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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Stadiums of HP-On
MonsterOfTheLake's LakeMonsterOfTheLake's Lake

Stadiums of HP-On

There are 13 stadiums (not stadia; take THAT, Caesar!) in the current format, which just happens to be HP-On, in case you haven't figured it out in the last 10 months or so. Seriously, stop playing Mewtrick.

Based on the current format and archetypes, and keeping in mind which of these already low-in-quantity stadia stadiums we will be losing in two months, I shall review them ALL. For your reading pleasure. It might be painful, arduous, and awkard, but that's Pokémon for ya.

Anywho, LET'S GO!

Battle Frontier (Emerald, Power Keepers)
Counters: Garchomp (all two of them)
Used in: ?!

Once a roxor counter to those icky Chuck Lock Rock Lock decks, this card has no purpose whatsoever in the current format. It will go away next season, where it STILL wouldn't have a purpose, with all the Dusknoirs, AMUs, and Mewtwos around. Short of reprinting Battle Frontier with the wording "Each player's [P] Pokémon can't use any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies," this card is dead and buried.
Battle Frontier

Crystal Beach (Crystal Guardians)
Counters: Gardelade, Empoleon, Blissey
Used in: Beedrill, Sceptile variants, Banette w/o DREs

A candidate for the nastiest stadium in the format. With all the Gardy everywhere, and everyone putting in some Scrambles, this card is a royal pain in the butt for those ubiquitous DREs/Scrambles/Boosts. Everyone techs in that one-off Tauros CG and a few Windstorms against this and Cessation, but they have to draw into it first, while they have to try to build up a main hitter without the speed that DREs/one-shots that Boosts/comebacks that Scramble provide.

This card is leaving us in the next format, taking DRE, Scramble, Boost, and Holon's Castform with it as well. It has served its purpose, and we must move on. Well, you musn't, but you really should.
Crystal Beach

Dawn Stadium (Majestic Dawn)
Counters: Weezing, Venusaur/Swalot (COULD happen), Arbok/Weezing/Muk, Weezing, Toxicroak/Weezing, Weezing, Weezing
Used in: Leafeon/Glaceon, Sceptile variants, Draft decks, RAINDANCE!

At best a default stadium that you would use to counter other stadiums, this card has an intriguing combo with Blastoise's Rain Dance and Leafeon Lv.X's Energy Forcing. That's right, you can heal anywhere from 10 to 560 damage in one turn! And get rid of all Special Conditions. 56 times.

Short of everyone running 4/4 Weezing in their decks in the next format, you shouldn't need to run this card as anything other than a default/counter stadium. Healing 10 damage is nice, and 20 is even nicer (go go POTION), but it's nothing game breaking.
Dawn Stadium

Drake's Stadium (Power Keepers)
Counters: Nothing really
Used in: Blissey, Garchomp

Another stadium that will be leaving us in the next season, the highlight of this card has been sporadic appearances in Blissey decks early in Fall 2007.

This card is basically the opposite of Sprout Tower, except a lot weaker. I don't see anyone missing this card, to be honest.

Sprout Tower> Drake's Stadium

Glacia's Stadium 
(Power Keepers)

Counters: Electivire?
Used in: Water decks. Shocking, I know.

No one's going to play a Lightning deck in HP-On. Don't play this card. I don't care if your secret Japanese contact says that they play 4 Glacia's Stadium in every deck, this card is useless and should be banned in 49 states (discluding Florida).

<3 Chuck
Glacia's Stadium

Holon Circle (Crystal Guardians)
Used in: Nothing

Yet ANOTHER stadium that will be lost in DP-On. I have always liked this card, just for the sheer insanity of the effect. But then the other guy Windstorms, attaches a DRE and a Base Set PlusPower to Gallade, and flips an unnecessary 6 prizes to do 360 to your poor Tauros. And then you cry and quit Pokémon.
Holon Circle

Holon Lake (Holon Phantoms)
Counters: Your opponents' efforts to limit your ability to search your deck for d Pokémon
Used in: RAIEGGS!

Now, I do like lakes, but that's no reason for me to go overboTHIS IS THE BEST STADIUM EVER WOO
Holon Lake

Holon Legacy (Dragon Frontiers)
Counters: Delta Pokémon with bad/no powers and weaknesses to ubiquitous types
Used in: RAIEGGS!

This isn't 2007.
Holon Legacy

Lake Boundary (Mysterious Treasures)
Counters: Gardelade, Blissey, Gardelade, Magmortar, Infernape, Gardelade
Used in: Banette, Gardelade

You should already be aware of my lake fetish by now, so I'll skip ovLAKE BOUNDARY IS THE BEST STADIUM EVER WOO

Lake Boundary is ludicrously fantastic, and is the most vicious stadium in HP-On. Banette can hit the ubiquitous Gardevoir/Gallade for 160 for just PP. Empoleon can do 200 to Infernape/Magmortar for 1WW. I could go on about this, but it is quite clear why this card is so powerful. It's not broken, but it is game changing, and you should expect it whenever you're playing Banette your weakness, and not count on your +20/+30 Weakness to save you.

Did I mention that Lake Boundary will still be legal next season? Well, I didn't, but that was a rhetorical question.
Lake Boundary

Moonlight Stadium (Great Encounters)
Counters: Ariados swarm
Used in: Gardelade, Banette

There isn't much to be said about this card. Gardelade, if running stadiums, could run either this or Lake Boundary, but Lake Boundary is simply a better choice. I don't see why Banette would run this, as it gives its best matchup free retreat; maybe they just really, really hate that retreat cost of 1.

How good this card could be will be seen next season. When you don't have DREs and Scrambles to retreat, and everyone and their mother running Dusknoirs, Mewtwos, Azelfs, Mespirits, Uxies, and Gardevoirs, that free retreat effect will be a lot more effective. After all the Stage 2s, we are back to free retreating BBPs, proving that Pokémon is cyclical. Just wait until they ban the DP9 Sneasel and Slowking, then we're back to Stage 2s again.
Moonlight Stadium

Phoebe's Stadium (Power Keepers)
Counters: Ariados swarm (has anyone actually tried this?)
Used in: Gardelade, Banette

Unlike Moonlight Stadium, this card won't be with us in 2008-09. The only difference between Phoebe's Stadium and Moonlight Stadium is that Dusknoir retreats for 1 with Phoebe's, instead of for free.

Just like Drake's and Glacia's stadia stadiums, Phoebe also appears in a giant LCD panel on the card. That's just weird.
Phoebe's Stadium

Sidney's Stadium (Power Keepers)
Counters: Cacturne/Weezing
Used in: Cacturne/Weezing

This card is just stupid.

There is absolutely no reason to play this card. None. Even if you are ludicrously obssessed with running Cacturne/Weezing, and convince all your friends to run Cacturne/Weezing with you (just kidding, you don't have friends), you still shouldn't play this card.
Sidney's Stadium

Speed Stadium (Diamond & Pearl)
Counters: Rigged dice that only rolls evens, unless you wanna deck
Used in: Rhyperior

The only Pokémon card that has steampunk art that I can think of, this card is just so much fun. You can literally deck with this stadium. Teaches you for using rigged dice. Or practicing flipping heads, like the Japanese. How do you think Yamato won Worlds? That's right, the Japanese/English Lucky Stadium.

For those not seeing the Rhyperior combo, you try to get your opponent to draw as many cards as possible, so you can deck them. Fun stuff.
Speed Stadium

Those are all the stadiums in HP-On. Of the 13, just 4 will still be playable in DP-On. Is Nintendo phasing Stadiums out? Will we get Stadium* or Stadium ex? Will Ash and Misty get married? I honestly don't know, try asking Dave Schwimmer.

I will do more of these HP-On reviews. Tools, Supporters, you never know. Comments? Feedback? Angry e-mails about my Yamato comment? Go ahead and e-mail meh. I don't mind. Except if I'm busy. Then I'll make disparaging remarks about your mother.


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