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Pokemon of the Week



Rating: 2.20

Date Reviewed: 10.24.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Japanese name: ダーテング, (Dirteng).

# 275.

Wicked Pokémon.

Type: Grass / Dark.


Chlorophyll: Speed doubles when sunny.

Early bird: Reduces sleep time ˝.

Height: 4’03’’.

Weight: 131.4 lbs.

Locations: Evolve Nuzleaf (All versions).


Base stats:

            HP: 90

            Attack: 100

            Defense: 60

            Special attack: 90

            Special defense: 60

            Speed: 80


Pokédex Data:

By flapping its leafy fan, it can whip up gusts of 100 ft/second that can level houses.


Shiftry has a very decent and wide movepool, and can use some support moves as well. Unfortunately what seems like a very fast Pokémon is actually pretty slow for the standards. Its abilities are decent, but I think you’ll like Chlorophyll better, for sunny day teams.


The movesets for today are…


Special sweeper.
Shiftry@Leftovers / Choice specs.
Nature: Modest (+ Special attack, - Attack), Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 Special attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Energy ball / Leaf storm
- Dark pulse
- Nasty plot / Extrasensory
- HP water / HP ice / Explosion


Choose your set and start sweeping. If you are going for choice specs leave nasty plot out of the equation.


Sunny beamer.
Shiftry@Life orb / Heat rock.
Nature: Modest (+ Special attack, - Attack).
EV’s: 252 Special attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP.
- Sunny day
- Solar beam
- Explosion / Dark pulse
- HP ice / HP fire


Probably your best bet with Shiftry. Sunny day will give you the speed and power you need. Use explosion to surprise your opponent, and what a surprise it will be.



It is pretty good in both single and double battles if you can keep the sunny day working. It might be better if you can baton pass some speed, but that’s up to you.



Dragons are fairly good because of the fire and flying type moves and they have amazing speed and attack stats. Fire and poison types are good as well.


Bottom line.

Not as good on its own. Try to give it some support and it’s going to be an interesting shot.





Hope you enjoyed.



Remember you can contact me at reeve.ryu@gmail.com Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I try to answer as soon as possible =)


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