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Muk Man on Pokemon
Muk Man's Season Chronicles
Episode 12

After 2 LONG YEARS it here, the conclusion the Chronicles of Muk Man in the 2007 season. I'm Sorry it took so Long to finish but I hope it's worth the wait.


My Road To Worlds...

Episode 12 Nationals Pt.2 Swiss


So I get a good night rest, and while I’m sleeping I’m playing my Scizor deck in my head, and I discover a weakness for it in my head, but at the same time I find away around it. But we all know how dreams work, so as soon as I’m awake I forget about it.

I get to the long line at nationals and I FORGOT MY REGISTRATION TICKET, by now there is only 10 minutes before the cut off time so I’m going crazy in my head! But after a talk with the HNIC Mr. Mike, I am told I will be okay and when I come back I can jump to the front of the line. Now I’m registered and ready to go!


Rd.1 Gengar/Misdreveus

Whets are the odds that I would play against the deck I originally wanted to run? So get the girafrig start and use foresight on myself to get a fast Scizor just because I know this deck takes a while to set up and if I can knock out some key pieces, I know he wont be able to recover. I take 2-3 prizes before he get the combo going but 3 heads going into my turn seal this game and I take a win once time is called. 1-0


Rd.2 Latios/Latias "Basic Instinct"

The same exact deck from regionals, so I’m really excited about this match up. I get the Girafrig start and I foresight over and over because I wont attack till I get a Blastoise up. Luckily he gets a slow start so it takes a while before he can KO my Girafrig. so when he finally knocks it out I have Scizor ready. Take 40! He hits me for 90- the metal and the steel wing so I’m in danger perception. KO for two prizes, He send in his Latios EX and hit me for 20 and prevents EX attacks, but it doesn't matter because I retreat and use Metagross superconductivity to attach a second energy and swing for 70 and weakness and take another 2 prizes, he goes defensive but since his whole deck is Psychic weak, it doest take long to finish him off. So Yes Blastoise Works! 2-0


Round 3 Ho-oH with Eeveeloutons(the Non ex versions)

I get a scyther start and I figure I’ll just rush him. Misplay, he has an eevee start and puts  HO-OH ON THE BENCH then he uses his Vaporeon the attach energy to himself and the attaches to Ho-oh so now I’m trying to scramble to get my Blastoise d up, so I steel wing just to cover myself, but his stupid Vaporeon keeps putting me asleep and I cant wake up! So he retreats knocks out my Scizor with all that metal energy. So then I send in the second Scizor But now I have the Blastoise d ready, I knock out the Ho-oh and he moves his energy to a Jolteon the his me for a solid 50, and confusion. I Holon farmer to get back a scyther and Scizor, but flip tails on the confusion he knocks me out again and takes two prizes. I now have to stall a turn so I send in girafrig super conductivity to confuse him, he flips tails and I retreat  send in Scizor and cross cut with strength charm for a knock out., but it takes too much time to get going and he wins on prizes when time is called.



Round 4 Infernape & Delcatty

So this is the match I’ve been waiting for! he gets the budew start like I knew he would and I get girafrig start. We both start to set up I wait to put squirtle down because I have the rare candy in hand. He plays a warp point once he's ready to take a prize and I send in an un powered scyther. he KOs it. I send in Scizor ex with 3 metals and then BOOM celios for the Blastoise d and rare candy it. Then hit his Infernape for 80. (Here's where I kick myself) He free retreats and sends in his budew, the evolves into roselia and Traps my Blastoise d in the active position!!!!  That’s when I remembered in my dream that my opponent did the same thing but in my dream I played a fluffy berry for free retreat....Not in this list I forgot to tech one in instead I ran three strength charm. I super conductivity and then attach an energy to rage his Infernape on the bench. he attaches to his bench and passes, I then retreat, and I Scizor his roselia. He farmers and then uses Delcatty to energy draw and get it back again. He traps my Blastoise again. I can do much but try to build another but I can cause a wartortle and Blastoise is prized, so I lose Blastoise next turn and the Scizor goes down and I just cant recover. 2-2


So I’m feeling bad but it's okay cause I’m not out yet!

Round 5 M&Ms (Meganium d & Metagross DX)

Well I get a Girafrig Out and set up my Scizor ex And go to work! I’m ahead 2 prizes and only need 1 more when he makes the greatest play he drops a tech Groudon ex and snipes my benched Scizor ex for 2 prizes to tie the game. I have an active Scizor and I do the math he can knock me out if I stay in the active. He has no energy anywhere on the board! I count his discard pile there's a whole lot of psychic energy in there. so I bench a Jirachi ex, play a crystal beach and retreat and hit him for 10 because of Groudon’s body, but he cant use powers so his Umbreon in his hand is no good, and with the crystal beach he cant use the castform either, so he attaches to his bench and passes. This goes on till time is called and for 10 minutes after, because he does something to heal his Groudon, but since he cat attach the fighting energy, cause if he does I attack for full damage and game, and he cant use any powers I have him locked. eventually I get enough damage on Groudon to KO him an take the last prize.



I'm still In it!

Round 6 Metanite

They get a god start with Castform and mentor and rare candy Metagross, they just start sweeping so fast it's crazy. I get a Tank Scizor out, but with Latios* being a basic I can never 1 shot it, and they just sweep me. 3-3


I know I won't top cut now just because my first few opponents were playing decks that would never win and my resistance would be so bad, so I just drop and start to play in side tournaments to get more cards for worlds.


I get back to the hotel and Jump in the shower and all of a sudden I get a MOMENT OF CLARITY.

I compose a deck so beautiful, that I know it would have won worlds, and I know it would surely get me through the grinder. I start trading for all the cards I need put it together and !!! It's like magic. It was Slowking/eeveeloutions... Basically Slowking would grab all the tools you would need to face certain decks, example Umbreon ex with a strength charm would take care of Absolutions because they could never use their powers and you would KO all the eevees then the Absol ex's for the win. Slowking himself was a great late attacker swinging for 90 psychic damage and using his powers to thin the deck, and Vaporeon ex with buffer piece was too much for Infernape, and Jolteon ex to take care of Empoleon. Not to go into too much detail but it had great options for the whole format.


Unfortunately. right after Nationals I had to move and with all the added expenses I just couldn't afford to put the 4-500 into a ticket to Hawaii. even though I had a free room thanks to Jeff Reynolds. So my season ended with me dropping at nationals. This was my first and last time dropping from any tournament Slowking and the Eeveeloutons  rotate. Absolutions wins nationals and worlds and I Move to Memphis TN. Not the ending I expected but that’s just how it is...but wait till I tell you the story about how I broke the format with Gino Lombardi,  and he went on to win Nationals 2008!!!


MUK MAN IS BACK! Its Because of all the people who continued to let me know that they actually took the time to read my reports and let me know how much it has helped them learn the game.


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