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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Supporters of HP-On (Part 2)
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

Supporters of HP-On (Part 2)


The article, I mean. Hope you read the first part.
MonsterOfTheLake's Research
I'm not very good at making fake cards =|

Supporters (Part 2)


Professor Elm's Training Method (Expedition, Unseen Forces, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 1-2

A now-useless card that once was paired with Great Ball to get all those $50 ex evolutions from your deck. And you won't be able to use those expensive exs ever again, starting next season. Dave Schwimmer is a cruel, cruel man.
Professor Elm's Training Method

Professor Birch (Ruby & Sapphire, Emerald, Power Keepers)
How many to use: 0

There is simply NO reason to ever, EVER use this card in Modified. Even in Draft, it will be hard to wear your hand down to a low enough amount so that you could draw enough cards with this.

If you need draw that badly, even if you DON'T, run Claydol. Claydol is SO much better than this card. Then again, you could say the same thing about half the supporters in the format.

Claydol <3
Professor Birch

Professor Cozmo's Discovery (Deoxys, Trainer Kit 2, Holon Phantoms)
How many to use: 0

A glorified (I do like that word) Mom's Kindness, this card is utterly, utterly otiose and inutile. I like big words.

The point is, you shouldn't use this card. Only in Draft, where it's quite roxor, but otherwise stay clear and do not touch. Avoid it like it's The Ace.
Professor Cozmo's Discovery

Professor Oak's Research (Expedition, FireRed LeafGreen, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 1-2

Perennially overshadowed by Copycat, this card is nevertheless not bad. While POR is actually a good card that provides good draw, Copycat is simply a lot more useful, especially with everyone having huge hands nowadays thanks to our good friend Claydol.
Professor Oak's Research

Professor Oak's Visit (Secret Wonders)
How many to use: 2-4

The "Bill" substitute for HP-On, this card should be the main source of draw if you don't want to discard anything, and don't run Claydol for some outrageous reason. As with all things draw and trainer-y, this card is amazing in Draft.
Professor Oak's Visit

Professor Rowan (Diamond & Pearl, Secret Wonders)
How many to use: 1-2

A fun, fun card that worked wonders in this year's Professor Cup. While it is virtually Professor Oak's Research with one less draw (albeit keeping one card in your hand), Professor Oak's Research has the benefit of being able to topdecked while you don't have a hand. However, not having to shuffle that Rare Candy back into your deck alongside the 2 Night Maintanences and 2 Windstorms comes in quite handy at times.
Professor Rowan

Rival (Diamond & Pearl, Secret Wonders)
How many to use: 1-2

A card that your local 8 year olds really like, this card should not be played in any competitive deck. While having drawing 3 cards with no disadvantages seems really useful, the fact is that your opponent will always give you the 3 basic Energies out of the 5 cards, instead of Rare Candy, Empoleon, and Scramble.

Roseanne's Research (Secret Wonders)
How many to use: 2-4

Close to Celio's Network in terms of usefulness, this card never loses its purpose in the game. In the first few turns, it will let you fill up your bench, and lategame, it will get you 2 of the 6 basic Energy that you play but just can't draw into (here's a hint: play more than 6!).

Most decks would have a use for this card, and should throw in a few. Even if you use Pachirisu/Tauros/Corsola to fill up your bench, this card still could and would come in handy.
Roseanne's Research

Scott (Emerald, Power Keepers)
How many to use: 1-3

Go go Porygon2 Engine!

Another card that the Porygon2 Engine users at the Professor Cup abused, this thing isn't suited for every deck. If you're intent on abusing stadiums (or the Porygon2 Engine), this thing would obviously work wonders. However, your average Empoleon/Bronzong shouldn't really use this card. Canadian moose Stantler is a reasonable substitute for this card.

Steven's Advice (Hidden Legends, Power Keepers)
How many to use: 1-3

A devious card, and one that both works with and stops (your own) Claydol. Cosmic Powering your two card hand away for 6 new cards, then using Steven's Advice with your opponent's full bench gives you 11 new cards in one turn, but the obvious downside to this is being unable to use neither Claydol nor Steven's Advice for a few turns, not to mention the susceptibility to a next turn Copycat, Rare Candy, Empoleon, Scramble, 3 UNNECESSARY PLUSPOWERS AND A STRENGTH CHARM to knockout your tiny little Kakuna.

Never forget that your hand size can be beneficial to your opponents, try to burn your hand down to around 6, so that Claydol's Cosmic Power remains an option and your opponent can't Copycat you for 20 cards.
Steven's Advice

Team Galactic's Mars (Secret Wonders)
How many to use: 0

Once making everyone angry early in the season due to the evil, EVIL combo with Absol this card had. Draw 2 cards, AND act as a downgraded Rocket's Sneak Attack? RIGHT AFTER YOU BALEFUL WIND THEIR TWO RARE CANDIES AWAY? Broken!

Alas, no one uses Absol anymore (thanks Claydol!), and drawing 2 from a Supporter just to let your opponent draw an extra card with their own Claydol is silly. Silly I say!
Team Galactic's Mars

Team Galactic's Wager (Mysterious Treasures)
How many to use: 1-4

HP-On's Rocket's Admin, this card is satanic, inhuman, and diabolical, and not the least because it makes you play Rock-Paper-Scissors in Pokémon. Losing Wager T2 and getting Ploxed while the three cards you drew were a Night Maintenance, Windstorm, and the one Unown Q that you teched, you can remember how you ended up EXACTLY like this back in 2001 too, thanks to your opponent's T1 Lass+Cleffa. So fun.
Team Galactic's Wager

Original TGW Card Art
The original card art for TGW.

TV Reporter (Dragon, POP 2, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 2-4

The main source of draw in Banette and Blissey, this card will no longer be with us in DP-On, where we must carry on using her younger, hotter sister Felicity's instead.

All crappy jokes aside, this card is actually quite good. While you normally wouldn't want to discard cards, in decks where you need to get some particular cards into discard, this card lets you draw into them before discarding. While Felicity's might let you discard more and draw more, discarding before drawing is a huge disadvantage in comparison to discarding after.
TV Reporter

And we're done (for reals)! While the "Xs of HP-On" format makes for interesting and painstaking to write articles, I will delve into some actual deck strategies and gameplay stuff in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed the article.


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