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Pojo's Nintendo GameBoy/DS
Pokemon of the Week



Rating: 2.90

Date Reviewed: 08.22.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Japanese name: ユキメノコ, (Yukimenoko).

# 478.

Snow Land Pokémon.

Type: Ice / Ghost.


Snow cloak: Evasion raises during hailstorm.

Height: 4’03’’.

Weight: 58.6 lbs.

Locations: Evolver Snorunt via Dawn Stone (Diamond & Pearl).


Base stats:

            HP: 70

            Attack: 80

            Defense: 70

            Special attack: 80

            Special defense: 70

            Speed: 110


Pokédex Data:

It freezes foes with an icy breath nearly -60 degrees F. What seems to be its body is actually hollow.


Forslass is definitely more used than Glalie, but it still has bad stats. Its speed is good and its type combination is definitely great but the rest of the stats are really bad. You have to protect Froslass if you want to keep it enough to deal some damage with it.


The movesets for today are…


Destiny bond.
Froslass@Salac berry.
Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 Special attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Ice beam
- Shadow ball
- Endure / Thunderwave / Thunderbolt
- Destiny bond


Sweep with your first two moves, then I like using endure, let salac berry activate and use destiny bond. Be careful not to reveal your strategy before time. Timing is everything.


Physical sweeper.
Froslass@Scope lens / Lum berry.
Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Ice shard

- Return / Substitute
- Crunch
- Thunderwave / Confuse ray / Taunt


Not very effective, but definitely not a very predictable set.


Special sweeper.
Froslass@Scope lens / Lum berry.
Nature: Modest (+ Special attack, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 Special attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Ice beam

- Shadow ball
- Psychic / Thunderbolt/ Substitute
- Thunderwave / Confuse ray / Taunt /Attract


I like this set a lot more than the physical sweeper. It is also kind of defensive thanks to substitute and / or thunderwave.


Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 HP / 129 Defense / 129 Special defense.
- Ice beam / Shadow ball

- Taunt / Torment / Shadow ball
- Substitute / Spikes
- Thunderwave / Confuse ray


This set even has a chance in competitive battles. It has enough speed to be a great annoyer. Just remember to be patient, as with all annoyers. Most new trainers fail using this kind of strategies because of their lack of patience.



As I said before, Froslass has a very good speed and it can take advantage of it thanks to choice scarf. The ability is good for theme based teams and its type combination is just great. I like ghosts.



Strong dark type moves as crunch or a well timed pursuit will be a major problem. Fire types are also dangerous (most of the time aren’t they?). Be careful of Charizard, Houndoom and Heatran.


Bottom line.

Olympic times are reaching their final stage. We’ll have to wait another 4 years to experience this big party =) See you in London





Hope you enjoyed.



Remember you can contact me at reeve.ryu@gmail.com Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I try to answer as soon as possible =)


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