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Pokemon Journey across America tourney report Memphis
July 6, 2006

By lilgroudon


Okay people I know this is kind of late like a week or so and also the very first Video Game tourney report in pokémon history.
So after waking up at 4.00 am in the morning to get our things in the van me and my Brothers got in the car ready to play some pokémon.
First thing my little bro did was go to sleep then woke up training his pokémon.
I was trying to complete my pokedex on emerald.
And my eldest brother Charles was thinking of some new strategies with his cards.
So an hour in we rolled to get some white castles before we killed ourselves from starvation. (That was a bad Idea)
So we finally made it to wolf chase galleria like at 8.oo. My little brother went to sign in with my dad. And I met up with the rest of my team, Team Houndoom.
We played with pokemon trozie traded and got the top 20 downloads and celibi.
They gave out Nintendo game skins and the special pokemon XD game packs.
Pokemoncenter was upstairs so I got the Groudon hat of course. 2 hours later at 11.00 all of us gathered to watch team houndoom younger players in they’re league.
The league structure was drop out so if you lose you’re out.

Man so many players Jessica another team member went into 12th place losing to somebody that had Groudon and Jumpluff combo I think.

Then my little brother got 4th place in they’re he had skill swap slaking and some other peoples. His team was stupid though because hr didn’t train he made it through luck.
The main pokemon in the league that were played were Mewtwo, Rayquazza, and Kyogre And Groudon.
SO it was the big dogs time to shine as we registered in, while my peoples were getting the hotel checked in.
I went the furthest for team Houndoom.

My 1st Match

So my first match
I don’t know who this was but he had a fro and gel in it he reminded you of Prince.
So He sent out his Exegutor and his Groudon I had out my Ursaring and my Mewtwo
1 hit KO his exegutor with a powered up slash with my Ursaring then took put Groudon next turn with fire punch and Ice beam next turn.
I can’t remember the match but I won anyway.

My 2nd Match

2nd match so we were talking with his brother earlier about how he lost Kansas City Journey across America, by lucky opponent that had 2 sheer colds hit him twice in a row.
So we were playing and I used Cradily with my Mewtwo He had out Groudon and Shiftry I confused Groudon first then Groudon went next hurting himself in confusion
Then Mewtwo Ice beamed him in the red then Shiftry used explosion Mewtwo was in the low red with like 4 HP left and Cradily was in the yellow he was sending out until all the computers went dead so we had to do it all over.
So the rematch was the same I just remember the end and it was my Zapdos Vs His Lugia he kept using recover and I just kept thunder bolting him he was down to 34 hp and I was at 57 he was out of recovers and since his speed was higher than mine he attacked with psychic I had only 14 HP left then my thunder hit him up down to 0.
It was a good match.

3rd match

My 3rd Match
Sad to say that I did my best He used a Kyogre team you know Kingdra and Kyogre so Kingdra hits first so he ran through all of my pokemon while I didn’t KO any of his out.
SO I made 4th place and hey I can’t say I did bad.
Then Team Houndoom went to the hotel Red Roof Inn and partied with some pizza.
Till Next time I’m in my den.
My Parents driving all the way to Memphis.
Jack, Joe, Jessica, and Keith for being proud team Houndoom members
Mrs. Green for letting us party at her room.
None really it was just a great day.

 Nice Ride



Team Houndoom I'm the one with the 2 gameboy SPs in my hands

Me and Pikachu 

Joe from Team Houndoom and Me

My little Brother Munchlax and I

Team Houndoom before the big tourney

Yeah man we look so good in them shirts



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