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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Dearth of Dark and Metal in HP-On Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - DP-On Preview #2 -- Healing
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

DP-On Preview #2 -- Healing


Point of note: I forgot to mention the new Forretress in the last article. I don't really think it's a good card, but it DOES spread damage, even though it's on a flip, and spreads damage onto your own Pokémon as well. Pretty useless.

Now, onto present matters: healing! You know, that thing that hasn't existed properly since MMF.

Back in the olden times, healing was quite nifty, as everything had so little HP. A 110 HP Steelix with a few Metal Energies and a Gold Berry was virtually indestructible. And couldn't knock anything out. But it wouldn't get knocked out anyway (presuming Sneasel doesn't exist), so things evened themselves out.

Gold Berry, without a doubt, is the single best Healing card ever printed. Is there anything in DP-On to match it? Read the article and find out!

Nurse Joy
Where is Nurse Joy when you need her?


The card that has been reprinted more than Basic Energies, Potion is a familiar sight to most players. Healing up to 20 damage wasn't even worth the space in the deck you'd have to make to accommodate your trusty Base Set 2 Potions back when the best decks were made up of 70 HP Pokémon, and it certainly isn't, when the best decks are made up of 130 HP Pokémon.

Passing over Potion, other Healing trainers in the format include Night Pokémon Center and Tropical Wind. Yeah, I didn't know the former existed either. There are no circumstances where you'd want to use any of these 3  cards in a Constructed format.

The future? Pokéhealer +.

Pokéhealer +


You can play 2 copies of this card at the same time.
If you play 1 copy, remove 1 damage counter and 1 Special Condition from your Active Pokémon.
If you play 2 copies, remove 8 damage counters and all Special Conditions from your Active Pokémon. (This counts as the effect of both cards.)

Translation from PokéBeach

Not sure if the "play 2 Trainers at once" mechanic will bring forth some Trainer search cards as well so that you can actually get these two cards through something other than straight draw and topdecking, but healing 80 isn't bad at all.
Weakness Potion
Oops, wrong TCG!

Energy Healing

Heal Energy provides [C] and heals 10 damage. Recover Energy provides [C] and removes all Special Conditions.

I suggest not playing either.

Come on, what do you want me to say? These cards are just horribad.
Heal Energy
I like the card art, but that's no reason to play it.


Rydel's Cycles
Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City
Get the newest Acro and Mach bikes for free!

Attacks that don't really attack

When you attack, you'd normally expect to dish out some damage. However, some Pokémon attack to draw cards or search your discard pile, which is just unrealistic. Does Ash ever order Pikachu to search a trash can for Lightning Energy?

Another type of a weird "attack" end-result is, as you'd expect having read the previous two sections and the title of the article, healing. Some Pokémon choose to not put damage counters on the opponent's Pokémon, but rather, remove the ones on your own. Cowards.

"What are these Pokémon, MOTL?!" I hear you cry vehemently. You can look to the right for one. Vaporeon isn't bad at all, and you could throw it into your Eeveelutions with ease. If Dusknoir didn't exist. Oh well, better luck after DP gets rotated out.

There are lots of Grass Pokémon that heal themselves. Tropius takes the extra step to heal 30 damage from his comrades as well, given that those comrades have a Grass Energy attached. Cresselia's ludicrously expensive Healing Light heals 10 from each of your Pokémon.

Mesprit Lv.X heals 30 from all your benched Pokémon, at the low, low cost of [0]. Just another reason to spend the $300 to build an AMU deck. And lose to Dusknoir and Mewtwo.
This card is quite good.

Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies

There are a few of these as well. The new Lopunny can heal 10 from all your Benched Pokémon, AND draw 3 cards for free. However, it's a Stage 1 card with 80 HP and the picture of a creepy rabbit with demon eyes.

The new, crappy "Baby Pokémon" heal all damage when "evolved." You can't even "evolve" these things if Psychic Locked. Pathetic.

Magmortar, as anyone who has played in at least 1 State Championship last season should know, heals 20 by attaching a Fire Energy thanks to its Body. Manaphy does the same thing, but it's Manaphy, so you can safely ignore it. Quagsire heals 30 from itself if the opponent's Active has a Water Energy attached, which isn't bad, considering Empoleon and Kingdra are looking highly playable for the time being. Registeel can heal 30 from itself if you discard 2 cards.

And most importantly, Sunflora heals 10 from each of your Grass Pokémon. The Power doesn't stack, but that's still broken.
Lopunny? That's just silly.

Damage Transfer

A more manly form of Healing, transferring damage counters across the playmat helps you accomplish two useful things at once: Healing, and doing Damage!

Cresselia Lv.X's Poké-Power is really neat. Spiritomb does the same, but it's an attack that costs [P]. Gastly, Haunter, Wobbuffet, and Jynx all have similar attacks, but Cresselia Lv.X is the easiest to execute.
Cresselia Lv.X
Moon Skip is a lovely attack as well.

Healing in DP-On

Until the release of Pokéhealer +, Healing doesn't look very efficient in this format. You're better off dishing as much damage as you can than trying to heal damage off of your own Pokémon, as your opponent is likely to knock out your Pokémon regardless of the pitiful 10-20 damage you heal. Unless you're particularly good at Arithmetic.

Two previews down!

I love you all. Except you in the hat. Bye!


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