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Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 5:32 PM

Subject: Game trading.

Daphnie Dhimitri <> wrote:



After viewing a few walkthrough's written by people who've played the game, it's come to my attention they're using pokemon you can't get in the starting areas. Is there any special requirments you have to do before you can trade pokemon at the start via the link cable or do you need two wireless adapters to trade pokemon from fire red and leaf green?


Any help will be much appreciated



Well Vctor in pokemon emerald you can only trade with emerald versions until you beat the E4 then you can trade with R&S and also FR and LG.

In fire red and leafgreen you can only trade with FR and LG until you get both stones you need both stones to trade with emerald.

Ruby and sapphire you can trade with any game at any point.

But you also have to defeat May or Brandon in Emerald Ruby and sapphire to trade in between the games in FR and LG you must give oak his parcel.