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Pokemon of the Week



Date Reviewed: 10.05.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Reeve Groudon.
# 383.
Type: Ground.
Ability: Drought.
Locations: Transfer from GBA (Diamond, Pearl), Cave of origin (Ruby), Terra cave (Emerald).

Hi everyone. Welcome to another Pokémon of the Week. Today we’re reviewing Groudon, the continent high Pokémon.

As the other legends we’ve been reviewing, Groudon is one Pokémon to fear. All of its stats are pretty good, but we will focus on its gargantuan attack. I don’t think it is as good as Kyogre but still pretty decent. Being speed its poorest stat, we will have to take care of that with the move combinations, but it’s easier now with some of the new generation moves.

Drought is pretty cool for team strategies. It will also benefit Groudon against water attacks.

Let’s move on to the move combinations, let’s see what’s up with this guy…

Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special attack).
Equip: Lum berry.
EV´s: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Shadow claw
- Dragon claw
- Earthquake
- Stone edge

The classical sweeper is pretty easy to use. You don’t need to boost any stat, just sweep and switch when necessary.

Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special attack).
Equip: Lum berry.
EV´s: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 6 Defense.
- Rock polish
- Dragon claw
- Earthquake
- Stone edge

Using rock polish once guarantees you will be faster than almost anything. So if we focus our EV’s on attack and HP defense is fixed in just one turn, then sweep.

Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
Equip: Lum berry.
EV´s: 252 Attack, 128 Speed, 128 Special defense.
- Earth power
- Solar beam
- Flamethrower
- Dragon pulse / Thunderbolt

I’d go for dragon pulse over thunderbolt, but it’s your call. The special sweeper is a little bit weaker but still very useful.

Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack).
Equip: Chesto berry.
EV´s: 252 Special attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Rock polish
- Eruption
- Rest
- Solar beam

Use rock polish as long as you need it, then use rest, wake up with Chesto berry and sweep. You have to be careful with this one; do not overuse rock polish as you might faint.

Nature: Careful (+ Special defense, - Special attack).
Equip: Leftovers.
EV´s: 252 Special defense, 252 HP, 6 Defense.
- Stealth rock
- Roar
- Toxic
- Earthquake / Rest

Annoyer Groudon is something no one is going to expect. Use stealth rock, then toxic and roar. Earthquake is there for finishing blows or rest to earn some more time or recovering from status issues.

When should I use this Pokémon?
Almost every sunny day team requires one of these, but you now have 5 options. With this your Groudon won’t be as predictable as your opponents might think. Just remember to switch when necessary.

What should I use against this Pokémon?
You should use something really fast, and preferably lethal for Groudon. You can always take advantage of Drought and baton pass some speed to a solar beamer. It works great. Stopping the drought works pretty cool to, that way you can always use your fast water types.

Bottom line:
I’ll tell you the truth, it is a pretty good Pokémon, but I haven’t seen him on competitive battles lately. Maybe it will become not as used because of Dialga and Palkia, but overall, it is as strong as those Pokémon.


Hope you enjoyed.
Carbunkle Ooh, something that looks like a big dino? =D

Name: Groudon
Ability: Drought
Type: Ground
Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Def)
Item: Leftovers
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 Speed (Hp)

Drought automatictly starts Sunny Day which lets us use fire attacks very
much. Still think he should be fire just because of that.
Nature for more speed.
Leftovers is to make sure it has life for Eruption.
EV's for power.
Weak against water, grass and ice. Lets see.

1) Earthquake
2) Solarbeam
3) Eruption
4) Dragon Claw

Earthquake and Dragon Claw to take care of the big stuff.
Because Groudon have more Atk then S.Atk then they are better.
Solarbeam is against water pokemons and you dont have to wait that turn for
it to load.
Eruption is against grass and ice pokemons and it will be stronger thanks to


He is strong and good, I like him the most.
If anyone has any Event Legendary that I can get data on, just contact me

Over and Out

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