Pojo.com Privacy Policy

  • Pojo.com is committed to providing a fun, entertaining, and safe Web site for people of all ages.

  • We do not collect personal information about our visitors.

  • We will never sell, or give, names or email addresses to other companies.

  • We do have a Message Board.  The information we collect on our Message Board is not shared or sold to anyone else.  Email addresses are collected simply for authentication.   (If you trade items on our Message Boards, we may share your email address with the trading party & law enforcment if illegal activities are suspected.  See Below)

  • We try our best to adhere to the the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). 

Regarding our Message Board.  We do our best to prevent exposure that may be deemed harmful to children.

  • There is Absolutely NO Swearing or using inappropriate language!  Member conducting themselves this way are banned.

  • Our program catches foul language and converts these words to asterisks (***).  Some visitors may find new & inventive ways to swear.  Foul & inappropriate language is removed as soon as we find it, and folks who post bad language are banned from the site.  Our moderators remove all inappropriate messages when they find them, but you may run across them first.  There are dozens of moderators on our Message Board.

  • In good faith, we will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies if required, and illegal activities are suspected. 

  • We allow our Message Board Users to trade items with each other through the mail.  If we believe that one user has "ripped off" another user, we will provide the email address of the alleged thief to user who got "ripped off".  We will also provide information to the Postal Service if you are believed to be involved in mail fraud.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our privacy policy and/or practices, please contact us at the following address:

Privacy Manager - Pojo.com
P.O. Box 95649
Hoffman Estates, IL  60195

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