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Pojo's Pokemon Trading Card Game 
Set Lists & Price Guides

Pocket Monsters Card Game (PMCG)
Japanese Set Compositions and Price Guide
c.1999-2017 The PoJo --

Japanese Red/Green
Quick Starter Gift Set  - $300 complete

Revised May 2017

Full Card List Notes

There are no "1st Edition" Japanese cards. All cards are considered to be "unlimited" print run, and to our knowledge still in production.

The cards listed below are part of the Japanese Red/Green Quick Starter Deck Promo Set.  This Set was made for the Christmas season in 1998.  It came with 2 "starter" decks (Red & Green) of 29 cards each plus energy , damage counters, A Blue Vending sheet, rule book, two battle coins, and a Playmat.  The two decks are made up of cards from the Vending series; the only difference is that the Red & Green cards have no rarity symbols on them! 

Red Deck

Price  Rarity  Color  Level  Poke # Card Name
$50.00  Lv37 #146 Moltres
$50.00  Lv23 #123 Scyther
$20.00  H T     MasterBall
    Lv8 #063 Abra
    Lv15  #001  Bulbasaur
    Lv15  #010  Caterpie
    Lv40  #113  Chancey
    Lv10  #004  Charmander
    Lv15  #035  Clefairy
    Lv13  #092  Gastly
    Lv16  #058  Growlithe
    Lv26 #093  Haunter
    Lv40  #064  Kadabra
    Lv36 #115 Kangaskhan
    Lv27 #126 Magmar
    Lv20  #011  Metapod
    Lv54 #150 Mewtwo
    Lv20  #122  Mr. Mime
    Lv12 #029 Nidoran (F)
    Lv22  #032  Nidoran (M)
    Lv15  #127  Pinsir
    Lv8  #077  Ponyta
    Lv18 #137 Porygon
    Lv30  #078  Rapidash
    Lv15  #019  Rattata
    Lv13  #037  Vulpix
    T     Energy Retrieval
    T     Energy Search
    T     Gambler
    T     Gust of Wind
    T     Pokemon Trader
    T     Potion
        Fire Energy
        Grass Energy
        Psychic Energy

Green Deck
Price  Rarity  Color  Level  Poke # Card Name
$50.00  Lv342 #144 Articuno
$50.00  Lv28 #145 Zapdos
$20.00  T     MasterBall
    Lv24 #087 Dewgong
    Lv10  #084  Doduo
    Lv23  #107  Hitmonchan
    Lv18  #124  Jynx
    Lv24  #131  Lapras
    Lv20  #108  Lickitung
    Lv28 #067 Machoke
    Lv18 #066 Machop
    Lv40  #081  Magnemite
    Lv30  #082  Magneton
    Lv25 #095 Onix
    Lv5 #025 Pikachu
    Lv13  #025  Pikachu
    Lv15 #060 Poliwag
    Lv30  #061  Poliwhirl
    Lv40 #062 Poliwrath
    Lv32  #026  Raichu
    Lv15  #027 Sandshrew
    Lv35  #028  Sandslash
    Lv10  #086  Seel
    Lv35  #143  Snorlax
    Lv15  #007  Squirtle
    Lv8  #100  Voltorb
    T     Energy Retrieval
    T     Energy Search
    T     Gust of Wind
    T     Pokemon Trader
    T     Potion
    T     Switch
        Fighting Energy
        Lightning Energy
        Water Energy

$300.00 Complete Card Set

Release Date: December 1998

 Designed by "Creatures" (Japan)
Distributed by "Media Factory" (Japan) is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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