Jedi in the same price range. The +12 attack is awesome for a non-unique piece, he'll have a hard time missing grunts and it won't be too difficult for him to hit a lot of the Jedi either. The 20 damage is standard, but double attack on a piece under 30 points doesn't happen too often, and it's usually on Unique Very Rare pieces. After that though the piece is pretty standard for a non-unique. The 2 force points are nice for rerolling, though the guardian here might actually be able to pull off the lightsaber sweep since he'll be fighting mostly grunts. The low HP and Defense will hurt him a lot, so that kind of deters me from wanting to use him. That being said, he is the best all out combatant the Old Republic has (aside from Bastilla, of course) and he is still a solid piece, despite his low HP and Defense. Shoot, Luke's and Anakin's Defenses are the same and their HP isn't a whole lot better, and they cost MORE than this guy.

Rating: 3/5
Bottom Line: He is a really solid combatant. However, that being said, the Old Republic has Bastilla Shan to be a really solid Jedi combatant. If you want to just go all out with straight up combat then this is your Jedi, but the other Jedi offer interesting options that will be discussed later on in the week.

This is tjmk, signing out.
Zeroph Zeal


Jedi Guardian

Faction: Old Replubic
Points: 23
Hit Points: 80
Defense: 18
Attack: +12
Damage: 20

Abilities: Double Attack, Melee Attack
Force 2, Lightsaber Sweep

I, personally, love all the unique-wannabes coming out in the Champions of the Force set, and Jedi Guardian is no exception. Not being an unique jedi has certian advantages over unique ones. For one, you could have many of them, as opposed to just one. Let's see if the Guardian is worth it, shall we?

At 23 points, the Guardian has pretty standard stats.
80 hit points is enough to stand four hits from the average jedi, and 18 defense is good for 23 points.
+12 is a solid attack, and the normal 20 lightsaber
damage is nice.

As for her abilities, she has the standard Double Attack and Melee Attack that most jedi have. With only
2 Force, however, she will run out quickly, expessially in a hard and drawn out battle. Her force power, Lightsaber Sweep, is hard to make the most of and will usually end up only has a Double Attack anyway, which she already has. I never was fond of Lightsaber Sweep myself, because in order to make it really worthwhile, you usually must endure an attack of oppurtunity or two. With 18 defense and 80 hit points, she can't take many attacks from the standard Jedi, and it will even hurt if a few troopers get an attack in.

Another thing about this Jedi, and all the other Jedi we are reviewing this week, is that they are part of a new Old Republic faction. Unlike the Sith faction, this faction is far less supported. While the Sith have powerhouses such as Exar Kun, Darth Bane, and a great trooper leader, Dark Malak, the Old Republic lack in support. Sure you can use fringe, but so can any other faction. No really great support hurts this character too, with the only Unique Old Republic unit being Bastilla.

100 PT: 3/5 I think that a All-Jedi squad can do well here, picking apart other squads.

200 PT: 2/5 Honestly, they lose thier charm here where you will have to deal with one or two, perhaps several stronger opponents. She really can't hold her own here.

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