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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Dearth of Dark and Metal in HP-On
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
Make it double


(Unlimited Deck)

Crobat GUnlimited is full of broken combos, and this is one of them. It's one of those nifty "win if you go 2nd" decks, abusing damage counter placing cards.

Here's the list I've been working on:

Pokémon (12)

4x Crobat G (Platinum)
4x Zapdos (Majestic Dawn)
1x Spiritomb (Legends Awakened)
1x Jolteon* (Power Keepers)
1x Electrode G (Rising Rivals)
1x Azelf (Legends Awakened)

We max Crobat G and Zapdos, as those are our main spread cards. Crobat G can put 10 on any of your opponent's Pokémon. With 4 Crobats, 4 Scoop Ups, and 4 PokeTurns, you are guaranteed at least 120 damage spread any way you like.

Zapdos, while on a flip, can help rack up several KOs.

Spiritomb and Electrode G help end the game. Ideally, you'll Crobat/Zapdos/Spiritomb/Jolteon* your opponent down to 20 HP on all of his/her Pokémon, and then proceed to Reckless Bomb for the game.

Azelf is to ensure that we can get Electrode G out of our prizes, or alternatively, find out where Lightning Energy is (if it was prized).

Trainers (45) Venture Bomb

4x Computer Search (Base, Base 2)
4x Erika (Gym Heroes)
4x Item Finder (Base, Base 2)
1x Luxury Ball (Stormfront)
2x Mr. Fuji (Fossil)
4x Poké Blower + (Stormfront)
4x Poké Drawer + (Stormfront)
4x Professor Oak (Base, Base 2)
4x Scoop Up (Base, Base 2, LC)
4x Super Scoop Up (Neo Genesis, Expedition, FRLG, DS, DP, MD, UL)
4x TG's Invention Poké Turn (Platinum)
1x Trash Exchange (Gym Heroes)
4x Venture Bomb (Team Rocket Returns)
1x Windstorm (Crystal Guardians)

4 Computer Search, 4 Erika, 4 Drawers and 4 Oak ensure a steady supply of draw, and makes recovery from a turn two Lass + Eeeeeeek (if you went first) possible by having many outs to topdeck.

ErikaIt's important to use Oaks responsibly, as you have a limited amount of damage you can spread, and you need to spread it all on turn two. Try to Erika at first, and make sure you use your hand to the full extent before Oaking. Remember, your opponent drawing cards off of Erika doesn't hurt you, as they're not going to get another turn.

4 Blowers and 4 Venture Bombs are to get more damage counters.

Trash Exchange can help if you burn all your Turns and Scoop Ups, but still need to rack on a lot of damage.

We're maxing Item Finder. The uses of it are twofold: it can help function as a 5th/6th Turn/Scoop Up, or get a Professor Oak back if you're running out of steam and need to get a new hand.

Supporters (1) Mr. Briney's Compassion

1x Mr. Briney's Compassion (Dragon, Series 2)

There's only one Supporter in this deck. Why? As you (hopefully) know, you can only play a single Supporter a turn. This deck wins the game on turn two. You quite literally won't get another turn to play a second Supporter, and so, we don't run any.

Mr. Briney's Compassion functions as a 5th Scoop Up/Turn.

Stadiums (1)

1x Giant Stump (Legend Maker)

If you were curious about the lone Windstorm, this is why. Giant Stump can help you get Azelf and Spiritomb out of play, so that you have more bench space to drop Crobats/Zapdos'. To get that extra bench space, you need to get rid of Giant Stump -- and that's why we're running Windstorm.

Giant StumpIn addition, both Windstorm and Giant Stump can help you get rid of a Chaos Gym, if you went first and your opponent played it turn two.

Energy (1)

1x Lightning Energy

Electrode G's Reckless Bomb requires a Lightning Energy, and we can easily get away with a single copy, as we run such heavy draw (and an Azelf to pinpoint it, if it were to be prized).


If going second, you should be able to knock out all your opponent's Pokémon. Don't risk a Reckless Bomb against a Baby, a failed Baby Rule flip can cost you the game. Instead, use Blowers to get a non-Baby active, or even try to get them to promote a non-Baby by knocking the Babies out; it's unlikely that your opponent will see an Electrode G coming.

ZapdosTry to get knockouts with Reckless Bomb, Sheet Lightning, or Curse Breath, rather than Flash Bite.

This deck's biggest problem (aside from not going 2nd) is a Spiritomb (Arceus) start, or a T1 Gastly (Stormfront) Pitch Dark. You could try to counter Spiritomb by running 4 Space Center or 4 Cyclone Energy; however, you'd be losing the consistency that guarantees you T2 wins against other decks. Although you might be lucky enough to open with 4 Crobat Gs, a Jolteon, an Electrode G and a Lightning (below 1% chance), you're probablygoing to scoop to any Spiritomb start. Well, roses and their thorns, and all that.


Crobat G is a very strong card, both in Modified and Unlimited.

There's no Jolteon ex here; even though its Power fits the concept of the deck, due to the lack of Eevees that can evolve the turn they're played. You should be winning the game in one turn, no time for Eevee to evolve.

Unlimited is a very fun format. It's really fun to find combos with cards printed a decade apart.

Although I don't see Unlimited becoming used in tournaments any time soon, it would be a pretty nifty Professor Cup format.

The new 30+3 ruling is interesting. It seems to favor spread decks, but given that there's practically a hard counter to spread in Garchomp C Lv.X, it's hard to envision any sort of return to the days of Rock Lock.

Take care!


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