The End


            In deep sadness, I write this to you. I cannot believe itís actually happened. If you didnít know, WotC did not get the license. Pokemon is over.


            This game started in December, 1998. A long time ago for most of us. By December, 2003, the game will be gone.


            Now of course, TPC could actually make a nice decision with the new company, but I severely doubt it. They mightÖ but thatís a really off chance. Plus, Wizards has (although many disagree with me) run the game EXCELLENTLYÖ and theyíll be a hard act to follow. Impossible act to follow even.


            Itís been great. Iíve enjoyed this game so much. I hope all of you have to. We ALL need to go to the Fan Appreciation Tournament. Letís go out with a bang. Iím calling for 300 people there. Letís do it. If you can go, go. If you canít, make it where you can. This will be our last stand; our last momentous showing before Pokemon fades into the dark.


            I will be writing articles until the end of this, folks. Obviously there wonít be a Challenge Series, or anythingÖ I donít even think there will be a Professors Championship. We saw this comingÖ itís horrible that we have to accept it now.


            I honestly love you all. I will miss this gameÖ but I will miss the friendships I have made more than anything.


~ RaNd0m