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Mini of the Day

Mace Windu, Jedi Master
Set: Revenge of the Sith

Date Reviewed: April 21, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.5
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Mace Windu, Jedi Master
Cost: 65
HP: 150
DEF: 22
ATK: +16
DAM: 20

Melee, Triple attack

Force 5

Block (F1), Shockwave (F2) - replaces attacks, all characters within 6 are activated this round; save 11, Whirlwind attack -(F1) replaces turn, attack each adjacent enemy twice.

This week's King slot for triple threat week goes to Master Windu. I decided to go with Master Windu over CS Windu because CS Windu is nothing more than a beat-stick. This guy you can have some fun with and requires some thinking to play effectively.

Mace's stats rival those of Jedi Hunter's. He has a whopping 150 HP to take a pounding with a beefy 22 DEF and +16 ATK on top of it. What makes him even better is that he is a follower, so he can benefit from CEs like Yoda's force valor for a HUGE 28 DEF in cover, or Tarfull's +4 ATK, which means he really isn't going to miss, and others.

Even though R2-D2 was Anakin's/Luke's buddy in the movies, the little astromech is Mace's best friend in Minis. R2 can drop him off for a quick triple attack on someone, or allow Mace to fire off his whirlwind attack. being able to attack each adjacent enemy twice is huge, but there are times when it is better to triple on one character than to attack multiple characters twice. But not only is this a good anti swarm power, but it can help against all those characters with 30-40 HP. Even the 60 HP characters need beware as it will drop them down to their final 20HP.

Master Windu also has block, so it will allow him to stand toe-to-toe with most other melee characters. His final force power is Shockwave. This could be a really cool power, but with a save 11 it ends up being a very expensive (two force) power that will fail more times than it works. Add Murphy's Law into it, and the character(s) you need it to hit will make their save every time. This works well against swarms, provided no Thrawn of course, or in a last desperate attempt to get to the next initiative in hopes of getting the first attack in before being killed. Most of the time this power will not be used.

The downside to Mace should be his cost, but you are getting a lot for your points as with most triple attackers. I have found that, when playing triple attackers, you had better make good use of your other points and bring in some power in the form of double/triple attackers or big damage characters. Having your triple attacker being the main threat puts a big bulls-eye on his head and all firepower possible will be used to take them down as fast as possible. This Mace is also very dependent on using R2 to be the most effective, but I have thrown opponents for a loop by separating them as they expect R2 to tow Mace around.

100pt: Mace can hold his own here. With R2's tow cable to drag him around and his force powers, he can move fast and strike hard. His big threat in 100pt will be Jedi Hunter and Boba/Aurra squads. Block will help him with Jedi hunter, but Boba/Aurra squads will give him fits if you are not careful how you move him. Bodyguards would be recommended both for him and R2.

200pt: Here he only does as well as the support you give him. The more powerful the characters you put with him, the lower your activation count goes, but as i said if Mace is your only real threat, then he will pounded without mercy. Playing him successfully requires careful building and play.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"


Today marks the end of the Triple Threat week. We have currently reviewed Yoda, JM on Monday and Emperor Palpatine, Sith Lord on Wednesday (my review was sent in late, because I goofed on the address). Today, we will focus on Mace Windu, Jedi Master.

I'm skipping right over the stats, right over the fact that he has Triple Attack, to jump straight into his single best Force power: Whirlwind Attack. Whirlwind Attack allows Mace to attack every adjacent enemy TWICE. You read that correctly, TWICE. Normally, I would pass an Ability or Force power like this over, not thinking it more than a gimmick. Especially since this Force power "Replaces Turn". Since we are talking Republic faction, though, we do have a way around that restriction. R2-D2, Astromech Droid. With him towing Mace into the thick of combat, it is not only possible, but very feasible to actually get a large number of attacks off. Remember hitting each enemy twice multiplied by a total of eight possibly adjacent at one time means a potential 16 attacks!

Now, let's get real. You won't get off half of those, if you are playing anybody with half a brain, and over the age of six. The real power of this use of the Force also tends to be limited, if useful at all, in a 100 point game; where Vaapad Mace and his character killing skillset comes in handy in the largely Unique-based squad building typical of that point level. Where this Mace really shines is in a 200 point (or larger) game, where there are bound to be plenty of targets on the map. If they are running Bodyguard squads, all the better; but not necessary, due to such a target rich environement and only so much space to place figures. This Force power does one of two things: It forces your opponent to spread out his squad, something he/she may not want to do, or it forces them to deal with a Whirlwind Attack. The beauty of this is in being able to use Mace as a decoy, while the rest of your squad goes largely unnoticed, setting up position for maximum beat down. One way or the other, your opposition has to react.

With his most drawing Force power out of the way, I will quickly run over what he can do: 150 HP's, 22 Defense, +16 Attack, 20 Damage. Melee Attack, Triple Attack. Lightsaber Block, Force Shockwave, and Whirlwind Attack. He has five Force points to spend on these solid powers. The bottom line is that he is the equal to the Clone Strike Mace Windu. They have different slants; the CS one, as mentioned earlier, being a character killer because of Vaapad (mad crits!) and Lightsaber Precision; this Jedi Master version being more of a threat to multiple mid-cost figures, while still being a solid character killer, just without such brutal results as the CS version can deliver.

Now, there is just one thing, unfortunately, that still makes CS Mace more attractive in the 200 point game, where his character killing skills come in more handy than Mace, JM's "kill 'em all" Whirlwind Attack.


He single-handedly nullifies Mace, JM's effectiveness, due to Ysalamiri. With no way to spend Force points around Thrawn, Whirlwind Attack is a big slap in the face. Since in a tournament environment, is it highly likely you will see Thrawn, you are more likely better off bringing CS Mace, as his mad crit skill is an Ability, and not hampered in the least by Thrawn. If not for Thrawn, in my area, at least, Mace, JM tended to be very useful. Before Universe was released, Seperatists and their droids (some to be reviewed next week) were very powerful in 200; drawing on such abilities as Wat Tambor's Repair 20, Droid Mark, and Droid Reinforcements 20 and General Grievous, Supreme Commander with his wonderful "+4 and Double Attack to non-Unique droids within 6" CE. This mattered for two reasons: One) CS Mace can crit all he wants against a droid, it isn't going to help; and, Two) Whirlwind was made for taking out dro ids with attached bodyguards.

Why does this backstory matter? Well, because of the fact that the X-1 Viper Droid and single map choice (at the moment) for DCI in 200, is a very reliable counter to Thrawn. With a similar set up to most droid squads used in 200 just before Universe; Mace, JM has some work to do, being that he can counter the X-1 squad himself. You still have to look out for Thrawn, and bringing in support that won't be affected by Ysalamiri is a key to winning at the 200 point level against Thrawn. Boosting Defense can also be crucial, as it negates, at least partially, the bonus Thrawn grants. So what I'm about to say next, pains me.

Yoda, JM is a solid choice to team with Mace, JM. Both for Force Valor to boost Mace's Attack and Defense, and for the Wookiee bodyguards to protect both him and Mace, as well as the R2 you pretty much take by default if playing Republic. You may remember that I don't think highly of Yoda, JM; not after all the butchering to his Force Valor. In this case, though, it can work. Thrawn has plenty of tricks, but boosting an already hard to hit Jedi Master like Mace to an even higher Defense is a good way to thwart Thrawn (say that five times fast). The attack bonus also doesn't hurt if you run into Vader, JH; and, of course, Whirlwind Attack will be right at home when you run into those Seperatists, or kill Thrawn.

In closing, a great representation of a great Jedi Master, his potential in 200 being severely hurt by Thrawn, but boosted by the very squads built to counter Thrawn. And the first time you get a Whirlwind Attack off against at least four adjacent enemies, you will be very happy you chose him indeed.

Mace Windu, Jedi Master

I was a little surprised when I saw that the Revenge of the Sith version of Mace Windu was even more expensive than the 63 points the Clone Strike Mace charges for his services. I was even more surprised when I saw what you get for those two extra points. The numbers for both Maces are exactly the same, both have five Force points, and both have Triple Attack and Lightsaber Block. There are just two abilities that each Mace has that the other doesn’t, and the tradeoff changes each one’s focus completely. Clone Strike Mace’s Lightsaber Precision and Vaapad-Style Fighting make him a killer in one-on-one fights with other high-cost pieces. ROTS Mace’s Whirlwind Attack and Shockwave clearly say that this Mace is intended to fight armies of weak figures. The problem is that (currently) the only seriously competitive squads in the game that field armies of weak figures also field Grand Admiral Thrawn, and pretty much everyone in a Thrawn squad has Force Immunity pretty much all the time. Consequently, if you’ve got a choice of which Mace to field, the Clone Strike one is pretty much just better.

The only time I would recommend fielding Riot Control Mace is when you have a metagame reason to do so. If, for example, your local venue is going to do a 300-point event in which only 100 points can be unique (as mine is at the end of the month), then you’ve got a great opportunity to get real use out of a piece that mostly sits on the shelf otherwise. But it takes something like that, with freaky, not-in-the-rulebook rules, to make him the better choice.

It’s not that Mace Windu, Jedi Master is a bad piece, but his biggest weakness is that if you’re fielding him, you can’t also field Clone Strike Mace Windu, and that’s unfortunately the wrong choice.

Overall rating in 100: 3
Overall rating in 200: 3.5


Mace Windu, Jedi Master
Cost: 65
HP: 150
DEF: 22
ATT: +16
DAM: 20

Abilities: Melee / Triple Attack
Force 5: Lightsaber Block / Shockwave / Whirlwind Attack

Baldy carries a really big stick. Master Windu can theoretically inflict 320 points of damage in one turn… a whirlwind ability that attacks each adjacent enemy TWICE. Of course, anyone foolish enough to get themselves in a situation where MW-JM can actually pull this off, deserves what’s coming to him.

MW is the best Jedi combatant out there … questionably more dangerous than Darth Vader – Jedi Hunter but definitely cheaper. He’s reasonably worth the 65 points in any skirmish size, though it would have been nice if he retained the Clone Strike ability Vaapad.

His shockwave ability has the potential of neutralizing an entire squad for a whole turn. His excellent defense and hitpoints means you can stroll into any formation of grunts (or even tougher characters) without a care and work MW’s magic. He’s very offensive, and he needs to be sent to the front lines before accurate shot snipers reduce his effectiveness. Lucky Vornskrs may be a nuisance, but no real danger. You may lose him before the skirmish is over, but not before you get some good use out of him.

Rating by Skirmish Size

100 pt … 3/5: You can spend the same amount on 2-3 characters that may be more effective in a small skirmish.
200 pt … 4.5/5: MW-JM really works the field, taking out groups of grunts as well as tougher cronies. I won’t give him a perfect, because I think he should still have Vaapad or at least a Commander Effect.
Darth Sideous


Today is going to be one of my shorter reviews.

Mace Windu, Jedi Master is a decent overall character in the RotS set. He has some nifty abilities that he can use to make him different from his previous version

Pros: He still has all of his base stats and triple attack like his Clone Strike Version. He also has Lightsaber Block as well. His 2 new force abilities off set him from anyone around. First off, you have shockwave:

Shockwave Force 2, replaces attacks; All characters within 6 squares are considered activated this round; save 11.

This is a godly ability in higher point games with a ton of grunts bunched together and it also offsets your opponent’s activations for the round. This is a great ability overall for Mace.

Secondly, he has Whirlwind Attack:

Whirlwind Attack Force 1, replaces turn; Attack each adjacent enemy twice.

This is like a double attacking Lightsaber Sweep. This can be beastly if you’re in the right posistion. You could potentially make 16 attacks in a turn with this guy if you’re surrounded.

Mace’s new abilities are really good and make Mace an interesting piece.

Cons: He loses Vaapad Style Fighting, which hurts him in the long run. A 15% chance of Crits on three attacks is always nice. He is still a Very Rare and he costs 2 points more than his previous version. He also loses force powers.

100 Points: Not Top Tier Again unless you’re facing a ton of grunts then you’re going to beast them.

200 Points: Has the potential to be beastly in this format. You just need to learn how to use him correctly.

2.5/5 in 100 Points 3.8/5 in 200 Points
Vesuvan Mace Windu Review

The last of triple threats this week is Mace Windu Jedi Master. With 150 hp, 22 def, +16 attack, and 20 damage he has some solid stats. Like all the rest of our characters this week he has triple attack. Lightsaber block is always a great power to have. Shockwave is fun but you need to win the initiative in order to fully exploit it. Whirlwind attack can deal a great amount of damage but is rarely able to. Mace's power lies with his stats, but with 10 extra points for Vader Jedi hunter you get so much more. This would be a great figure if he didn't cost so much. That and he doesn't have the Vaapad-Style Fighting of the clone strike mace. I suggest that you take another figure if you plan on going to tournament his points cost kill his effectiveness, but for casual play he is blast to play with.


100pts 2/5 cost too much

200pts 2.5/5

300pts 3/5
Mace Windu Jedi Master.

Mace Windu JM has some great stats. He has interesting effects. Triple attack is always a must have for almost any squad. His force abilities are the kicker. Shockwave is very unique. To wipe out characters that fast is insane. Whirlwind attack is also very unique. Lightsaber sweep is usually the dominant effect. However he attacks twice instead of once. The only problem is that he costs quite a bit for so few effects. I only wish he would have had Vaapad fighting style. That would have been much better.

100 game 3/5

200 game 3/5

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