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Pojo's Nintendo GameBoy/DS
Pokemon of the Week



Rating: 2.60

Date Reviewed: 08.04.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Japanese name: ハンテール (Hanteeru).

# 367.

Deep Sea Pokémon.

Type: Water.


Swift Swim: Speed doubles when weather is rainy.

Height: 5’07’’.

Weight: 59.5 lbs.

Locations: Evolver Clamperl (All versions).


Base stats:

            HP: 55

            Attack: 104

            Defense: 105

            Special attack: 94

            Special defense: 75

            Speed: 52


Pokédex Data:

It lives deep in the sea. With a tail shaped like a small fish, it attracts unsuspecting prey.


Hello guys and girls. I hope you are having a great summer, as mine is over now, but let us forget about that and start with this week’s review…


Continuing with our alternate evolutions series, we find ourselves with Huntail this week. Huntail is an underused Pokémon mainly because of its very poor HP. Its physical stats are very good but its low HP and poor speed make Huntail easy prey for most electric types. But let us not forget that there is not such thing as a bad Pokémon, that’s why we have UU battles after all.


The movesets for today are…


Rain dancer.
Huntail@Liechi berry.
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Rain dance
- Waterfall / Aqua tail
- Ice fang
- Confuse ray / Crunch / Return


Use confuse ray if you feel lucky to earn some extra turns. Or use rain dance and sweep as much as you can.

Choice bander.
Huntail@Choice band.
Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Waterfall / Aqua tail
- Ice fang
- Crunch
- Return


This pretty much covers a lot of types. Hit and switch immediately, this Pokémon won’t survive more than a couple hits.



It is good as a physical sweeper capable of taking a couple hits if you are using and facing just UU Pokémon. I think it has its place there as competitive battles are just too much for Huntail.



Most electric types are lethal for Huntail. Just hit it with special attacks and it will fall in a couple turns.


Bottom line.

I know what you are thinking… And yes, Gorebyss is next guys and girls.





Hope you enjoyed.



Remember you can contact me at reeve.ryu@gmail.com Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I try to answer as soon as possible =)



Base stats-     HP-55

Ability- Swtftswim:
Speed is doubled when it is raining

Evolve Clampearl by trading while holding deep sea tooth, import from Ruby, Saphire or Emerald.

Hey people, this is my first Pokemon review of the week, and my name is Doug. Today we will be reviewing Huntail from the UU tier.

Huntail has pitiful speed, which is why we're going to be taking advantage of his ability in the Rain Dance set.

The Sets

Rain Dance set
EV''s: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
Nature: Adamant
Item: Life Orb/Damp Rock

Rain Dance
Waterfall/Aqua Tail
Ice Fang

Swift Swim increases his low speed, which then allows you to sweep using the following moves. although id personally use Return over Crunch as Waterfall or Aqua Tail can usually take down Physic and Ghost foes, but if you fear Shedinga or want to take down Slowbro or Exeggutor, then use it instead. Another option is to get another Pokemon to start the Rain Dance for you, so you can have both in your arsenal.

Choice Band set
EV's: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
Nature: Adamant
Item: Choice Band

Waterfall/Aqua Tail
Ice Fang

This set is ideal if Rain Dance is already in play. Waterfall over Aqua Tail for me as with this much power behind your water attacks, accuracy and a possible flinch is my personal option. This set is meant to come into play, kill something, then get straight back out again if it comes up against something that can kill it. A nice addition to a Rain Dance team.


The good:
Huntail can survive a physical attack and still have enough life left to get a blow in, even with the Life Orb set. Can do some serious damage to teams who fear a Choice-Banded, Weather-enhanced, STAB Waterfall.

The bad:
Pretty much any Pokemon with a ThunderBolt that does not fear Huntail's attacks is going to get a kill in on Huntail. Bringing out Tyranitar cancels out the Rain and allows one with max speed to OHKO with Crunch or Stone Edge. Its speed is pitiful, and although Attack is pretty good, its nothing outstanding without a Choice Band. Huntail cannot hold itself in competitive play without a Rain Dancer.

In UU, Lanturn and Pelipper both take his hits well and counter with Electric attacks of their own.

The final verdict:
Apart from the UU tier and Rain Dance teams, Huntail is a pokemon that should be overlooked.



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