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Paladin55 on Pokemon
Marowak BREAK deck
April 19, 2016

Hello, pojo users! paladin55 here with my first Pokemon deck tip. Today, I will be explaining how to use a Marowak BREAK deck, as well as my list. It's a new deck I've invented, and I think it might be the next Donphan! Without further ado, I give you the deck list.





Marowak BREAK x2

Hawlucha-Furious Fists x2

Shaymin EX x2

Bunnelby x2



Strong Energy x4

Fighting Energy x6



N x3

Wally x2

Delinquent x1

Fighting Stadium x4

Ultra Ball x4

Trick Shovel x3

Puzzle of Time x3

VS Seeker x3

Max Elixir x2

Muscle Band x4

Eco Arm x1

Robo Substitute x4


Before I get into the strategy too much, I'm going to rate the stars of the deck, Marowak and Marowak BREAK.


Stats: 100 HP is good but not great for a stage 1, grass weakness is bad in the Mega Sceptile matchup and not much else, no resistance and 2 retreat cost is a damper but not horrible. It's Sharpshooting attack is interesting, and awesome for sniping benched Joltiks against Night March, but otherwise it's good but not enough to cause a deck to be built around him. Bone Windmill is why we're here, doing 60 for a Fighting and one of any kind, and switches Marowak with one of your benched Pokemon if your opponent's active is an EX. Pretty good, eh?



Marowak BREAK

Stats:140 HP is solid, and Bone Revenge is why he's in this deck. Same cost as Marowak's Bone Windmill, 20 base damage, and does 40 more for each prize your opponent's taken. That's great, and put it on top of an already good pokemon, and you get something amazing.



Support Pokemon



Why he's here: Staple in every Fighting deck. No other explanation required.



Why he's here: Burns Night March for ripping through their deck so fast. Also retrieves resources.


Shaymin EX

Why he's here: I'm not even partially explaining this one.




No explanation required. You play a Fighting deck, you run these.





The only reason I'm saying anything about this guy is because he isn't standard legal right now, and this is a standard deck. N will be reprinted in a month from now, give or take, in Fates Collide.




Your deck is based on evolutions, you run Wally.




Again, good against Night March.


Fighting Stadium


Staple in Fighting decks, great against Tyrantrum/Bronzong and other EX-reliant decks.


Ultra Ball


Searches for key Pokemon, declogs hands, and really speeds up this deck.


Trick Shovel


Burns Night March for ripping through their deck so fast, same as Bunnelby.


Puzzle of Time


Retrieves cards, arranges the top of your deck, and is great for turning 4 Strong Energy into 6.


VS Seeker


Another staple, great for N'ing in a jam.


Max Elixir


Good for powering up a benched Marowak to continue the assault.


Muscle Band


The classic Fighting damage booster, in combination with a Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium turns Bone Windmill into a huge 120 for 2 nuke.


Eco Arm


I get to use Muscle Band 7 times INSTEAD of 4? Is it my birthday or WHAT?!!


Robo Substitute


The heart and soul of this deck. It's what makes Bone Windmill work, and is a must-run


How to use this deck


As you can see, you simply N out of bad hands, Use Hawlucha or Bunnelby as a starting attacker, Ultra Ball to search and get Marowak out as soon as possible. You also have Marowak BREAK as a good late game attacker, or to use if your opponent takes an early lead. Remember, have fun when you play, and enjoy when your strategy comes out on top.BREAK a leg!

paladin55 out.


Questions, comments, concerns? Email me at xlred50@gmail.com


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