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Pojo's Pirates of the Caribbean Card of the Day

Walk the Plank

Yellow --> +2 Force. Use only once.

Type - Strike
Card Number - 079

Card Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.28.06


Name: Walk the Plank
Card #079
Type: Strike - Generic
Rarity: Uncommon
Payment: 2 Green, 1 Red
Intercept: 6
Force: 4
Card Effect: Yellow >>> +2 Force. Use only once.
Flavor Text: ""Shove off, mate—yer friends are waitin' below!"

On my spoiler spreadsheet, which I dutifully downloaded from Pojo (the link is to your left), I added a few columns, as I normally do. One of them is a Cost to Force ratio (the amount of bulk energy you have to pay to get 1 point of force), since Force is your most important statistic, or well, it’s one of them anyway. This card has a 1.3 C/F ratio, which honestly isn’t all that bad, considering there are only 37 other strikes in the PotC set with the same or lower C/F ratio and a whopping 64 that have a higher C/F ratio. BUT the thing is, this strike requires a red payment, and for what? Mediocre intercept, low Force and an ability that frankly, stinks. Nope, not in my decks.

My Ratings:
Playability 1 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5

Next Time: Going swimming perhaps?
Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis III Walk the Plank is yet another in our continuing series of generic strikes. It is a pretty rough card. Yes, it has 6 Intercept but it costs a red AND 2 green. For the low, low price of one yellow, you can add 2 Force. So for 4 bulk energy, you get a 6/6. Yes, it is flexible and that should never be overlooked. But in this case, even that is not enough to recommend this very highly at all. It just doesn’t do enough for you.

Rating: 2


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