From: Richard
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 9:05 AM
To: pojostaff
Subject: Trading Guide
Trading Evoluton Guide.
Graveler = Golem
Haunter = Gengar
Kadabra = Alakazam
Machoke = Machamp
Slowpoke + kingsrock = Sloking
Poliwhirl + kingsrock = Politoed
Onix + Metalcoat = Steelix
Porygon + Up-grade = Porygon 2
Scyther + Metal Coat = Scizor
Seadra + Dragon Scale = Kingdra
Clampearl + Deepseascale = Gorybess
Clampearl + Deepseatooth = Huntail
And this pokemon dosen't really evolve but it's good to put him in
Let it be known there is one form in each game every time you trade the form will change example Emerald (Speed Deoxys) trade speed deoxys to leafgreen he will be a defense deoxys.
Form Game
Speed Emerald
Normal Ruby and Sapphire
Defense Leaf Green
Attack  Fire Red