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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Dearth of Dark and Metal in HP-On Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - DP-On Preview #3 -- Trainer Engine
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

DP-On Preview #3 -- Trainer Engine

Yeah, I'm not dead. Soz for the lack of new articles. Alas, college, thine name is pain.

This is the last preview! Yeah, I know some of you have already played in one, maybe even TWO BRs!, but those don't count, 'cause I wasn't done with the previews yet. Nyah.

Currently (sans Stormfront), there are 12 Supporters, 6 Stadiums, and 32 regular Trainers in the format. Not exactly a plethora of choices, but with Claydol covering your lack of draw, you should be fine. I guess.

So which trainers should you play to win in DP-On? The good ones.

*cricket chirp*

What's that, you want some names? Well, choke on DEEZ!
Celio's Network
Where is your Celio's now?


Data obtained through Pokepedia
  • Bebe's Search (MT 109, SW 119)
  • Buck's Training (LA 130)
  • Cynthia's Feelings (LA 131)
  • Felicity's Drawing (GE 98)
  • Fossil Excavator (MT 111, MD 82)
  • Mom's Kindness (MD 83)
  • Professor Oak's Visit (SW 122)
  • Professor Rowan (DP 112, SW 123)
  • Rival (DP 113, SW 124)
  • Roseanne's Research (SW 125)
  • Team Galactic's Mars (SW 126)
  • Team Galactics Wager (MT 115)
  • Just 12 Supporters, and quite a few of them just plain horribad.

    Your search engine, in terms of Supporters, should normally be 4 Bebe's Search, 4 Roseanne's Research, and 4 Call Energy. Even if you have a ball engine, Roseanne's Research is still a must. Bebe's Search, meanwhile being a poor replacement to Celio's Network, is still the best Stage 1/2 search there is. Not a particularly hard task to accomplish, when the only other card in comparison is Poké Ball. Better rig that coin.

    Bebe's, Roseanne's, and Fossil Excavator aside, the rest of the Supporters are all draw cards. Most are pretty bad.

    Buck's Training is a Supporter that is Bill+PlusPower. People seem to like it; I'm not a huge fan, but it's certainly better than the atrocity that is Mom's Kindness. If you're so kind, why don't you let me draw more cards, Mom? That's why Dad left.

    Cynthia's Feelings is this season's Scramble Energy. Throw in 2 copies in every deck.

    Felicity's Drawing is this season's Television Reporter. If you're running a "discard stuff" deck, it's a must. Because it discards "stuff."

    Professor Oak's Visit is an OK draw card. You could do worse than throwing a few POVs in a deck. Like throwing in a Mom's Kindness.

    Professor Rowan is interesting, but not particularly good.

    Rival is crap.

    Team Galactic's Mars is ruined by Claydol. You're better off drawing more cards than disrupting your opponent and letting them draw even more cards off a Cosmic Power.

    Team Galactic's Wager is still the only viable disruption Trainer. It's effectivity depends on the type of deck you're running. Probably not a good idea to run this in Grou-DONK. Go go Hard Crush! All your Fighting Energy are belong to us!
    Bebe's Search
    The subpar Celio's Network

    Mom's Kindness
    Worst card ever


    Data obtained through Pokepedia
  • Dawn Stadium (MD 79)
  • Lake Boundary (MT 112)
  • Moonlight Stadium (GE 100)
  • Snowpoint Temple (LA 134)
  • Speed Stadium (DP 114)
  • Stark Mountain (LA 135)

  • 6 Stadiums, all mediocre-good. Mediocre-good means slightly above average in my weird terminology. Confused yet? Flip before attacking.

    Dawn Stadium does a good job in Leafeon decks. Plus, it's a good counter to Gliscor.

    Lake Boundary, once an evil, evil card, isn't very effective these days, now that people actually play different decks. Expect this new fangled "more than 2 viable decks" situation to end by the CCs.

    Moonlight Stadium is pretty bad.

    AMU loves Snowpoint Temple. Mewtwo might like it too. I just think the card could have had better art.

    Speed Stadium works in Rhyperior. Probably.

    Stark Mountain is really, really good. Probably a must in F/R decks.
    Snowpoint Temple
    Wouldn't a Charmander die out in the snow, rather than getting +20 HP?


    Rydel's Cycles
    Come relax at our hot spa with old nudists!


    Data obtained through Pokepedia
  • Amulet Coin (GE 97)
  • Armor Fossil (MT 116)
  • Bubble Coat (LA 129)
  • Claw Fossil (LA 138)
  • Dome Fossil (MD 89)
  • Double Full Heal (DP 105)
  • Dusk Ball (MT 110, MD 80)
  • Energy Pickup (LA 132)
  • Energy Restore (DP 106, MD 81)
  • Energy Search (DP 117, MD 90, DP 107)
  • Helix Fossil (MD 91)
  • Leftovers (GE 99)
  • Night Maintenance (MT 113, SW 120)
  • Night Pokemon Center (DP 108)
  • Old Amber (MD 84)
  • PlusPower (DP 109, SW 121)
  • Poke Ball (DP 110, MD 85)
  • Poke Radar (LA 133)
  • Pokedex Handy910 (DP 111)
  • Potion (DP 118, SW 127)
  • Premier Ball (GE 101)
  • Quick Ball (MT 114, MD 86)
  • Rare Candy (GE 102)
  • Root Fossil (LA 139)
  • Skull Fossil (MT 117)
  • Super Scoop Up (DP 115, MD 87)
  • Switch (DP 119, SW 128)
  • Technical Machine TS-1 (LA 136)
  • Technical Machine TS-2 (LA 137)
  • Time Space Distortion (MT 124)
  • Tropical Wind (NP26, DP05, DP25)
  • Warp Point (DP 116, MD 88)

  • Finally some variety, eh? 32 Trainers. I'm just going to point out the good, instead of ripping on the bad. Slightly less funny. Which in my case is negative amounts of funny. See what I did there?

    The Fossils are all fun little cards, and a must if you're playing their evolutions, because Strange Cave has been illegal for 2 seasons now. I liked that card.

    Bubble Coat is handy, but if you're relying on it every single game, you should probably play a deck that won't get slaughtered in your metagame.

    Ball Engine's still here. Quick Ball, Master Ball, Dusk Ball, the works.

    Night Maintenance should be played in virtually every deck. Virtually.

    Potion is an amazing card, and if you're not playing 4 in every deck, your excuse better be "I don't have that many."

    AMU loves Premier Ball. A few other decks probably do too.

    Rare Candy is quite possibly the best card in the format.

    Super Scoop Up is an alright card. Remember though, tails fails.

    Switch is OK in some decks. Ones that have Pokémon with large retreat costs. Didn't see that coming, did ya?

    The Technical Machines are awesome. Your opponent will never see it coming. Unless you mulliganed with it.

    TSD is expensive. Ludicrously expensive.

    Warp Point is fantastic as well.
    Night Maintenance

    Rare Candy

    Warp Point
    Some of the better Trainers in the format.

    MOTL's Sample Trainer Engine

    // Trainers

    2 Night Maintenance
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Technical Machine TS-2
    2 Warp Point

    // Supporters

    4 Bebe's Search
    3 Buck's Training
    2 Cynthia's Feelings
    4 Roseanne's Research
    1 Team Galactic's Wager

    // Stadiums

    1 Lake Boundary

    Obviously, this isn't intended to work in every single deck. 4 Candies in AMU isn't a very good idea. However, this is more or less the amount of draw, disruption, and search you should have in your decks.

    Your mileage will vary, as will your metagame. Netdecking is bad, kids.

    Cynthia's Feelings
    Cynthia's hot

    No more previews!

    We're done! Woo! Let's go rip up some Battle Roads! PoJo army! Yeah! Woo! Generic hype and encouragement!


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