From: Richard Washington []
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 7:22 PM

Subject: Thank You


To all off the pokemon community I am pleased to announce that I have started High School.

Like they posted I will be sending in news guides and of course answers to your questions.

But I will like to thank some people just if case I don't get a chance.

Bill Gill and Jonnyo for running this excellent site and still doing work on the other sites on pojo to thanks guys.

Meganium 45 for helping me learn more about pokemon.

Scyther 21 for being a cool bro and also he goes to a highly very intelligent school and they pile homework so he may not get to the cotd reviews.

Mike Videtta he has been a good friend to me and also he has been working at his emerald version very hard.

Clown master for watching my team and making sure I don't give them dumb moves and when I had a question i couldn't answer he had my back.

Johnny Blaze for always helping me out with my pokemon decks thanks.

Also thanks to Jessica, Randy, shadow lakitu, will red socks, also to black thunder attack you've made my site what it is today.