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The RaNd0m Report

The Saga of Sets: Part 1/9 (Base)

            Hey guys! I’m sure we all remember base… the set that started it all! Many people got into the game even before jungle came out, and even played before jungle came out. So after talking to many people over the years about what it was like with only Base, and after being in Base-Only tourneys, I see how great of a time it was! Because back then, we didn’t really have the Internet yet (PoJo), which means we didn’t really have archetypes, yet.

            Mainly in this mini-article-series, I’m going to go over all 9 sets, and bring up every card that ever made a difference. Yes, that IS quite a task ^_^. Sometime next week, I’ll have “The Saga of Sets: Part 2/9 (Jungle)” come out. For now, sit back, and enjoy the almanac… lol.

Alakazam 1/102 – Alakazam was a great pokemon… and the power was amazing. It invented the damage swap deck, which made use of Chansey for swapping damage done to alakazam around the table, and then pokemon centering. It was VERY good when played right, and sometimes was even played without energy!

Blastoise 2/102 – Blastoise also was a great pokemon. It isn’t used as much today, but at the time, its power was the best in the game. Rain dance makes it where you can attach multiple water energies a turn. This was combined with Dewgong to make a very powerful force.

Chansey 3/102 – Wow, Chansey is STILL in use today. The reason is mainly because of its 120 hp, which makes it a huge pokemon. Now, Along with Metal Energies and Unown N, Chansey actually can do little damage to itself while packing a huge punch with double edge, something we never really thought possible back in base.

Charizard 4/102 – I almost didn’t mention this, but… I have to. Yes, this card has always been looked at for its “glory” or worth, but as a card is it really any good? Actually, it’s evolutions did well in this period, and Charizard could do some damage when needed. Was it played commonly? No, but it was played, and this period was when Charizard had the MOST play.

Clefairy 5/102 – This card wasn’t looked at here that well, and wasn’t too good. The reason I’m including it is because in Jungle, Clefable came out. Clefable is still in use today, and although Neo Genesis Clefairy is used more, this card has been used… a lot.

Gyarados 6/102 – Not used much at all, mainly due to its ugly evolution, Magikarp.

Hitmonchan 7/102 – THIS card was considered the fastest in the game at the time, and was played commonly. This along with Electabuzz formed a two-pokemon tag team called “Haymaker”, which revolutionized Pokemon as a whole.

Machamp 8/102 – Energy Removal prone, and just doesn’t cut it in standard, today or anytime.

Magneton 9/102 – Um… if you use this card, Ness would tell you to resign, right now. =/

Mewtwo 10/102 – Had its own deck for a while, called the mewtwo mulligan. Mainly you would play 4 Mewtwo, and 56 Psychic Energies… but gust of wind and energy removal took this deck out.

Nidoking 11/102 – I was one of the few people that played this card. It IS good, well was good. Toxic is unbelievable, and psychic wasn’t played during this era THAT much, unless it was a stall.

Ninetales 12/102 – Spike loves this guy. And it does own. Everyone looked at this vs. Charizard, and chose this. It’s a stage 1, not a stage 2. Ninetales with only a 1 retreat vs. a 3. And even better, its big attack does 80, and you discard 1. Charizard’s does 100; discard 2. I’ll choose the Ninetales, thank you very much.

Poliwrath 13/102 – Nice… but not used much. I don’t really know why, but maybe it was because he was too prone to energy removal, and his line was slow.

Raichu 14/102 – Everybody loved this guy, because of Pikachu! Honestly, it’s very good, but it wasn’t played because of that >_<! It was played because of how popular Pikachu was.

Venusaur 15/102 – ClefairyDoll loves this guy… and for good reason. It was very good at the time, mainly because of how spontaneous it was! (I said spontaneous, not random ;x)

Zapdos 16/102 – Nope. Not good at all.

Beedrill 17/102 – Decent. The whole poison sting made a nice deck itself, and it was grass, meaning it could combo with Venusaur… with pokemon center. Um… pokemon center was REALLY good here, wasn’t it?

Dragonair 18/102 – Nice. Hyper Beam was energy intensive, but it was good. It was used a lot.

Dugtrio 19/102 – I never was a big fan, but it is an anti-electabuzz. Slash is good, earthquake isn’t.

Electabuzz 20/102 - !!!!!!!!! The card everybody knows and loves. Yes, that’d be electabuzz. The quickness of it just is marvelous, and the tag team with Hitmonchan was very fierce and hard to beat.

Electrode 21/102 – Well… this is interesting. A lot of people thought they had combos with Sneasel with this, and it never turned out. I wonder why… but it still was interesting. Although Energy Removal beat it BAD… it did power up some hard to power attacks.

Pidgeotto 22/102 – Mirror Move? Whirlwind? Sorry bud, but this is a big =/.

Arcanine 23/102 – Good card, used a lot still today. With metal energy can reduce to 70/10, just a bit better than Rocket’s Zapdos. Nice card.

Charmeleon 24/102 – Solid. Slash is nice, and flamethrower too.

Dewgong 25/102 – The raindance partner. Aurora beam solidly 0wnz, and Ice Beam is really good. A Nice Pokemon.

Dratini 26/102 – Well, the first “Dunsparce” pokemon… as we know it. The apocalypse will come on the day I hear, “Dude! Dratini for tech!”

Farfetch’d 27/102 – Well THIS was the scyther before scyther. Great card back in the day, and it isn’t really seen anymore now.

Growlithe 28/102 – Necessary for Arcanine, nothing more. =/

Haunter 29/102 – Well… at this point, if your playing this, your playing gastly, which means you lose. =/

Ivysaur 30/102 – Decent. Very decent. Solid evolution for Venusaur.

Jynx 31/102 – Was very popular… and I do miss it. It was a nice haymaker card before movie promo mewtwo came out.

Kadabra 32/102 – Well… it is very nice offensive wise. Recover is ok… but what I don’t get is why wizards put Kadabra in there, a huge offensive guy, and then evolve it to alakazam, a staller. =\

Kakuna 33/102 – HP is nice, but it isn’t the greatest pokemon in the world, however nice to evolve from.

Machoke 34/102 – I guess it’s decent, but I look at it and say “Kadabra 0wnz j00 bad!”

Magikarp 35/102 – Oh my gosh, the best card in the game! Seriously! 10 for C, which is game-breaking, and W for 10x damage counters. NOW THAT damage can pile up… ¬_¬

Magmar 36/102 – An offensive power. A decent card, but everyone knows Magikarp 0wnz it… bad. ¬_¬

Nidorino 37/102 – VERY nice. A nice promoter to nidoking.

Poliwhirl 38/102 – I don’t quite get his card… But it’s not good.

Porygon 39/102 – Well, they tried with this one. Interesting, yes. But I think it is more of a ruling hassle for wizards than a game-breaking card.

Raticate 40/102 – Nice. If it wasn’t for hitmonchan, this line would’ve been played a lot more often. My first real deck consisted of Raticate, Electabuzz, and Hitmonchan. Farfetch’d too! =P

Seel 41/102 – Nice HP, attack stinks, but hey! What can I say, it evolves to dewgong. ‘Nuff said.

Wartortle 42/102 – Decent pokemon, nice evolution to blastoise. Possibly even a color matcher with fighting.

Abra 43/102 – Ah, the commons begin! Abra is decent, but not an attacker.

Bulbasaur 44/102 – WHAT!?! A Pokemon that doesn’t involve luck like, at all? In fact, the entire line doesn’t involve luck, which means if you hate coinflips, play this line. ;)

Caterpie 45/102 – A lot like Abra… don’t bring it out front. =/

Charmander 46/102 – Solid basic… almost made Charizard good.

Diglett 47/102 – Fiesty. That’s really all that can be said…

Doduo 48/102 – Dodrio wasn’t even out yet! What was the point of this card? Well, forget that and play Farfetch’d.

Drowzee 49/102 – Don’t play this… it’s not good.

Gastly 50/102 – Well… this is a card you don’t talk about. If you’re a ghost fan, just hold out until fossil to get a nice ghost. ^_^

Koffing 51/102 – Nice card. Foul Gas just 0wnz bad… and it’s good in a “Cleaner”.

Machop 52/102 – A mini-hitmonchan that is very good. Can retreat quicker too.

Magnemite 53/102 – I HATE Magnemites, (Seriously! In the game Red or Blue, your trying to go get a Zapdos, and these things keep popping up! It left a mark on me…) but this one is ok. Possibly a TecH in a lightning deck… but just use electabuzz.

Metapod 54/102 – It’s ok, but like Kakuna, just evolve it. However you can’t as of yet, which means don’t play this line.

Nidoran Male 55/102 – Luck dependant, but a decent pokemon to lead up to nidoking.

Onix 56/102 – Man Onix, I feel for ya buddy. Nobody likes you until Genesis, and then right after Genesis comes out, people find out about Southern Islands Onix and abandon you! Man, life must be tough.

Pidgey 57/102 – I hope somebody got fired for this. =/

Pikachu 58/102 – Bad. Only reason it was played was because “I’m Pikachu, hug me!”

Poliwag 59/102 - … … … … … … … … ? Slow…………………………..

Ponyta 60/102 – Nice. Fire was weak at the time, and Ponyta helped it out, a lot.

Rattata 61/102 – By the time I figured out how to spell it, its time had come and gone due to the discovery of hitmonchan and machop.

Sandshrew 62/102 – Well… you can stall with it! But it’s a lot better as toilet paper, or a Kleenex.

Squirtle 63/102 – Bubble is nice. Withdraw has no purpose. Well, it is OK. However rocket Squirtle beats it out… bad.

Starmie 64/102 – Um… yes I know you play it in TCG for GB, but… no.

Staryu 65/102 – Um… BETTER than starmie.

Tangela 66/102 – Slow…. Too slow.

Voltorb 67/102 – Hey, it’s Dratini!

Vulpix 68/102 – Decent, and it evolves into Ninetales. That makes it… good.

Weedle 69/102 – The worst revolutionizer ever! Weedle has invaded Wizards, invaded PoJo, and even has its own script. And it’s a bug! Some things I’ll never get…


-ClefairyDoll 70/102 – Named after ClefairyDoll the player? ^_^

-Computer Search 71/102 – Find any card in your deck… THAT’S good.

-Devolution Spray 72/102 – Don’t see much of a use.

-Imposter Professor Oak 73/102– Well, if they have 2 cards in their hand and 5 in their deck, use this to win!

-Item Finder 74/102 – Any trainer you want, comes back. Nice…

-Lass 75/102 – Used commonly now with the Lass/eeeeeeek combo. Very good.

-Pokemon Breeder 76/102 – I didn’t really ever see a point to this card, but it is good in raindance. The thing is, why breed any other stage 2 when most stage 2’s have 3 energy costs? =/

-Scoop Up 77/102– Nice card. Pick up a Chansey with 11 counters, or other pokemon. Works also if you have a pokemon mean looked.

-Super Energy Removal 78/102 – OUCH! One of the most impacting cards in the game. One of the reasons evolution isn’t used that much.

-Defender 79/102– Was OK back here with Arcanine, but metal energy has replaced it.

-Energy Retrieval 80/102 – Not that popular, and not THAT good.

-Full Heal 81/102 – um… or you could switch!

-Maintenance 82/102 – weirdly odd. Maybe in draft, otherwise, don’t.

-Pluspower 83/102– this card is extremely used. Great card to boost attacks.

-Pokemon Center 84/102– Very good back here. With the mass amounts of transferring energy decks, this worked well.

-Pokemon Flute 85/102 – Dude… don’t even… =/

-Pokedex 86/102– Not worth it… just Oak and you get them all plus 2!

-Professor Oak 87/102 – Best card in the game at the time. The power of this card is huge.

-Revive – 88/102Not worth it.

-Super Potion 89/102– Not worth it… could be OK with recycle energy.

-Bill 90/102– Draw 2 cards. Nothing wrong with that!

-Energy Removal 91/102– Nice… another reason evolution is hurt.

-Gust of Wind 92/102– Game-breaking… elite… how to win… all in one card.

-Potion 93/102– not worth the space.

-Switch 94/102– nice to get out of mean looks, or status effects.

Double Colorless Energy 95/102 – QUICK. Much needed in every deck with colorless attacks today.

Fire Energy – Use this for fire pokemon.

Water Energy – Use this for water pokemon.

Grass Energy – Use this for grass pokemon.

Lightning Energy – Use this for lightning pokemon.

Psychic Energy – Use this for psychic pokemon.

Fighting Energy – Use this for fighting pokemon.

            It took awhile, but that is the entire base set in review. I’ll try to have a set out per week, which should lead up to Neo Destiny’s release. Thanks for reading J

            By the way, if any of you are interested. This New Year’s Eve, on PoJo’s League, I’m going to be holding a 9 round swiss tournament! It starts about 8:00 EST, so be there around 7:30 EST. Download Apprentice and MIRC, and meet me in #pojotournament. If you need any help, contact anyone in #pojo, via the chatroom on PoJo’s site. It will be Base-Challenge, with a few complications. I’m going to be there by 7:00 EST, so you can contact me for help. Hope to see you there!


P.S. ~ The Jungle review will be out to start the new year! is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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