From: Richard Washington []
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 10:32 PM

Subject: Pokemon FR and LG island walkthrough part 1


1) Go talk to Celio

2) Go to Mt. Ember,

3) Talk to the rocket members they will be talking about passwords then battle them they will leave once you have defeated

4) Go inside the entrance and keep

5) Go through the boulder puzzle.

6) Pretty soon you will go to fork in the path I think you go north or maybe south I don’t know.

7) Go pass the room full of braile I didn’t translate it but just keep going.

8) You should be at the ruby now get it and leave but when you come out you can keep going and catch Moltres.

9) Go give celio the ruby he’ll give you the rainbow pass.

10 Go to the four island.

11) Go to Icefall cave get the waterfall HM teach it to one of your pokemon go back to the entrance and go up the water fall.

12) You should see Lorelie Defeat the rocket member go to the 6 island.


I’ll write part 2 in like a few weeks when I get a chance.