"mahabor ." wrote:
how do you catch the "regi" pkmn in ruby?
frm- michel robocco
In pokemon ruby 1st you got to unlock all three of thier chambers then Regiock's chamber should be in the desert in route 119 go in talk to the bralle on the wall then take 2 steps right then 2 steps down then use strength remeber like all the legendary pokemon the regi's when they faint they are gone. So any way after strength the wall should open.
Regice to catpture this one you need 2 things patience and good batteries
now to get to the cave go to dewford surf north and keep going through the gaps
find the cave right now here is where the batteries and the patience come in talk to the braille then put the gameboy down do not mess with it wait foe like 2 minutes then the chamber to open.
 one more 2 go now registeels chamber is west of lilycove then go in it read the bralle
go to the center of the room and Fly and it should open.
Good luck and happy hunting.