Subject: How to get masterballs.

jessica teichmanwrote:
can you get more then one masterball
          from jessica
Well Jessica you can only get one master ball in each game and also If you have a cheat like in red blue gold silver or you can play a different game get the master ball off that one trade it or whatever I restart most of my games to get all the pokemon but If you have more than one game you need a Key game in each set.
For example.
I have red blue and yellow Yellow is my key game where I keep my pokedex 150 pokemon I keep my main team red and blue are just for back up If anyone wants to borrow them.
Gold silver crystal Gold is the main game with my pokedex I am only missing 2 pokemon Celibi and mew I did not make it to the nintendo promotion.
Leafgreen Firered Leafgreen is the main one right now my bro is playing firered and ruby sapphire emerald well let's just say I still need to catch the johto pokemon.
so good luck.