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Pokemon of the Week




Rating: 3.50

Date Reviewed: 07.07.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Japanese name: ヨノワール (Yonowaaru).

# 477.

Gripper Pokémon.

Type: Ghost.


Pressure: Opponent’s PP lowers 2 points instead of 1.

Height: 7’03’’.

Weight: 235.0 lbs.

Locations: Evolve Dusclops (Diamond & Pearl).


Base stats:

            HP: 45

            Attack: 100

            Defense: 135

            Special attack: 65

            Special defense: 135

            Speed: 45


Pokédex Data:

The antenna on its head captures radio waves from the world of spirits that command it to take people there.


Well I’m still looking for TRU Darkrai. If you are reading this and feel like helping me out feel free to e-mail me. I’ll trade u well for it. Same goes for Gamestop Deoxys. Thanks =)


Dusknoir is not really a competitive Pokémon, but I have to say it is one of my favorite ghost types because it is a decent physical sweeper with enough defenses to hold on enough time and some very nice moves for you to use (trick room and pain split).


The movesets for today are…


Physical Sweeper.
Dusknoir@Leftovers / Liechi Berry.
Nature: Brave (+ Attack, - Speed), Adamant (+Attack, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 6 Defense.
- Trick room
- Earthquake
- Fire punch / Thunder punch / Ice punch
- Will-o-wisp / Shadow strike / Rest


Use trick room and start sweeping. Choose your favorite elemental punch according to your needs. I like using will-o-wisp, but shadow strike is a good finishing move and rest just annoys people, and that means psychological advantage for you.

PP Waster.
Nature: Impish (+ Defense, - Special attack), Careful (+Special defense, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 HP / 129 Special defense / 129 Defense.
- Protect
- Pain split / Torment
- Night shade / Shadow punch / Payback / Fire punch / Thunder punch / Ice punch
- Will-o-wisp

Be very careful choosing between pains split and torment. Torment is very important against Pokémon with boosting moves; otherwise pain split will give you more time to keep wasting your opponent’s PP.

Calm mind.
Nature: Bold (+ Defense, - Attack), Calm (+Special defense, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 HP / 252 Defense / 6 Special defense.
- Calm mind
- Shadow ball
- Focus blast / Ice beam / HP fighting
- Will-o-wisp / Pain split / Substitute

I like using pain split, but substitute is also a good thing considering its defenses and the calm mind boost. The this move depends on you.



Dusknoir is not as competitive as I’d like. I still like using it even in competitive battles because I think it deserves a chance. It is capable of countering some rapid spin users, and even stop some powerful sweepers, I think it’s worth trying, but you should probably be a little patient.



I’ve seen Umbreon is a natural counter to Dusknoir because it can use pursuit and toxic. A boosted Metagross or Tyranitar will be dangerous too. Try to have the right moves to counter the right Pokémon, and switch if you can’t. Pain split will give you some HP but status affections will hurt a lot.


Bottom line.

I think we are back on track with this one, next Friday it will be on time… Thanks.





Hope you enjoyed.




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