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Pokemon of the Week



Rating: 2.10

Date Reviewed: 11.14.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Japanese name: コロトック, (Korotokku).

# 402.

Cricket Pokémon.

Type: Bug.


Swarm: Bug type moves increase their power when HP is below 30%.

Height: 3’03’’.

Weight: 56.2 lbs.

Locations: Routes 206, 210, 210, 214, 215 and Trophy Garden (Diamond & Pearl), Route 206, Lake Valor Lakefront and Trophy Garden (Platinum), Evolve Kricketot (Diamond, Pearl & Platinum).


Base stats:

            HP: 77

            Attack: 85

            Defense: 51

            Special attack: 55

            Special defense: 51

            Speed: 65


Pokédex Data:

It crosses its knifelike arms in front of its chest when it cries. It can compose melodies ad lib. It signals its emotions with its melodies. Scientists are studying these melodic patterns.


Yet another underused Pokémon, Kricketune has an interesting move pool. Having its great attack compared to the rest of its stats, it invites you to sweep, but then again, you need to sweep smartly with weak Pokémon as this one.


The movesets for today are…


Physical sweeper.
Kricketune@Salac berry.
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 Speed / 129 Attack / 129 HP.
- Swords dance
- X-scissor
- Brick break
- Endure / Sing


Use swords dance if possible, otherwise start with endure and sweep as much as you can. Sing is another good option to boost your stats until you are ready.


Choice scarf.
Kricketune@Choice scarf.
Nature: Jolly (+ Speed, - Special attack), Adamant (+ Attack, - Special attack).
EV’s: 252 Speed / 252 Attack / 6 HP.
- Aerial ace
- X-scissor
- Brick break
- Return


This one is probably going down faster and easier, but if you manage to sweep 2 of you foe’s Pokémon it will be just great. Sweep as much as you can, you have very good options here. Some use sing as well with this set.



This one is for casual gaming as well. It is good if you manage to boost its stats. So I’d protect him a little bit in double battles, let me know how it goes =)



Flying types are lethal, and combined flying types are even worse (Altaria anyone?). Flying types are fast already, specially if you are facing Staraptor or Pidgeot. So be very careful.


Bottom line.

One more to go boys and girls…





Hope you enjoyed.



Remember you can contact me at reeve.ryu@gmail.com Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I try to answer as soon as possible =)


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