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Pojo's Pokemon of the Week



Date Reviewed: 07.07.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary: 1.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Brown Bomber
Vigoroth may be one of the few usable unevolved Pokemon, but that doesn't mean that it's good. It's outclassed by Slaking even though it doesn't have Truant, and there are better normal attackers in underused play. It can be an okay alternative to Granbull or Stantler in UU, but you have better choices. Base 80 Attack is bad.

Vigoroth (M) @ Salac Berry ** BB128 > Tobias
Trait: Vital Spirit
EVs: 16 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def / 232 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Substitute
- Flail
- Bulk Up
- Shadow Ball

The Flail set; it may be one of the best sets Vigoroth gets, sadly. Sub and keep using Bulk Up until Vigoroth has 1 HP left, then sweep with Flail. Shadow Ball scares away any Gengar that try to ruin its fun. In OU, however, you will be swiftly met with the common (pseudo-)hazers Skarmory, Suicune, and Weezing, Tyranitar kills it with Sandstream after the last Sub, and Metagross laughs in its face. In UU, Quick Attackers/Mach Punchers are basically a staple, so Vigoroth will be slayed before it can attack. The Flail set is halted too easily; stay away from this set.

Vigoroth (M) @ Choice Band ** Use Slaking
Trait: Vital Spirit
EVs: 8 HP / 252 Atk / 60 Def / 188 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Return
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Punch
- Earthquake

If you're going to use this, use Slaking instead. 426 Attack is mediocre for a Choice Bander, and it doesn't have the defenses to take hits permanently. Even in UU, Kangaskhan and Granbull stomp all over this. Vigoroth is just kind of... sad, people. :(

Vigoroth (M) @ Leftovers ** NotOriginal
Trait: Vital Spirit
EVs: 16 HP / 252 Atk / 52 Def / 188 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bulk Up
- Earthquake/Shadow Ball
- Return
- Slack Off

Pretty much the standard set. Bulk Up to increase Vigoroth's Attack and Defense, then let loose with a STABed Return and Earthquake for Tyranitar, Metagross, Jirachi, and Magneton (lol), while Shadow Ball is for Gengar and Dusclops (the latter will burn Vigoroth anyway). Slack Off any damage. It looks okay in theory, but there are just so many Pokemon that do it better (Curselax and Curse Swampert in OU, many Swords Dance/Bulk Up Pokemon in UU). Please spare yourself the trouble and use a better Pokemon.

Vigoroth (M) @ Leftovers **It's My Set
Trait: Vital Spirit
EVs: 80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 SDef
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Curse
- Return
- Substitute
- Focus Punch

A weird set that I thought up of. Curse to boost Vigoroth's mediocre attack and defense and lower its speed until it's slower than the opposing Pokemon. After Vigoroth is slower than the opposing Pokemon, create a Substitute after the Pokemon attacks, then wail on it with Focus Punch. After one Curse, Focus Punch OHKOs Blissey and Snorlax most of the time, OHKOs Tyranitar all of the time, and does some damage to Skarmory before it phazes Vigoroth away. Return for consistent damage. While it looks decent on paper, Vigoroth's bad defenses allows Pokemon to kill it before it can do its job well.

Other Options: Encore can be funny with Substitute, since you can Sub against a status-inflicting move or move like Heal Bell, Encore it, and proceed to get a free attack(s). Brick Break is for Tyranitar and normals (go with Focus Punch), while Fire Blast does something to Skarmory (you need lots of EVs to 2HKO it with Fire Blast). Rock Slide is for fliers, but STABed Return will do more damage to most fliers and is generally a better move overall. Reversal can go over Flail if you want neutral damage to Skarmory; however, it loses STAB and still won't OHKO the metal monstrosity. Roar makes it a poor pseudo-hazer. Taunt can stop phazing attacks, but the Pokemon will own you anyway. Counter would work if its defenses weren't so bad. Yawn can force switches, and is an okay alternative to the Cursing set (Curse is infinitely better). Vigoroth has an excellent movepool, but its stats are too poor to take advantage of it.

Counters: In OU, Skarmory, Weezing, Suicune, Metagross, Tyranitar, Jirachi (with Shadow Ball), Aerodactyl, Gengar (without Shadow Ball), and any strong attacker will own it. In UU, Golem and Aggron resist its attacks, while Quick Attackers/Mach Punchers own the pathetic Reversal set.

Opinion: I don't like Vigoroth. It's only considered usable because its evolved form has the Truant trait; otherwise, it would be dismissed as a crappy unevolved Pokemon and no one would give a second thought to it. There are much better options in the OU, BL, and UU metagames overall. If you want to be "original" by running a crappy Pokemon, be my guest, but don't cry when Vigoroth fails you. For people debating between Vigoroth and Slaking, use Slaking; Substitute and the rare Protect hurt it, but Slaking is a potent Choice Bander that can scare your opponent even without a lot of support with some good prediction. Let your Vigoroth evolve and become lazy once again, kids.

Rating: 1.5/5

Peace Out,
Brown Bomber
Vigoroth Review

Well, this is bringing back memories from Metang. We are reviewing a Pokemon that not many people use unless they are training it for it's final form.
But is the unevolved form better? You'll have to read my Vigoroth review to find out, but Metang was no where as good as Metagross. And, Diamond and Pearl are coming out soon! I cannot wait for it to come out. I also preodered Mystery Dungeon. It really can't wait! I'm gonna pick Naetle/Naetoru in that game. I don't want a monkey with a flaming butt.....

Well, here we have Vigoroth, with nice attack and speed. This basically stes up an all-out offensive with physical attacks move set. But then again, when we have so many McGars and SkarmBliss's out there, we need some counter, right? Well, not really. Many other powerful pokemon are better suited to counter, like Groudon, Mewtwo, and Kyogre. Now, onto the move set. I would recommend a Earthquake/Bulk Up/ Focus Punch/Return attack set.
Bulk Up can basically boost it's attack and let it do more damage. Focus Punch is a nice little Physical attack,which is used mostly to stop all Normal stalls in there tracks. Then we have Earthquake, a powerful move that any physical sweeper should know. Then we have Return. Don't use return if you just caugth a Vigorothg in the wild or traded, you need to raise it from a Slakoth for it's full effect. I recommend EV training it in Attack and Speed for a Physical sweeper, but if you want it to be something else, although I don't think a Baton Passer or a Special Sweeper are fit to Vigoroth. But if yuo have no other options, a Shadow Ball/ Fire Blast/Thunderbolt/Water Pulse, mainly to handle any kind of pokemon you may be facing. Now, is Vigoroth or Slaking betetr? Slaking has Traunt, which is probably the worst ability in the game but has betetr stats. I prefer Vigoroth, as he is more capable of attacking each turn no matter what. My rating? 7/10. Nice to have, not nice to have billions of.
You don't want to use him on an All-Star team, but he is fine for casual battles.

You guys keep on rollin',

Reeve Vigoroth.
# 288.
Type: Normal.
Ability: Vital Spirit.
Locations: Evolve Slakoth.

Hi everyone. Welcome to another Pokémon of the Week. Today we’re reviewing the crazy monkey usually known as Vigoroth.

I don’t know what to say abut this one, it is good, but I simply love Slaking, this one doesn’t have Truant, has a great speed and great move pool. Unfortunately its special stats aren’t so great. But hey, nice try for a not fully evolved Pokémon.

Its ability is great as well, no more hypnosis for this one, perfect for fast and devastating sweep.

Now, for the move combination we have a physical sweeper you better know how to use, otherwise it is useless, be careful with this one.

Nature: Jolly (+ Speed, - Special attack).
Equip: Salac berry.
EV´s: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Special Defense.
- Bulk up
- Return
- Brick break
- Shadow ball

Ok, sounds familiar? Yes, reminds me a little bit of Machamp. Anyway just let Salac activate and sweep. Brick break is for rocks and Shadow ball for ghosts. If you want other options, we have substitute and flail. Just remember to use Vigoroth’s speed and attack and you’ll be fine.

When should I use this Pokémon?
I’m not sure, you might use it as your physical sweeper, but with Machamp out there, you might use this one if you’re bored…

What should I use against this Pokémon?
Inflict status on this one. I’d day Jolteon because you have the chance of paralyzing Vigoroth and its faster.

Bottom line:
Sorry, I like the idea, but its not enough.


Hope you enjoyed.
Clown Master Vigaroth

IDK why I picked Vigaroth for this week. I must've been really tired. A lot of people tend to use this guy over Slaking because he doesn't have Traunt. Long Story Short, Slaking has Traunt for a reason. Even with it, he's better than this guy. He's faster, has WAY higher attack, and can OHKO almost anything in the game.

I guess Vigaroth can get slash, which in turn can be comboed with Scope Lense.

Pros: Scope Lense Combos. Can Evolve into a good pokemon. Beats Aipom and Sunflora (Sometimes)

Cons: Everything else.

Standard: 1/5
UU: 2/5
NU: 3/5

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