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7/23 Preparation for the Pokemon World Championships (G-UNIT)
The Metagame shift for Worlds Championship 2007
Well before Nationals & the release of Diamond Pearl the metagame for pokemon consisted of the following. It has shifted fast and with the world championships 3 weeks away you need to know what your up against and know what ya'll probably see. Preperation is the 1st step. Your deck choice is the 2nd. Lets put this in 5th gear!
The Metagame: (Before Nationals/Battle Roads)
The Noteable Metagame: (Didnt't gain that much popularity)
The Diamond & Pearl Metagame Shift:
Ok now after regionals the metagame consisted of 12 archtypes and the rest was tier 2 decks or non-archtypes. With the release of Diamond and Pearl Infernape has rocked Battle Roads around the US. Its dominence and T1/T2 ability to ko your opponents active everygame shattered your opponents strategy. With that taking affect it and its popularity rising it made decks almost deceased such as Megatech, Metanite, and MSN. It has a solid matchup against every deck out there. 50/50 or better. Thats a big enough reason to run the deck. Having no bad matchups and consistancy is what every good player wants. Your definitely gonna see this deck at worlds.
There was also a rise of a new deck called Mario. Which consisted of Machamp & Lucario. This deck took aim on delta draw decks. Which was Delta, Flytech, Metanite, and MSN. It also gave Shiftry a bad matchup. Now with it having only 2 bad matchups which were Banette and Flytech. It was a very good contender. It lacked consistancy at times but was awarded heavy damage. I think this deck was before its time. Next year it'll probably do better. I dont think yall see it at worlds because its inconsistancy and loses to Banette and Flytech which will definetely be there. It went as far as top 16 at Nationals though. Overall yall probably see this next season rather than now.
At the US Nationals there was 735 participants. The great Jimmy Ballard is famous for playing non archtypes and creating new ones. (Pidgeot-Lutions, Destiney, etc.) With Nationals approaching the spotlight was on him to see what he would bring to the table for a possible new archtype and another impressive win. This deck consisted of Empoleon DP, Marowak d, and Roselia LM. The point of the deck was to spread damage, pick your knock outs, and counter the metagame once again. With a concept of spreading damage and forcing your opponent to KO you to save his pokemon. It made Scramble energy become a whole lot better. It also played cessation crystal, curse stone, and wallys training which made the deck run so very fast and consistant enough to counter the metagame and more. It has alot of solid matchups and better so I think this one is a deck you will definitely see at worlds.
With Mewtric dieing because of Flygon varients and Empoleon, Delta, and Destiney yall never see that deck again. Also with the release of Diamond and Pearl the fossil ruling killed every deck with fossils. Most of all it killed Polistall. There also was grumpig stall but that was only popular internationally. Destiney which was popular since States and Regionals had died out with Diamond/Pearl mainely because of Infernape and Empoleon/Marowak being the new destiney and even better then destiney.
At worlds I see the following being the best decks to chose from:
My reasons for them being the top contenders:

Absolutions- After states it won twice. No one really noticed it. After regionals it won twice. People noticed a little more. Come Battle Roads no one even thought of it. After Nationals and it getting Top 8 and 1st place. Everyone finally opened there eyes. But maybe its to late that everyone opened there eyes and with very little time to learn about the deck come worlds. I still see Eric Craig & Chris Fulop playing this at worlds. The cool thing about this deck is in the whole US about 3/4 people played it and look how well its done. Its amazing!
Banette- This deck has always been a contender. Theres only two bad matchups to this deck. Which was shiftree ex and absolutions. It is T2 almost everygame and has alot of options. Its very solid and has been winning since cities,states,regionals,and BRs. Last year in worlds it was played with medicham. But it didnt have acension shuppet. As soon as that came out this deck was a beast. It is played with houndoom or techs. Usually techs because that is probably the best version.
Empoleon/Marowak- Jimmy Ballard argueablee the best rogue player of all time had this creation up his sleeve for the nationals SD. It had a 50/50 matchup or better against everydeck. It was consistant and had no bad matchups. At Nationals it made top cut along with other people jimmy showed the deck to. It ran into bad luck and didn't win nationals. But worlds is the decks 2nd shot. I can see this deck getting redemption at worlds and suprising alot of people.
Flaridos- This deck has always had a 50/50 of better matchup against every deck in the format. Almost every one if its loses suprisingely was to a flip but thats part of the deck. FLIPS! If you have 100% luck in a tournament this deck should be your #1 option. But if you have really bad luck its not really the deck for you. Even without heads/tails it consistently does t2 70 and possible 90 damage everygame.
Flytech- This deck has always been consistant and strong. Its the next best consistancy wise next to metanite. Well for a delta deck. It has a tough time with infernape but so does every other deck. Its been on the move since cities this season. This is a deck you will see at every event you go to. So dont expect that to change come worlds. Theres nothing really more to say about this deck its just GREAT!
Infernape- This deck has bombed the scene since Diamond and Pearl was released. It won almost every Battle Road that it was in. It also won the majority of the BR's. Its consistant w/ no bad matchups. The closest to a bad matchup is getting mew *ing with flygon d, starting with skitty or the upcoming empoleon deck. But still very winnable. The downfall of the deck is it always has trouble setting up the 3rd infernape. Not so much the 2nd. So if your looking to face it and they start with skitty your in a better shot of winning. Also be prepared for a 2nd infernape never a 3rd because that usually comes out 2/10 games if I was to make a predicament.
Metanite- Now this deck has taken a beating with Infernape and Mario. But with Mario difinetely not gonna be seen in worlds makes this deck alot better. Its ready for a comeback. I've heard alot of international players run this deck. So with that being said and players seeing its potential once again it has a very good shot. Yall always see this deck in every event just because of its consistancy and concept.
Shiftry- This decks only bad matchup was to flaridos. It didnt have a bad matchup to delta because of lickitung d. Now with mario being played at nationals and marowak d alot of the shiftree players chickend out of playing it. But that was a good call by them seeing when you go into an event you want very little bad matchups and A+ Consistancy. With Mario most likely not going to be played in worlds and worlds having a handful of archtypes its a safe deck to play in worlds. With 64 participants I see 4/8 people consisting of Flaridos and Empoleon/Marowak. Making this deck also a safe play.
Thats my top 8 archtypes that I say have the best chance to win worlds or make an impact at worlds. As usual though if there is another SD out there the suprise factor can be devistating. So going into worlds u should be prepared for everything. With this article hopefully it'll prepare all of u for every obstacle you need to overcome in worlds or know about at worlds. Im personally going to worlds. So you know im ready!!
Any decks you want me to fix or questions about the pokemon tcg plz email me at gdogthechamp@yahoo.com
Im usually always on AIM-Gdog121TheChamp

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