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Mini of the Day

Darth Nihilus
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: August 23, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1
200 pt: 2.5


Sorry, we don't have this card image.

Sith Dragon


Darth Nihilus
Cost: 44
HP: 100
DEF: 19
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Double attack

Force 5
Drain Life 10 - (F1) Usable only on this character's turn, Range 6:10 DAM to target living enemy and remove 10 DAM from this character, Save 11.
Sith Hatred: (F1) Usable only on this character's turn, 10 DAM to all enemy characters within 2 squares.
Sith Hunger: (F1) replaces attacks, range 6. 20 DAM to target living character and remove 20 DAM from this character. If that character has any force points remaining, remove one and this character gains 1 force point.

Today's force manipulator is a rather interesting one, and is often referred to as the Vampire Sith. Darth Nihilus at first glance is WAY over priced. For a whopping 44 points you have stats of a mid to upper 20pt Jedi - not very good for 44 pts. The double attack seems almost like a wasted after though. So why does he cost 44 pts and is he worth playing?

In my opinion he is very much worth his 44 points, but only for the players skilled enough to use him correctly. He should never be used as a fighter unless he is on mop-up duty at the end of the game. Where Nihilus shines is if you team him up with the likes of Bane, Ulic or Exar. They run the point so Nihilus can hide behind them and use his Vampire like force powers on them.

Drain Life is a good power to use if you just ran him up 12 squares and can't attack, but have a character within 6 squares. Its not much different than a choke from Vader other than they get a save 11. The bonus is that you will get 10 HP back if you get it. Not a great force power, but good, especially if its a 10HP grunt.

Sith Hatred is a nice upgrade of some different force powers like force burst. Its the standard 10 DAM to all characters, but is limited to 2 squares and, unlike the other effects, will only hard enemy characters, which is kool. If you can run him up to some grunts and activate this is about the only time you will ever use it. The problem is that most armies with enough grunts to do this are stormies, which are usually protected by Thrawn.

Sith Hunger is the force power that can really make Nihilus worth playing. Of the three it is the only one that replaces attacks, so you are limited tot he 6 movement, but is a very nice ranged 20 DAM effect. Not only can you do the 20 DAM to the other living character, but heal 20 off of yourself. AND! if they happen to have a force point when you use this, they lose a point and you gain a point, effectively making Sith Hunger a free force power.

Now a couple quick things. As i said, the first two do not replace attacks, so you can move 12 and use them, but the third does. Also, these are targeting effects, so it can take some work to get Nihilus into position to drain the right character. Note, also that the target has to be living, so you are pretty much screwed against Thrawn and droids. And lastly, the drain and gain effects are independent of each other. For example, if you sith hunger a character with only 10 HP, you still gain your full 20 HP for Nihilus.

100pts: forget it. Nihilus sucks here. End of story.

200pts: Here he isn't a top tier squad, but he can be alot of fun to play with either Exar or Bane. He is actually a decent attacker, but you don't want to risk losing 44 points right off the bat. It basically puts your opponent in the drivers seat for the game as you will need to kill quite a lot to catch up. With such a horrid DEF Nihilus will go down fast, but with Bane or Exar and his savages running interference, that is just too much damage for your opponent to ignore, and Nihilus will be the last one to go down, which is fine because his stats are great for mop-up duty. If you use him, play wisely and you will see he is actually a good character even at 44 pts.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

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