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Mini of the Day

General Veers
Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: April 10, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.5
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon General Veers
Cost: 21
HP: 70
ATK: +6
DEF: 16
DAM: 10

CE: Non-Unigue followers within 6 gain accurate shot.

We kick off 'Killer Commander Effects' week with General Veers from Rebel Storm. His HP is pretty impressive for 21 points. Characters that have odd numbered HP are characters I consider beefy for one reason. While its only 10 HP, it can make a big difference because a character with 60 HP can be taken out in three attacks. Its that extra 10 that makes an opponent burn that one more attack to kill him that can help your other attackers do that much more damage before they take a beating themselves, as is th ecase with Veers here. At 70 Hp he can be too costly to bother taking down, so generally your opponents will leave him alone and attack the pieces that can actually hurt them the most, but be mindful of other multi-accurate shooting squads. If you run into those, you will want to keep Veers within 6 of his comrades, but hidden behind a wall where he cannot be shot at. His positioning can be key.

At a +6 for 10 damage and not being a follower, he really isn't going to be doing much shooting. If anything, he is a better help combining fire to make sure someone with a higher ATK/DAM can hit their mark.

It's his Commander effect that makes him a must for any Imperial shooting squad. For those that haven't played long, or havent been to too many tourneys, accurate shot is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. A squad without it is forced to attack the lead character of your opponent's army, which most of the time is going to be the character with the highest defense, or lightsaber defleect or damage reduction. Softer pieces will be hidden behind them, such as gonks and med droids.

Accurate shooters let you pick off bodyguards, gimmick pieces, and softer characters, often times eliminating a gimmick your opponent was counting on to help their squad.

While he works well with any non-unique characters, he is perhaps at his most powerful when used in conjunction with the AT-STs and/or heavy stormtroopers. The 40 damage an AT-ST can dish out can flatten smaller characters with one hit, hurting your activation count early, or it can concentrate on your main character, leaving him all but dead by the time they can get close enough to bypass damage reduction(lightsabers).

100/200 pt: With his cost, he rates the same for either format. All you have to do is ask yourself, am I running a lot of non-unique Imperial/fringe? If you are, this guy is a must! Being able to shoot who you want when you want is a huge part of the game. You will not go wrong running Veers with non-unique shooters.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"
Xoulrath General Veers is our featured review for today. I'm just going to dispense with the formalities, and get right to the heart of what makes Veers such a great piece. His CE, which gives all non-Unique Followers Accurate Shot. You have to be within six squares to benefit, but that isn't all that hard. The other downside is that you have to be playing Imperial. That isn't really a downside, so much as a hardship for other factions, particularly at the 200 point level. Combine Veers with Thrawn and Tarkin in a 200 point game, and you have a very good chance of winning, provided you know how to use the abilities bestowed upon you.

His stats are lacking for a figure whose cost is 21, yet that great CE more than makes up for it. He has the following stats: 70 HP's, 16 Defense, +6 Attack, and 10 Damage. His HP's are in line with most other figures of this cost, but his other stats are lacking a bit. His Damage stat, in particular, is a letdown. He has a decent chance of surviving with the 70 HP's and solid 16 Defense, yet he won't help you win any games with that 10 Damage. As stated before, though, you are really paying for an excellent CE.

Accurate Shot is one of the two premier abilities of the game (I feel that it and Override have equal billing). It breaks the taregetting rules wide open, and allows you to target whom you wish, regardless of cover. In addition, the fact that the CE only affects non-Uniques is great, because it really gives you a reason to play with some of the lesser figures in the game; rather than constantly relying on Unique heavy hitters.

That is really all there is to Veers; a great CE, adequate HP's for the cost, and sub-par stats that are there to keep Veers cost down, because of the CE. In 100, he really can't shine, because you can't fit enough troopers to deal the necessary damage to win, after bringing in more Commanders to boost the Attack value of the common Stormtrooper. Even playing him with Elite Stormies and Snowtroopers won't get the job done, as they are too cost prohibitive to fit enough of the stronger troopers to warrant paying for Veers in the first place. In the event that you are playing with point cost limits on Uniques, then Veers can be very powerful in 100, otherwise 200 is where it's at for Veers.

As previously alluded to, Veers teamed with the great Grand Admiral Thrawn (review on Friday), and Tarkin are to be feared in 200. Another great commander to team with Veers and Thrawn is none other than the, in my humble opinion, best character in the game for the cost, Lando, HoT. He will be reviewed Wednesday. His Mobile Attack CE allows you to pop your troopers out, shoot, and jump back to safety. Veers lets them shoot who they want, and Thrawn makes them much more accurate, while boosting their defense and giving you initiative control, and allowing you to swap, say, Lando, so he can get his Double Opportunist off. Then that same initiative control keeps Lando safe from return fire.

All in all, Veers is a great piece who is easy to track down, as he is only a Rare. I highly recommend any serious player, especially Imperial players, to grab one, if you don't own him already. To recap, he isn't worth playing in 100, unless there are special rules involved. In 200, he and the Imperials threaten to rule all.
Vesuvan This week is killer commanders week. We start off with one of my personal favorites General Veers. For 21 points you get a 70 hit points, 16 defense, +6 attack and 10 damage. With alone he is not a bad figure to have. The kicker is in his command effect, Accurate Shot. I will say that again for all of you Accurate Shot. All non-unique followers within 6 squares gain Accurate Shot. With those two words he from being not bad to well a killer. In the tournament environment we have now you are always hard pressed to main characters hiding behind the mass of cannon fodder. The most popular in my area being those stupid ewoks. With Mr. Veers however that is no longer a problem. The boys in white finally start to use that precision shooting he was telling Luke about and firing wildly like we recall from the movies. The great draw back of Veers is he is unique. duh. If you truly wanted to make your stormtroopers a threat you would need more than one to properly cover the field.

100pts rating 4
200pts rating 3.4
300pts rating 3

Just for Fun
all points rating 3.5
Darth Sideous General Veers
Faction: Imperial
Cost: 21
HP: 70
Defense: 16
Attack: +6
Damage: 10

Special Ability: Unique

These stats alone are horrible for a 21-point figure. He's pretty much a grunt with high HP and that's it, but he does have a commander effect. Is the commander effect worth the high extra cost in points?

His commander effect: Non Unique followers with 6 squares of this character gain Accurate Shot.

Accurate shot makes all of the bad characters kick major butt. Top Tier squads include Aurra Sing and Boba Fett. Both of them have accurate shot and it makes a huge difference in games. It's almost impossible not to play Aurra or Boba in a game. It's a killer ability.
Accurate shot is pretty much
where you have no targeting rules. So if a character is far away then you can shoot it rather than shooting the nearest character.

The good from Veers: Veers is a great a great commander. Accurate shot is a nice ability in which very few characters have and can make use of it. Think of all the possibilities you can put with Veers to get an awesome team. Accurate Shooting Stormtroopers, Quarren Assassins, and other good units work well with Veers. Veers is almost a flawless commander for the Imperials. Accurate shot is probably the number one special ability in the game at the moment with nothing but Nom's super stealth to stop Accurate shot for good. Veers is a great commander to start off with. Although, I personally don't use him a lot.

Drawbacks from Veers: Accurate Shot is good, as we all should know. But in order for Veers'
Commander Effect to be effective, you need to be within 6 squares of him to use it. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but in most cases ranged commander effects blow major chunks. You would love to move and spread your army out across the map and shoot from all sides. But in this case, you have to have all of your characters around Veers, which makes for a huge drawback. It also lets your enemy use abilities like Missiles that affect adjacent characters or Force Lightning. So 6 squares makes Veers not such a great commander. One other drawback is that it only affects non-unique followers. It makes a lot of sense why it is like this though. It would make a lot of characters too strong for their own good. At the moment, there aren't all that many "strong" non-unique characters. There are a few like the AT-ST who would benefit from it. So being non-unique sometimes is a drawback. Just another thing I should mention, keep Veers out of sight from Accurate Shooters. Good players would get rid of a strong commander first and then go after the small stuff.

100 Pt Games: Veers can be a nice little threat in 100-point format games.
He isn't spectacular like
he is in 200 pt games. Lots of Stormtroopers and some Quarren Assassins would be your team in 100 points and you'd easily get blown apart by high damage hitters. Not too much else to say about him in 100 points. He's decent but not game breaking.

200 Points: This guy teamed up with Thrawn(Hint, Hint) is a deadly combo.
You throw in an AT-ST
and you have yourself an army that is easily top tier. You can easily throw in a bunch of grunts and just keep shooting. Having too many grunts in 200 points could cause some of your characters to be out his 6 square range, especially when you're on certain maps. Veers is a great Imperial Commander and is unrecognized as a great commander.

Overall: Veers is a great commander if you know how to play correctly and how to take advantage of his commander effect. He is only a Rare as well and is from the famous Rebel Storm set. He's a solid commander with just 2 drawbacks that set him apart from being an awesome commander

Rating: 3.5/5 in 100 Point Games; 4/5 in 200 Point Games.
KC Tyler With General Veer you have a general that is worth 21 point, 70 hitpoints and 16 defense, +6 attack and 10 damage. General Veer most usefulness comes from his commander effect where Non-Unique followers within 6 squares of this character gain Accurate Shot (This character can attack an enemy with cover even if it's not the nearest enemy). Playing this character with stormtrooper can be a treat you could take down the most important character from the enemy team. Even if you have a AT-ST he can give them accurate shot where they can target whoever they want. He is one of the best Imperial figures you don’t need high price guy just so grunts to be effective.
General Veers

When Rebel Storm came out, I was convinced that General Veers was secretly awesome, and I was the only one who saw his greatness. Accurate Shot, free for the asking! Jawas that can target R2-D2 in the back rank! Heavy Stormtroopers that can pick off Jedi Luke before he gets to the fight! How could he not be awesome?

It turns out that there was at least one way in which he could not be awesome, which was that non-Unique scrubs at that point were simply not as good as a handful of powerful Uniques. This made General Veers, who is a complete waste of points if he doesn’t have some followers to benefit from his leadership, a fairly poor choice back then (especially when compared with the identically costed 4-LOM).

Times change, especially in collectable strategy games. Universe brought us not one, not two, but three pieces to help justify General Veers’ salary. Two of these, Lando Calrissian, Hero of Tanaab and Grand Admiral Thrawn, are also the subjects of reviews this week. The other noteworthy piece for Veers is the AT-ST. Once you’ve got an Accurately Shooting 40-damage monstrosity on your side (with Damage Reduction, no less), you don’t need to apologize.

The short version of this review is that with the release of Universe, the metagame finally supports the “followers benefitting from Commander Effects” squad model. Now that that’s true, Veers is the terrific commander I always knew he could be.

Overall Rating in 100 points: 3 out of 5
Overall Rating in 200 points: 4 out of 5

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