The Beginning of a New Age?


            My last article was written about 30 minutes after I heard the news, so obviously there were some points that were overdramatized and not quite accurate. It was written on pure emotion. Now that I’ve had time to assemble my thoughts and theories, I can write accurately.


This summer is going to be great. It’s going to be extremely fun… and perhaps the last time some of us see each other.


Now, of course, the question on everyone’s mind is simple. Who will get the license? I’ve done some research, and here are the potential companies.


Decipher – A Professional Look


            If Decipher gets the game, Pokemon will probably have a more professional look to it, like the LOTR game Decipher produces. There will most likely be major tournaments, a pro circuit, and other exciting goodies. From what I’ve seen, Decipher’s weakness is on the local circuit. It looks purely “Pro”, and not quite Amateur. If they get it, a LOT of the fan base, including myself, will be extremely happy. But it isn’t an inviting company to new players that want to compete.


Upperdeck – The Yugioh Look


            If Upperdeck gets the game, it is, in my opinion, the worst possible outlook for the game. The game will become cheaply made; and major tournaments are out of the question. Even locally, it seems like it would be up to the players to hold stuff. Upperdeck is not a company to mature a game; they only reap the profits of it.


Nintendo – The Casual Look


            Most likely, Nintendo will get the game. It seems that TPC is consolidating to give itself more control. Nintendo did produce cards in the past… long before it ever produced video games. Maybe they’re trying to expand their company again? Remember, Nintendo isn’t doing as well in the video game business as of late. PS2 and X-Box are outselling the Gamecube. Although they have a monopoly on hand-held games, it sounds like Playstation might release a “Playboy” handheld console. Competition would probably hurt the sales.


            So since Nintendo is likely the new holder of the license, what does this mean? Where will we be going from here? Well, one of the things I’m afraid of is this: Japan wanted the 15+ excluded. WotC provided the Professor Program as a compromise. What happens when Japan has complete control over the game? Is the 15+ entirely excluded?


            Also, what happens to the cards? Will Japan go ahead and reprint the old cards so they have a version made by them? Will the new cards be printed on the same style paper?


            There are a lot of theories going around, and this is quite possibly the most active I have seen the community since just after Worlds. Is Wizards out to get us? I doubt it. But they are a company, and Pokemon is about to become competition. Think of it this way; if they could crush Yugioh with one fell swoop, I think they would do it. Don’t you? Pokemon is about to become a Yugioh to WotC.


            I don’t know what will happen with this game, but it’s bound to be an exciting year. Hopefully Japan knows what they’re doing.


~ RaNd0m


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