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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Supporters of HP-On (Part 1)
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

Supporters of HP-On (Part 1)

Supporters, the lifeblood of new-age Pokémon. Long gone are the days of topdecking Oak; Trainers have now split into 3 different types, with the namesake carrying on to provide us with Rare Candy and Potion; whereas Supporters are now the main source of draw (Claydol does make a good case for it too, mind).

First introduced in Expedition, Supporters give us draw, search, and disruption, albeit in a far limited manner in comparison to the earlier sets (i.e. Wager vs Lass). However, nostalgia aside, Supporters are quite powerful, and figuring out which ones to use, and how many as well, will make the difference between a win and an intentional draw a loss.

So read carefully. Or don't, see if I care.

This article will be a two-parter, to spare those of you who are STILL on dial-up from loading a page with (*gasp*) 26 images. Why 26? 'Cos there are 26 Supporters in HP-On.

Here are the first 13!
Professor Elm
Professor Elm, the first "Supporter."
"You can't play any more Trainer cards this turn." -- look familiar?

Supporters (Part 1)

Ascending alphabetical order, as usual. We're going to kick things off with Bebe's.

Bebe's Search (Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders)
How many to use*: 1-4

A glorified Pokémon Trader, this card can do the one thing that will be worthless in DP-On that Celio's Network can't -- search for exs.

Who is this Bebe, you might ask? The new Bill, apparently. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl were pretty bad, so I didn't actually play the games so that I would know about her. Meh.

The not-so-hidden benefit to putting away one card back into your deck is, aside from not decking, drawing an extra card with Claydol's Cosmic Power. If your hand is down to 0 and you topdeck this instead of Celio's though, you'll be quite angry. And probably lose the game.
Bebe's Search

Bill's Maintenance (Expedition, FireRed LeafGreen, Crystal Guardians, POP 5)
How many to use: 0

One of the first supporters, this card is simply inferior to Professor Oak's Visit in every way and situation imaginable. Unless it's the last card in your hand, then you have a card gain of 3 instead of 2. But counting on that is akin counting on your opponent NOT playing Gardelade.

Bill's Maintenance

Castaway (Crystal Guardians)
How many to use: 1-2

Useful in Blissey, and a great card for Gardevoir to Telepass. Gets Strength Charm and Celio's Network, AND a basic energy to boot. If you run 4x Strength Charm for some unfathomable reason, you should probably throw in a few of these, but it really doesn't offer much to Tier 1 decks. Yes, I just dissed Blissey.

Celio's Network (FireRed LeafGreen, Trainer Kit 2, Crystal Guardians)
How many to use: 4

The best supporter in the format. To quote a certain BigChuck01, "If you're not playing 4 in every deck, your excuse better be 'I don't own that many.' "
Celio's Network

Copycat (Expedition, Team Rocket Returns, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 1-2

Copycat has been a part of the game for longer than some Junior players' lifetimes. It's a card that you can simply throw in your deck for the last open slot. There are hardly any cases where you wouldn't welcome a Copycat in the duration of the game, short of right after a Rocket's Admin when you and your opponent are both tied at 1 prize. And Rocket's Admin is no longer legal, so there you go.

While the card is currently not legal in DP-On, it will probably get reprinted. So don't sell off your Expedition Copycats just yet.

Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters)
How many to use: 1-4

The younger, hotter sister of TV Reporter, this card is set to be the default "card you use to get certain cards into the discard pile" supporter in DP-On. For Banette, you would prefer the TV Reporter to draw into the Banette first; but for simply getting Energy into the discard pile, Felicity's Drawing can get you an extra draw, as you probably already have the Energy in hand. Enjoy being able to play TVR and Felicity's together while you can.
Felicity's Drawing

Fossil Excavator (Mysterious Treasures, Majestic Dawn)
How many to use: 1-4

It's a bit hard for me to actually review this card seriously, as the only fossils I have seen all season were the tech Omastar lines, but when has that ever stopped me before?

As far as I can tell, this card is basically Holon Fossil ex. So for you in the white shirt who's still trying to break the Kabutops from Holon Phantoms, you should throw in a few Holon Excavators in that deck. The rest of you can safely ignore this card, content with the knowledge that playing Fossils won't get you anywhere.
Fossil Excavator

Holon Adventurer (Holon Phantoms)
How many to use: 2-4

Indiana Jones Holon Adventurer is basically a bad TV Reporter. It was useful back when everyone ran the Holon engine, and you could actually play Delta Pokémon, but those times are over. That's right, where's your Flygon ex now?! Mwahaha.
Holon Adventurer

Holon Mentor (Delta Species, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 1-3

The part of the Holon engine that is still sorta relevant, this thing is a beast in Blissey. And Banette, but slightly less so.

Turned obsolete with the advent of Pachirisu, Holon Mentor will permanently bid us all farewell with the death of the last throes of all things EX. Brings a tear to your eye, no? Me neither.
Holon Mentor

Island Hermit (Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 2-3

The only reason that anyone bothers playing this card is to counter Telepass. I think that limiting yourself to just drawing 2 cards from a Supporter just to slow down Gardevoir is a bit silly, but there you go.

You could make an argument for being able to know what your prizes are, and you would be right. Don't get too cocky though.
Island Hermit

Mom's Kindness (Majestic Dawn)
How many to use: 0

A glorified Bill, this card is the epitome of "pointless" in Pokémon-card form. Team Galactic's Mars does the exact same that this card does, plus disrupts your opponent's hand. Professor Oak's Visit lets you draw an extra card, and even though you shuffle one back in, you still see an extra card from your deck.

The only time you should ever play this card is in Draft.
Mom's Kindness

Mr. Stone's Project (Emerald, Holon Phantoms, Dragon Frontiers)
How many to use: 1-4

Slightly useful in Garchomp, this card is usually ignored thanks to the versatility of Roseanne's Research. Sure, if you abuse different types of basic Energy, you could have a use for this card, but otherwise you should avoid this card like it's The Ace.
Mr. Stone's Project

Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis, POP 4)
How many to use: 0

Roseanne's Research has made this card obsolete. So has the passage of roughly 20 Modified formats, as what was once considered broken back then is now frowned upon. For sucking.
Pokémon Fan Club

Woo, first part is now OVER. If you're impressed with this shoddy piece of hack journalism, wait until tomorrow so you can be content with the knowledge that you know all 26 Supporters in HP-On! And that you've made me happy. Because I spend hours writing this stuff, and I demand appreciation. Acknowledgement at the very least.


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^ IF you would actually play the supporter in the deck, NOT how many you should put in EVERY deck =/

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