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Mini of the Day

Luke, Young Jedi
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: August 30, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4
200 pt: 4



Sith Dragon



Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi
Cost: 21
HP: 80
ATK: +9
DAM: 20

Double Attack

Force 3
Force Alter; Jedi Mind Trick; Deflect

I really like this version of Luke. It is a small step down from the Knight version, but has some nice things to offset the difference. First of all he is much cheaper. While his stats are not too stellar, having to only pay 21 points to get them makes them pretty good stats. 80 HP is huge for 21pts. The rest are about ballpark range. And of course he has double attack.

I really like Luke's force powers. He only has 3 force points, but Yoda fixes that. He, like Yoda has alter, which can be nice, but it more of a luck shot if you are not using it to counter a critical as hitting an 18 DEF isn't that hard for most characters. Deflect is always good as well on a melee character. But one of my favorite new powers is the Jedi mind trick. It is hard to pull off, but is huge when you do. With a range of only 2 squares, you have to get pretty close, but it works best when not only trying to activate the enemy character, but to get away from him as well. A tricked enemy cannot make attacks of opportunity. I usually attack first and see if i hit. If i do hit, i try to mind trick. If i can get it to land then i pull my character away from the opposing character. If it misses, like it will with most people with a reroll, then i use my second attack and hope it hits, as i cant reroll it at that point.

100pts: He isn't going to fair well in this format just because he is so small, but at 21 points you can bring in LOTS of support even at 100pts.

200pts: He isn't real stellar here, but he can do quite a lot, and again his super cheap cost makes him very playable. He can pull in Han's +10 DAM or probably better, Ackbar's +4 against activated enemies. With the force spirits, Knight Luke is better with his leap and sweep, but this Luke point for point is just as good. If you have room in your build, he is definitely worth fielding.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

While he isn't the Vader-crushing beatstick I still hope we'll one day get in this game, the Young Jedi version of Luke Skywalker is a pretty great piece.

At 21 points, his numbers are extremely solid, with Double Attack making him one of the highest damage outputs for the cost in the game (with the obvious caveat that he has to be in melee range to do any damage at all). Fortunately, he packs Lightsaber Deflect to help him make it to the fight, and Force Alter to prevent criticals against him or his friends.

Jedi Mind Trick is a cute ability, but generally not as good as Force Stun. The differences are that JMT only has a range of two squares, but also prevents attacks of opportunity. This is know as the "Look over there! Is that an emu yodeling?" defense. You use Mind Trick on some dangerous thing that has based you, then get away without the traditional attack of opportunity. The big flaw with this idea is that almost anything in the game that Luke might want to run away from base contact with will have Force Points of its own, reducing our 50% to a 25%. On the other hand, if you're pulling from the bottomless bag of Force Points that is Yoda of Dagobah, you might be okay spending one just to get your opponent to spend one of their (probably limited) points.

Young Jedi Luke won't see a lot of play, because Luke on Tauntaun offers the much sexier trick of automatic criticals, but if you're looking for a Luke with more than one trick up his sleeve, I recommend this one.

Overall rating in 100: 4
Overall rating in 200: 4
Luke Skywalker Jedi Master is the way I envisioned Luke to be. Though he is a very expensive piece he is well worth the points. First he has triple attack, an awesome ability for any figure to have. His force powers are really good. Force Renewal is always good to have. Almost every lightsaber force power made is his which fits the storyline well because he was trained as a weapon against the empire and many new order Jedi see it that way. Leap can be okay but it won’t be used that much. His commander effect can help out some characters if they had better force effects. His commander effect hurts him more than it helps though because it stops him from being a follower. The only thing that doesn’t make since is why he doesn’t have master of the force. He is the head of the new Jedi order and he doesn’t have MotF.

100 4/5 He can be good but with so little space left he doesn’t leave much room for anyone else. But by himself he still could be a good squad

200 5/5 In this format he can become deadly. With Jaina Solo and Han added this squad could be tournament worthy. Also, Jacen could be added for insurance in can any of your force users kick the bucket. Redskinfreak4 out

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