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Pokemon of the Week



Date Reviewed: 09.14.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Reeve Jirachi.
# 385.
Type: Psychic / Steel.
Ability: Serene Grace.
Locations: Transfer from GBA (Diamond, Pearl), Special Event, Colosseum Bonus Disk, Pokémon Channel (GBA Versions).

ERRATA: I made a terrible mistake last week; Deoxys is #386, not #336 as I said, sorry.

Hi everyone. Welcome to another Pokémon of the Week. Today we’re reviewing Jirachi, the wish Pokémon.

I always get some trade requests looking for Jirachi, and it is normal, Jirachi was even harder to get for some of you guys than other legends Like Lugia or Mew (outside the USA). But besides a good natured Jirachi is pretty rare, it is not the best mini-legend out there. Its type combination is interesting, being strong against ghost and dark. Its stats aren’t great, but it is a pretty hard to beat Pokémon, so it’s not that bad either…

Serene Grace is a pretty cool ability, if you feel lucky maybe you will be, and it’s your move’s effects are going to activate pretty often…

Let’s move on to the move combinations, let’s see what’s up with this guy…

Nature: Modest (+ Special attack, - Attack).
Equip: Leftovers.
EV´s: 252 Special attack, 252 HP, 6 Speed.
- Psychic
- Wish
- Protect
- Calm mind / Cosmic power

Use Calm mind or Cosmic power until you feel you are going to die, then use wish and protect combo. After that you have only one attack to sweep, it is a pretty risky set, and somehow predictable, but you can make a wish and switch to recover another member of your team.

Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
Equip: Leftovers.
EV´s: 252 Special attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Psychic
- Water pulse
- Thunderbolt
- Calm mind / Cosmic power

This set is made for you if you feel lucky. Serene Grace is capable of activating three different effects with this set, any of them mean advantage.

When should I use this Pokémon?
Using it would be a very rare situation. There are not a lot of trainers who train and use it competitively. However, you can always use it to battle your friends. Doom Desire is a pretty good move too.

What should I use against this Pokémon?
You can use a lot of things against the first set. Having only one offensive attack, you can confuse it, burn it and taunt it. Houndoom does it pretty cool. Shiftry and Cacturne are awesome against the second set.

Bottom line:
The wish maker is one of those Pokémon that sound like a good idea; unfortunately the kind of steel/psychic is Metagross, any day. And Mew is still far better than Celebi or Jirachi.


Hope you enjoyed.
Carbunkle Gaah, I really want this one, or atleast the data on it =(
Oh well, atleast I will review it.

Name: Jirachi
Ability: Serene Grace
Type: Steel/Psychic
Nature: Modest (+s.Atk, -Atk)
Item: Petaya Berry
EV's: 252 S.Atk, 252 Speed (Hp)

This ability is kinda funny if I have understand it right. You use Water
Pulse, instead of 20% chance to confuse it has 40% chance of confusion.
Doubles the chance something will happen.
Will do a Special Sweeper with this one so I chose to raise S.atk and lower
Raises S.Atk. in a pinch.
Weakness against Fire and Ground, that was very little for a legendary.

1) Psychic
2) Flash Cannon
3) Water Pulse
4) Wish

Attacks are regualr sweeping attacks.
Wish is to get some life back, just hope that it will be fast healing.


Was hard, thought he could learn more attacks.
Oh well.
If anyone has any Event Legendary that I can get data on, just contact me

Over and Out

Alex Bramham
Jirachi is classified by different players as to fit into different groupings. Some allow it to be used where stronger pokemon such as deoxys and ho-oh are forbidden. In such an environment, Jirachi's decent stats and moveset can be very effective. Against forces such as Mewtwo however, Jirachi cannot stand as strong and is outshone by other superior choices.

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