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Pokemon of the Week



Date Reviewed: 08.03.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Reeve Jynx.
# 124.
Type: Ice / Psychic.
Ability: Oblivious / Forewarn.
Locations: Evolve Smoochum.

Hi everyone. Welcome to another Pokémon of the Week. Today we’re reviewing Jynx, the human shape Pokémon.

I just faced one today, I got to say I didn’t see that coming and was expecting some kind of strategy, unfortunately it didn’t even exist. As soon as I knew Jynx was our Pokémon of the Week, I started researching a little bit. It is not that bad, really; has good speed, special defense and special attack. But its horrible defense is just a major reason not to play Jynx in today’s environment…

Good news; we now have Forewarn; we can now know the move set of our foe, which is always helpful considering a whole team strategy. I don’t think I have to tell you that’s better than oblivious.

Let’s move on to the move combinations, let’s see what’s up with this girl…

Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack), Timid (+ Special attack, - Attack).
Equip: Lum berry.
EV´s: 252 Special attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP.
- Ice beam
- Focus blast
- Psychic
- Fake tears

You use fake tears hoping for a switch, and then just hit either the same or the new Pokémon… Simple but not very effective.

Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack), Timid (+ Special attack, - Attack).
Equip: Lum berry.
EV´s: 252 Special attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP.
- Lovely kiss
- Focus blast
- Psychic
- Grass knot

Use lovely kiss and hope for the best. With this you have some more time to predict a switch or just try to sweep as long as you can… You can use substitute instead of lovely kiss to earn some more time.

When should I use this Pokémon?
You really don’t want to use this Pokémon, but if you fight for fun then give it a shot as your first Pokémon, with the ability to “read” your opponent’s moves you can predict strategies.

What should I use against this Pokémon?
Nowadays fire punch Electivire is a popular physical sweeper. Tyranitar, Metagross and Aerodactyl will work great.

Bottom line:
Why didn’t we get a new evolution of this one? This lady really needed one…

Remember, if you have DP versions and want to trade or battle with me. I already have a list of haves and wants here in the Pojo Forums; the URL is http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=454580 for trading (have some good shinies and legendaries). If you want to battle then send me a PM or send an e-mail to reeve.ryu@gmail.com.


Hope you enjoyed.
Carbunkle Man, I wanna know what I went on when writing about Lucario, forgot to erase
2 rows.
Oh well, what is done is done.

Name: Jynx
Ability: Oblivious/Forewarn
Type: Ice/Psychic
Nature: Modest (+S.Atk, -Atk)
Item: Bright Powder
EV's: 252 S.Atk, 252 S.Def (Speed)

Abilities here are strange for me. Oblivious negates Attracting this pokemon
which is good but Forewarn lets you see the opponents attack which I really
dont understand.
Nature to get the S.Atk. up.
Bright Powder to make sure some evasion.
Weakness are Fire, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Steel and Dark. Pretty much weaknesses.

1) Ice Beam
2) Psychic
3) Double Team
4) Protect

Ice Beam is a good, strong ice attack which she likes.
Psychic, well, listen to the fat lady. If not, she will make you listen
Because of Bright Powder you can use Double Team effectively. Not only 1 but
MANY fat ladies!!!
Protect to make sure you can hold of that big strong fat attack.

Hmm, not to many moves (good moves) but this would do some tricks.


4 Gym badges and still counting.
Manaphy level 3.

Over and Out
Type:Ice and Psychic
Ablitiy: Forewarn

Well this poke just always has looked weird >.> Anyways having stab for ice and psychic attacks is pretty nice and forewarn lets you see your opponents attacks which I love (haven’t seen how it works though). Its Special attack reaching a MAX of 361 is really good.

Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP or Special Def
Item: Focus Sash

Calm Mind
Ice Beam
Energy Knot

Calm Mind and then sweep. Its speed is still not greatat 317 but still good.. Not a lot is gonna ohko you as you have focus sash for physical attacks cause of your low def and your good special def plus calm mind makes it that you survive special attacks as well.

Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Special Attack, Spd just needs to be at 264 spd so use the rest on HP
Item: Choice Scarf

Ice Beam
Perish Song/ Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

I usually don’t like hit and run pokez but this one is ok. They’re better options out there but jynx aint bad for the job just case it has stab ice and psychic.

Overall when used correctly, Jynx can do very well. You even use it as a annoyer with mean look and perish song. Its up to you what you do with this weird looking pokemon but just remember that it has horrible defense so a focus sash on her would be a good idea.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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