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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Card Rating: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Name: Davy Jones

Type: Chamber
Card #193
Rarity: Rare
Strikes Allowed: Bull & Cannon
Advantage: Spirit
Ally: Dark
Signature Move #1: Kraken Attack – 6 Intercept, 6 Force. 1 Green, 1 Yellow Payment. When you counterattack, you may eliminate a green energy for each ally you have.
Signature Move #2 – Nefarious Intent – 7 Intercept, 6 Force. 1 Yellow Payment. When your opponent counterattacks from a zone, eliminate all of his or her energy in that zone.

Date Reviewed - 07.21.06


Davy Jones

Thus far I’ve made at least three different Davy Jones decks, and so far, NONE of them work very well. It could be my limited card pool (I now have about 300 cards), but somehow I don’t think so. No, I think it’s the combination of Bull Strikes with Spirit Advantages. You end up running through your energy pretty quickly, and against a deck that’s using Fox traits, ala Jack Sparrow, you get trounced. Your choice of Dark allies isn’t all that special either.

Bull traits are supposed to be more powerful attacks, but really aren’t. They have a high force of 6, with a majority of Bull strikes in the 3-5 range. That’s really not going to give you much to work with offensively. However, defensively you’ve got some pretty solid Intercepts, topping out a max of 8 with quite a few in the 5-7 range. No Bull strike costs more than 4 energy total. Cannon strikes all have something to do with zones, either moving the strike to your red zone in order to give you a bonus (countered with your opponent getting additional energy), or charging and uncharging zones. They also have decent intercepts and forces, though because all the Pirates special trait cards are either uncommon or rare, they’re really difficult to pull. In most cases you’ll see a cannon, sail or sword strike only every three packs or so.

Spirit Advantages offer a mixed bag of charging and uncharging zone capabilities. Unfortunately they don’t offer much in the way of offensive bonuses, except Cursed Fires (#103-R), and One Good Deed (#109-U). Dark Allies are all either Barbossa’s crew or Davy Jones’ crew. The only really spectacular Dark Allies are Greenbeard (#137-U).

While Davy’s signature moves are impressive, they actually have sidebar costs, which detracts from the whole idea of signature moves. However, these are pretty nasty by themselves. If you manage to get the first one out, you can pretty much guarantee a point.

We’re JUST now starting to see singles listed on Ebay for this game, but we still don’t have much of an idea as to accurate pricing. I’d venture to guess this Davy might sell for as much as $5.00

My Ratings:
Playability – 3 of 5
Collectability – 4 of 5

Tuesday – These do something

Card- Davy Jones
Type- Chamber
Let's cover each Signature move, then the card as a whole.
Move 1- I was thinking of this with Last Meal. Being able to take away an Ally, give them a green, then being able to clean out all of the energy in Green they have. Even without that, I can see this as a way to keep them energy broke. This one is good for counterattacking...but when attacking we need to look at move 2
Move 2- Eliminate all energy from the zone your opponent counterattacks from. Leaves them needing to pick between counterattacking or not. Not so good if they having there to lose, but if they are building up for something, this is your way of setting them back
As a whole, I see people jumping to play Davy Jones, because of who he is. In a control deck, I can see him being big. As a chamber card, I know I might use him over some of the others.
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 5 of 5


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