Subject: surfing pikachu on ruby

Kwazywabbit59 wrote:
 In an earlier article ShadowLakitu64 said that you were wrong and couldnt get a surfing pikachu on pokemon ruby. I read though the message and you put how to get one on pokemon stadium. Well im just writing to inform you (not trying to sound intimidating lol) that there is a way to get one on ruby/sapphire/emerald/fire/leaf and that is via pokemon box. first off you need to get all but one slot full. thats 4999 pokemon. then lanettes sister (forgot her name) will give you an egg. After reciving the egg put it onto any of the above games and hatch it. You will be rewarded with a surfing pichu which can evolve into pikachu and raichu. Also you get several other apokemon eggs on your way there with special moves e.g zigzagoon with extreme speed. Well I hope ive helped and I would also like to note that your part of the site is excellent. Oh and one other thing, do you know when diamond and pearl are due to be released?!
--------- kwaz wabz
Hey I really like this guy thanks.
So groudon has been proven wrong see if you are reading lakitu this is how you should have wrote me just tell me what I did wrong and pojo will post it.
So diamond and pearl the new season of pokemon will be realesed sometime in 06 summer-fall I belive i am not sure but when I get further info on this I will send it to pojo.