Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 6:43 PM
To: pojostaff
Subject: Re: pokemon emerald version

gdgtnrules wrote:

    Hey my name is christian and i just beat team aqua at the mt pyre and i cant figure out were to go now if you could plz right back i would appreciate it thx.


Well Christian leave Mt. Pyre wuth the magma elmbem then go to Mt. Chimmney ride up the cart then go down the steps where it will lead you to another area here you can catch pokemon like spoink numel and such then go straight down YOU NEED THE MAGMA ELMBEM, while going down you will stop as If an egg is hatching it will say a door opened or something like that keep going a little bit then you will see a hole in the wall go in congrats you are in magma's hideout.