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Mini of the Day

Battle Droid Officer
Set: Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: April 27, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 5.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.



Today we review the Battle Droid Officer. This will probably be the shortest review I ever write for a useful figure. There just isn't that much to say. Here we go.

9 points and the Special Ability, Fire Control, which gives non-Unique droid allies +4 Attack regardless of range or line of sight. The BDO's stats don't matter. You only need one, because multiple BDO's Fire Control will not stack, and you can keep it hidden in the farthest corner of the map you are battling on. No droid squad at 200 should ever be played without one. At 100, there are maybe one or two droid builds that could afford not to run him, but even then, if you can fit the 9 points, you are much better off for doing so.

Bottom line: If you don't have this piece, get on eBay now, and buy one. I would easily pay about $7 shipped for this figure. Remember, Clone Strike is out of print, otherwise you wouldn't even have to think about going this high for an uncommon. Trust me, though, if you play tournaments or use droids often, this piece is a must have. The Seperatists have made something of a comeback in the 200 point DCI scene; where X-1's with boosted Attack values are great counters to the rule of Thrawn; and the BDO, and to a lesser extent, the Super Battle Droid Commander make it possible, giving the Viper the Attack it needs to dish out it's twin 30 Damage with consistency.

This particular droid has a really nice sculpt, as well, and looks very fitting holding it's binoculars in the left hand, with a raised pistol in the right. Buy it if you don't already have it, play it, and wonder how you used droids without it.

Battle Droid Officer

Writing a review of the Battle Droid Officer is almost pointless. The simple fact is, if you’re using non-unique droids in a Separatist squad (and they’re not just there to combine fire with your real pieces), you should include a Battle Droid Officer. If not, you shouldn’t (‘cause, you know, duh).

Obviously Fire Control is the big, important part of the BDO’s card. It works like the best Commander Effect ever. It’s like if Michael Jordan and Leonardo Da Vinci were combined and given a Commander Effect, it would be Fire Control. First of all, it gives +4 to Attack to all your non-unique droids. It doesn’t even discriminate against commanders, like so many CEs that only work on followers. It also works anywhere on the map, rather than the mamby-pampy “within six squares” of so many lesser Commander Effects.

But the single thing that might be the most remarkable about Fire Control is that it isn’t a Commander Effect, which means... wait for it... it stacks with actual CEs. Even a lowly basic Battle Droid, with a normal Attack rating of +0, can shoot at a respectable +8 with the help of a BDO and either Super Battle Droid Commander or General Grievous, Supreme Commander. Those droids that start with a +8 (the Destroyer, Bodyguard, Hailfire, and X-1 Viper droids) get to shoot at a +16, as high as anything currently in the game.

The bottom line, as I alluded to above, is that the Battle Droid Officer is so good as to not even really be optional in any squad that relies on non-unique droids. If you don’t have one, get one (yeah, it’s Clone Strike, but at least it’s only an uncommon).

Overall rating in 100: 5
Overall rating in 200: 5
Overall rating at pretty much any other point value you care to name: 5
Sith Dragon


Battle Droid Officer
Cost: 9
HP: 20
DEF: 13
ATK: +0
DAM: 10

Fire control: non-unique droid allies gain +4 ATK.

AS I said in the Monday review, had i known about the rule change for CE's I would have redone this week completely. Today we look at THE staple for Droid armies - the Battle droid officer. At 9 pts this guy is going to easily fit into all of your armies with ease. After triple threat week this guys stats may seem pretty weak. They are not good, but for a 9 pt character they are not too far out of the ball park either. However, this lil guy is someone you are going to tuck into the deepest recesses of the map and keep him hidden there. You play this guy for one reason only - his ability.

Now note this is an ability. Under the old rules this stacked with any CE. He could give your droids a +4 and they could still benefit from the CEs of others that increase their ATK (generally this was with Grievous). This little guy gives your droids a +4 without having to stay still or be within X range of the BDO. It is field wide with no restrictions.

Now under the new ruling, If you play 'small ball' (to coin a baseball term), you can have the BDO, Grievous SC and the SBD commander all in a squad to give your non-uniques up to a +12 ATK on top of whatever their base is.

100pt/200pt: It doesn't matter which format you are running. If you are Speratist droids you HAVE to add this guy. If I run so much as a single destroyer droid in an army, I add this guy. The 9 pts is worth the +4 it would give to any of your droids even if there is only a single destroyer or bodyguard. Just to remember that this guy is never to be involved in the battle or he will go down in a hurry. Keep him secret. Keep him safe.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

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