Dear pojo and pojo fans I now have knucklehead fan

ShadowLakitu64 wrote:
r u writting these things? if so you must be brain dead! You told someone on here that you need a pokemon stadium cartrige from the N64 to get a surfing pikachu on pokemon ruby! That won't work! The only way to get one is with an action replay by cheating! And someone else wanted pokemon emerald codes, so you tell them how to get mystery gift r u that dumb? One more thing the aurora or eon ticket does not have anything to do with the altering cave! with the aurora ticket you can go to navel island and catch Lugia or Ho-oh, and with the eon ticket you go to the southern islands and you can catch Latios or Latias depending on which version of pokemon you have, or which of the two you picked to see in your emerald version! I'm sorry if this is not you who wrote these rediculous responses but if you did, I suggest that you resign from the website, because you ain't helping no one! The should hire someone who knows more about pokemon than you!
1st - you can get surfing pikachu with N64 or the cheat we both were right
2nd - The only replay code is mystery gift but you can waste your time if you wish
3rd You are right eon ticket does get Latias or Latios but you also are a knucklehead because you catch Deoxys on birth island with aurora ticket. why dont you search the web because all of my answers are real. I test out what they say every time. the pikachu cheats and tricks I tested it out. If you have a problem go to school and solve it because groudon isn't going anywhere. I'll be right here in my den.

Pojo Note:  Richard definitely wins the spelling war between he and Shadow Lakitu64.  That's for sure. "rediculous"? "cartrige"? "writting"?  You need to pay more attention in school dude.