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Mini of the Day

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: August 07, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.5
200 pt: 2.6


Sorry, we don't have this card image yet.


Of all the "grunt" units in the game, the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior is probably my favorite. Not because I'm any great fan of the Vong in the book or anything (heaven knows it's definitely not that), but because they have such weird and wonderful abilities wrapped up in an eight-point package.

Starting with the numbers... you could do better. Defense and Attack are completely pathetic on these guys, though Hit Points are an excellent-for-the-point-cost 30. They have Melee Attack, which is pretty lame in a grunt, since most factions use their grunts primarily for combining fire. So what do the Vong use their grunts for? Completely paralyzing the enemy, it turns out.

Getting back to the Hit Point total, 30 means that most pieces in the game have to attack a Vong Warrior at least twice to kill it. This is helped by Vonduun Crab Armor, which allows the Warrior to reduce 25% of all incoming damage by 10 points. So already we're talking about the toughest eight points to kill in the game.

Now let's bring up Force Immunity. Normally, if a 30 Hit Point piece was giving me trouble, I'd just bring along some Force Lightning for some nice auto-damage. No such luck here; all of the Vong are completely immune to Force Lightning, Force Grip, Force Sense, Force Whirlwind, etc., etc. Consequently, if a "kill 'em all" format game happens to come down to one Vong Warrior and the original Emperor Palpatine, you can safely assume that the Vong will win, though it may take hours.

So we've now established how surprisingly difficult this eight-pointer is to kill; why does your opponent care enough to kill it? The assonant answer is "Thud Bug." Any Living, non-Huge character has a 50/50 chance to be activated against its will by this marvelous little ability. Oh, and thanks to that lovely Force Immunity, Force Points can't be spent to reroll the save, so even high-and-mighty Darth Bane and his ability to spend extra Force has a flat 50% chance to be activated for the round without getting to kill anyone that round. Given how many Vong Warriors you can include in a squad, and how many 50% rolls that can wind up being, I know what faction I'll be playing if Bane gets too dominant in the 100-point metagame. The eternal risk of playing squads that are basically one giant character and a little bit of support is that anything that can slow down that one character is effectively slowing down your whole squad. Vong Warriors make that pretty risky indeed.

Overall rating in 100: 4
Overall rating in 200: 4 (these ratings will probably rise when the Vong faction has more than four pieces to its name and therefore can field better support)

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (Universe Huge)
Faction: Yuuzhan Vong
Cost: 8
HP: 30
DEF: 13
ATK: 3
DMG: 10

Force Immunity
Melee Attack
Thud Bug
Vonduun Crab Armor 16

Welcome, my friends, to Vong Invasion week. Sorry I missed Friday's review, so I'll just start saying that she is awesome in most Republic squads, especially if her cost is 0. Therefore, she gets a 5 out of 5 for both 100 & 200. Glad I got that off my chest. Now onto the review, though.

For starters, the warrior has some okay stats. 30 HP will keep it alive longer than most 8 point costing characters, 13 DEF... won't stand up to alot unless you're in cover, 3 ATK will hit only small characters while almost never hitting heavy defenders such as Exar Kun, and 10 DMG... meh. Okay, the stats are crappy, I have to admit to that. With these kind of stats, though, he must have decent effects, right?

Starting off, we have Force Immunity, which is especially good in today's metagame (aside from the Sev / Bacara squads). No shocking, no force re-rolls, don't have to worry about it whatsoever. That is one of the reasons you may run this. Next, we have Melee Attack, which comes with many characters. Personally, with as crappy stats this guy has (aside from HP) it would be better to take the Melee Attack off. Third, we have Thud Bug, which is a pretty decent effect if used multiple times. Sure, it has to be within 6 squares, but it does an automatic 10 DMG with the bonus effect of activating the opponent. Now, how cool is that? Run a bunch of these and the opponent will have a hard time activating his best characters every round. Lastly, we have the Vondunn Crab Armor 16, which is rarely going to happen. If it does, great.

In 100 PT and 200 PT, I'm not a big fan of using him in my squads. If I use any of the Yuuzhan Vong in tournament play, I'll play one of the two uniques instead. Granted, the Thud Bug is nice, as well as being immune to force powers, but currently the Yuuzhan Vong are not competitive in its current state. Perhaps in future sets will it get the respect it deserves.

100 PT: 2/5
200 PT: 2.4/5

"May the force be with you."

Zeroph Zeal
Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

Points: 8
Hitpoints: 30
Defense: 13
Attack: +3
Damage: 10

Abilties: Melee Attack, Force Immunity, Thud Bug, Vonduun Crab Armor 16

I'm just going to start with this: The Yuuzhan Vong faction has a grand total of four pieces, and only one reason to really use them. There are more Old Republic units than there are of the Yuuzhan Vong. I will give you a hint... the Warrior is not the reason people use the Vong at all... and it even fails to be a decent support piece.

First, let's take a look at the stats. 8 points is low, but high for a faction's basic units. 30 hitpoints can help him stay on the field for a hit or two, perhaps a tad longer than a basic trooper. With
13 defense, he is pretty defenseless, and his measly
+3 attack won't hit much... not that it will matter
too much with a mere 10 damage. Horrible.

Melee Attack on Jedi is annyoing. Melee Attack on this guy is just bad. Not only does he have a microchance of hitting for 10 damage, but he has to be adjacent to do it? Force Immunity is okay, but isn't really going to help this particular piece against Jedi as most Jedi can kill the Warrior with little need of using the force. (As most Jedi's attack exceed this unit's
defense...) Thud Bug is perhaps the only useful ability, and there is little reason to regular attack something because he has it. Thud Bug has a range of 6, 10 damage and activates the target with a save of 11. It's decent, but not particuarly good. For one, range of 6 means you have to advance the Warrior far enough to use the ability. By that time he would be blasted to ribbons by all the opponent's strong nonmelee attackers. Second of all, You still have a 50/50 chance for a mere 10 damage and a negation...
and to do it you are basically saying "Well, Warrior won't last until next round..." Meh...

Vonduun Crab Armor is a defensive ability, something that he rapidly needs. When he takes damage, he can redudce the damage by rolling a save of a !16!...

The Warrior doesn't fit into the really only competitve Yuuzhan Vong squad either--- which would be the Nom Anor bomb squad. Sure, you could try to fit him in a Tsavong Lah squad, but don't except it to work as intended. Maybe against a pure jedi squad. But probally not against much else.

100 pt: 1.5/5 Pretty useless. Might find some use for it, as strong jedi characters seem to dominate this format, but it would probally be better to stick with a jedi yourself.

200 pt: 1/5 With all the chaos going around in this, what good is a unit that won't get anywhere before he dies; and only useful effect one that Thrawn does better...? Please.

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