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Muk Man on Pokemon
Muk Man's Season Chronicles

Since I plan on going to worlds this year, I decided to chronicle my season. I hope that others may learn for my experience, and take the proper steps towards becoming a better pokemon player. I am also doing this so when I leave the game I will have something to reflect upon.


My Road To Worlds… 

Episode 4 “Super Stantler to the rescue …

So after Stantler’s impressive performance 2 weeks ago, I’ve decided that I should give it another week to prove it’s worth. The only problem is I lent my Stantlers to one of the kids in my league, and I decided to change the pokemon line to help with the deck’s only weakness. So I take the drive down to SC, and make some horrible trades for the cards I need. (I was desperate so I traded 2 Umbreon EX for the few cheap cards I needed) As the start time draws near, I cant help but feel guilty, because I drove 4 ˝ hours to get here but 6 hours could take me to my grandmother who’s main heart valve is deteriorating. I push it to the back of my mind.

Game 1 starts. (Sally d ex/Sally ex/T-tar d (crush draw) Basically I gave this game away. I have 2 basics in hand and 1 energy with Marys and random stuff, do I go with the latios d ex start or Stantler? I decide on Stantler. Which was bad because he only had Slugma for 2 turns. Anyay, I start pushing away, but can’t get to my cessation crystals or stadiums till late which allowed him to use powers and set up. He still gives up a lot of prizes, but playing my celio’s to grab Cubone 1 turn too late. Allowed him to KO a Stantler for his last prize. So Many misplays cost me the game. But taking 5 prizes showed that Stantler has what it takes to win. 0-1

Game 2 (Gardy???) I get a Cubone start, and he gets a castform start. I go first and beat for 20. He has no transceivers or mentors, so he plays a Ralts and another castform and draws 1. I evolve to Marrowak play Holons Electrode, something on the bench and energy bone KO and 20 to the Ralts. He sends castform up. Top decks a mentor, but has to discard a Gardy ex to use it. He then delta draws. He didn’t get anything so I just start to metal crusher every pokemon till he scoops. 1-1

Game 3 (megalix) Stantler start against his Castform. I play an energy and pass. He draws. Plays Power Tree and then Holon something. Rare candy his Chikorita to Meganium ex on the bench. He knew I would start to push away so my phrases is… “Use em or lose em”. Soon as he does that I play cursed stone and Cessation Crystal then I push away, he only has 2 cards in hand. This goes on for several turns till cursed stone takes out Megainum ex and Marrowak KO’s all the other basics. 2-1

Game 4 (Flygon d/Alteria ex) I had this game all planned out. And everything is going according to plan. I lock his Flygon d with Stantler and Cessation Crystal. And push away his transceivers. But his top decks are keeping him alive. Eventually it comes down to him koing a latios d ex. Then comes my new tech…DEWGONG+Scramble+Solid Rage. I smack Flygon for 80, he can only hit me for 40, and I only need 2 prizes to win. Then outta nowhere Battle Frontier for the KO. I confuse Flygon with Stantler but a new one comes up and wins the game…. WHO PLAYS BATTLE FRONTIER IN FLYGON??? 2-2

Game 5 (Banette/Hariyama) People always ask how I beat banny. This is the textbook example. I go first. I play water hit Shuppet for 10. He plays mentor grabs Tropius d Sableye, and Makuhita. And he then ascends. I play Cubone to the bench attach an energy then play Cessation Crystal to Stantler and then hit him for 10 and confusion. Banny is at 20 he attaches energy to Banny then tries to play Tropius…cessation crystal stops this and since his energy is attached he tries to attack, tails Banny is now at 50. I attach energy and then push away the only trainer is his hand Banny is at 70. He can’t KO me, so he retreats and sends Tropius to grind for 10. I retreat Stantler. Play latios d ex, a cursed stone, and energy bone his banny for a prize. Next turn I KO Tropius and he sends Hariyama. I then use latios d ex and ice barrier for the game because cursed stone takes out Sableye. 3-2


I finish 7th

Top 8 Flygon d ex (round 4 opponent)

I gave away Game 1 because I wasn’t calculating the sand-damage so my dual Latios d ex went down together.

Game 2 I get a latios start. I lock him with Holon legacy and pound away at his basics with Latios d ex. He attacks me with Flygon d (non-ex) I let the Dewgong I powered up ohko it. He doesn’t run farmer so he has no way to get around latios d ex.

Game 3 we have 15 minutes. I get a Dewgong start, and start hitting his Flygon (he has to evolve early) he plays battler frontier, forgetting he shut of his own Flygon so he can’t power up the ex. I retreat and send up Latios and ice barrier. I get greedy and KO it. Then he plays Alteria ex powers up another Flygon ex just as fast and swings the game in his favor. I play Stantler with cessation crystal. Then cursed stone. He is confused and KO’s his own Flygon ex when he flips 2/3 tails. I win


Top 4 Delta a.k.a Raieggs

Before I changed the pokemon lines this was an auto loss, now it is an auto win.

Game 1 I get a Dewgong turn 2, he is unfamiliar with the card, and discards his cessation crystals for Holon mentor. I let Dewgong and Marrowak walk all 5 prizes, he scoops when he sees that.

Game 2 I get a Cubone start and have Marrowak energy bone all his pikachus leaving his castform alive. Once I have a Dewgong set up I attach energy root and I KO his castform.  He then metallic thunders, but it’s not enough, next turn I take out Raichu and a pikachu at the same time. He uses cessation crystal to split bomb Marrowak and then to KO a Dewgong with delta circle. But I farmer it back and win just as quickly he only takes 2 prizes this time.


Finals Metanite

Game 1 as I barley stay alive, I never get more than one pokemon on my bench but amazingly with the horrible set up I still take 4 prizes. His stadium and windstorm top decks put him over the edge.

Game 2 I get Stantler pushing his trainers early, but his agility flips give him enough time to get a minor set up. But I pushed away all transceivers and stadiums so Holon legacy and Dewgong set Marrowak up for a bench kill.

Game 3 game 2 was so intense we lost track of time I get Stantler out and pushing early, everything he top decks with delta draw I push away so he only gets 1 Dragonite and 1 Metagross set up. But his bench has heavy damage from cursed stone and retreating after so much. I have a Marrowak and Dewgong fully powered and Metagross and Dragonite are at 50 and 70 damage. Time is called he retreats a Beldum and KO’s Stantler for the win.


2nd place. So I drove the 4 hours home reliving all the days’ misplays, in my head figuring out how to improve, and after talking about the games with my team members, they convinced me not to release the deck list yet. So I will stick with Super Stantler till the next set is released, then I will post the list. Plus I have 3 more cities to go to….




Super Stantler, second place…? Can Stantler really win…? And what about that other deck, what was it, where is it?

Stay tuned for the next installment. Episode 5 “The New Deck vs. Super Stantler


~Muk Man~

P.S. Jeff Reynolds is the best T.O. EVER!



For questions or comments, send an email to Treluv3@Excite.com





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