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Mini of the Day

Warmaster Tsavong Lah
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: August 11, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.5
200 pt: 3


Sorry, we don't have this card image.

Kevin Last up on...*sigh*...vong week we have the warmaster. Stats first.

Cost: 63
HP: 200
Defence: 18
Attack: +15
Damage: 10

Special abilities:
--Melee attack (Can only attack adjacent enemies)
--Tripple attack (On his turn, this character can make two extra attacks
instead of moving)
--Momentum (If this character has moved this turn, he gets +4 attack and +10
damage against adjacent enemies)
--Force Immunity (Enemies can not effect this character with force powers,
or spend force points to reroll attacks against this character or in
responce to this characters attacks and abilities)
--Cleave (once per turn, if this character defeats an adjacent enemy by
making an attack, he can make one immediate attack against another adjacent
--Vonduun crab armor 6 (When this character takes damage, it can reduce the
damage dealt by 10 with a save of 6)

Commander Effect:
Allied Yuuzhan Vong who end their move within 6 squares of this character
gain MOMENTUM (If this character has moved this turn, he gets +4 attack and
+10 damage against adjacent enemies)

Now, here is a vong. Unlike his far inferior underlings, the warmaster is
actually a threat on the feild...or he would be if he did 20 DAMAGE. I was
truly sad to see a 63 point character that only did 10 damage. That is just
terrible. Aside from that, he has 200 hitpoints, which is nearly doubled
because of his crab armor...in this case damage reduction that ignores
lightsabers with a save of 6. He also has 18 defence, which is normally
respectible, except, he costs 63 points. His attack of 15 and tripple
attack is respectible...though he can only do a max of 30 damage like that.
He has cleave...granted he has to kill something first to use it, which is
no easy task. He has momentum, so he can do 20 damage almost garenteed
against adjacent enemies...one time without the attack of oppritunity. He
has force immunity, which is almost a saving grace, so he can hit the
jedi/sith most of the time and they can't be jedi/sith with him in return.
So, in reality he is...well not worth his cost, except, he does have that
CE...that is strangely simular to Durge's CE except it only and always works
on Vong. Momentum for all vong. Well, only one problem with it...he costs
63 points.

100 Points: If your using vong (and not for nom) then yeah, your gonna use
him...your gonna have to. His CE is worthless here, he can't take on
anything other then jedi, and he really would be very scary...if he wasn't
63 points. Him and three warriors, not a good mix unless you only plan on
fighting jedi or are very good with your warriors. He just costs to much to
be as good as he is. 2/5

200 Points: Here he can be useful. He is the worlds best meatsheild, though
you pay thru the nose for it. Him with nom and something ranged like zam
can be interesting to play, but it is by no means competitive. The
warmasters abilities, like all vongs, are impressive and unique, they just
all cost far to much. 2/5

(If you insist on running the warmaster in 100 point format do so at your
own risk. He can stand toe to toe with some force users, but the bigger
monsters will tear him to shreads. He is not worth using in 100, but for
200, pair him with his warriors and run him at point with the warriors
behind. He can take the hits and get the warriors up front, at which point
they can ram into the enemy with their momentum and thud bugs. Activate
everything you can and nickle and dime the enemy to death. You can be
supprised what 17 warriors with momentum and thud bug can do.)

Zeroph Zeal
Warmaster Tsavong Lah

Points: 63
Hitpoints: 200
Defense: 18
Attack: +15
Damage: 10

Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Momentum, Force Immunity, Cleave, Vonduun Crab Armor

Commander Effect: Allied Yuuzhan Vong who end thier move within 6 squares gain Momentum.

I don't know about you, but when I opened the booster than contained Warmaster Lah, quickly scrolling down his stats, the 200 hitpoints simply look bueatiful. I mean, when this thing came out, it had the most hitpoints in the game, period. Now, Darth Bane matches that 200, but it's still impressive.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the stats. 63 points is surely expensive, but for what we have here, I believe it's all worth it. 200 Hitpoints is simply amazing, while 18 defense is a somewhat solid number. +15 Attack is good, but once again the normal Vong 10 damage leaves something to be desired, expessially with this guy's lack of attack abilities, like the other Vong have.

The abilities make this character even more, though.
Triple Attack is key for a character that is over 60 points, but with a whole 10 damage that doesn't mean a whole lot. Cleave is a decent ability, but I don't really see how it would be amazing for a character with a mere 10 damage. Momentum is nice, raising him to a +19 with 20 damage, but you can never combine that with Triple Attack, so unfortanuntly his damage won't go above 30. Force Immunity is simply legendary on this guy, though. This makes him a worthy combatant against even such things as Darth Vader- Jedi Hunter.
This is added to the fact that the Warmaster has Vonduun Crab Armor 6, giving him an amazing 75% chance to reduce ANY attack by 10. That makes his 200 hitpoints seem a whole lot harder to knock down.

His Commander Effect gives Vong within 6 squares Mommentum, as well. This gives some of the Vong Warriors and Subalterns +4 Attack and +10 damage they despriately need when attacking. Most of the time, you never attack with the Warriors or Sabalterns, though.
The only time I really can see this being useful is when your opponent is charging with a few Melee Attackes, and you now need to melee attack. The nice thing about this is that the commander effect doesn't specify they have to be followers, so Nom Anor and the Subaltern can take advantage of this effect.

100 points: 3/5 Like most commanders, you can't take full advantage of him here. However, he gets extra points for being able to combat with those pesky ultra large jedi that you see rampaging in this format. With Force Immunity, 200 hitpoints, and Crab Armor 6, this guy can be a pain to take out.

200 points: 4/5 Now you can take advantage of his commander effect, and still have him as a massive beatstick. While his commander effect isn't legendary for his faction, it can still be a help. If you run a Vong squad that isn't the Nom Anor squad, you better be running Warmaster Lah. Period.

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