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Pojo's Pokemon of the Week



Date Reviewed: 12.29.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Brown Bomber

Today, we have the wonderful Pokemon Exeggutor. How can you not like this Pokemon? It has a great design and is a decent battler. Although it as good as it was in RBY, Eggy is still a good Pokemon.

Exeggutor @ Leftovers/Lum Berry
-Sunny Day
-Hidden Power Fire/Hidden Power Ice
-Sleep Powder/Explosion

Sunnybeaming Exeggutor; this is the only reason you should use Exeggutor in standard. Sunny Day, then fire off STAB Solarbeam from base 125 Special Attack without charging. Hidden Power Fire gets a boost from the sun and damages Metagross, Skarmory, and other Grass Pokemon, while Hidden Power Ice also kills Grass Pokemon and takes down Flying Pokemon like Salamence. Sleep Powder puts a Pokemon to sleep (such as a Snorlax that switches in) and allows Exeggutor to use Sunny Day on the switch, while Explosion takes a Pokemon with it. Generally, Sleep Powder is the preferred choice; use another Pokemon for special sponges.

Exeggutor @ Leftovers
-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder

The stalling Exeggutor; it isn't nearly as effective as Sunnybeaming Exeggutor, and it ignores Exeggutor's strengths. Put a Pokemon to sleep, then stall with Leech Seed. Psychic is there as a STAB attack. For the last slot, you can continue to stall with Synthesis or kill a Pokemon with Explosion. Although Blissey and Snorlax are annoyed by Leech Seed, this set accomplishes little in the long run and does not have the power of the Sunnybeaming set.

Exeggutor @ Leftovers/No Item
-Hidden Power Ice/Stun Spore/Thief
-Sleep Powder

The uber Exeggutor; Exeggutor should only be used in the uber metagame to counter Groudon. Since Groudon's Drought creates eternal sunlight, Exeggutor can switch into Groudon Earthquakes, outspeed it due to Chlorophyll, and OHKO it with STAB Solarbeam. (Don't switch Exeggutor into Groudon's Overheat or Hidden Power Bug, though!) Since Exeggutor doesn't need Solarbeam, you can use Sleep Powder and Explosion on the same moveset. Hidden Power Ice is preferred over Hidden Power Fire due to the Dragon- and Flying-based ubers (Latias, Latios, Lugia, Rayquaza). Stun Spore can be used for double powder, while Thief can steal an item on the switch-in (stealing a Lati@s's Soul Dew is especially cool). Don't use an item if you're using Thief, obviously.

Unfortunately, Exeggutor barely touches other ubers. Rayquaza and Kyogre are the biggest problems; their traits negate Chlorophyll, so if they switch in on a Solarbeam, Exeggutor will be forced to charge the attack while the opposing ubers outspeed and OHKO Exeggutor. If you predict a Kyogre or Rayquaza switch, use Sleep Powder instead of Solarbeam so that you can put the switch-in to sleep.

If you're using Exeggutor, you should pair it up with your own Groudon in case your opponent doesn't have a Groudon of their own.

EVs: For the Sunnybeaming sets, give it 198 Speed to outspeed 394 Pokemon after Chlorophyll, max Special Attack, and put the rest in HP. Use a Modest Nature without Explosion and a Mild Nature with Explosion. (You can give it 220 Speed in the uber metagame to outspeed Deoxys-F, but you would have to make Exeggutor Timid, and it needs all the Special Attack it can get.) For the stalling set, max HP and split the rest between the defenses.

Other Options: In ubers, you can make a gimmicky Substitute-Leech Seed set; however, it's no better than the stalling set, since you're ignoring Exeggutor's strengths. Wish is an excellent healing move that can support your team. Toxic can be used to wear down foes in the uber metagame, but Exeggutor has better options. Curse can go for a gimmicky physical Exeggutor (Exeggutor has a decent 95 Attack stat), but it doesn't get STAB on any physical moves and you're ignoring Exeggutor's strengths once again.

Counters: Blissey, Snorlax, Regice, Salamence, Skarmory, Metagross, Weezing, Dodrio, Gyarados, Zapdos. Although Tyranitar is killed by Solarbeam, its Sandstream overwrites Sunny Day, so it can switch in on a Solarbeam, force Exeggutor to charge its Solarbeam, and switch to a counter.

In the uber metagame, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, and Lugia all mess this set up, while Mewtwo can shrug off the Solarbeam and OHKO/2HKO Exeggutor with Ice Beam.

Opinion: Exeggutor is a nice, underrated Pokemon. Although Sunnybeaming is a fragile tactic, Exeggutor can pull it off with aplomb due to its decent movepool and high special attack. As long as you play to Exeggutor's strengths and have some support, it can be a valuable addition to your team.

OU: 3/5. A decent Pokemon, but it's hampered by a lot of standards.
Uber: 2.5/5. This Pokemon used to be an uber staple, but has fallen into disfavor due to the rise of Kyogre and Rayquaza in the uber metagame. It's still a decent Pokemon, though.

Peace Out,
Brown Bomber

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