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English "W" Promo Cards  
Revised April 2017


Full Card List Notes

These "W" cards were released by Wizards of the Coast.  The "W" means "Wizards".  Duelist & Top Deck Magazines no longer exist, making those cards fairly rare.
Price  Color  Level  Poke # Card Name Where did it come from
$15.00  Lv14 #025 Pikachu Duelist Magazine
September 1999
$7.00  Lv9 #140 Kabuto TopDeck Magazine December 1999
$7.00  Lv22 #008 Wartortle TopDeck Magazine
March 2000
$20.00  Lv23 #005 Dark Charmeleon Kraft Food Austrialian Giveaway
$7.00  Lv15  #054  Misty's Psyduck TopDeck Magazine 
August 2000
$3.00  Lv16 #037 Brock's Vulpix WOTC October Store Giveaway
$8.00  Lv25  #024  Dark Arbok Chinese New Year Pokemon League Giveaway (Asia Only) 2001 



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