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Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Dearth of Dark and Metal in HP-On Pojo's Pokemon Site - MonsterOfTheLake's Lake - Saga of Sets
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake
MonsterOfTheLake's Lake

Saga of Sets -- Mysterious Treasures

Hi guys, this is my last article for the site.

.. for the year 2008! >:]

You might be wondering what RaNd0m, the creator of the Saga of Sets™, is up to these days. Probably not, but he's a good friend, so I'm gonna give him the MonsterOfTheLake's Lake Bump™; here is his YouTube channel:


Go visit his channel! After you're done reading this article. And sending me feedback.

With 124 cards, Mysterious Treasures is the set that gave us Blissey, Feraligatr, Magmortar Lv. X, Bebe's Search, Night Maintenance, Team Galactic's Wager, the ludicrously expensive Time-Space Distortion, and Kadabra. Thanks, Uri Geller.

The Unowns in this set? Unown I, M, E, and T, meaning you can spell Item, Time, and Mite with all those Unowns you draft. Or Emit.

Yeah, I hate Unowns too. Unowns are worthless.

Saga of Sets
RaNd0m MonsterOfTheLake

Mysterious Treasures
Mysterious Treasures Set Symbol
What a crappy set symbol
It's not a bad set, but when you're as bitter as me, you can always find something to poke fun at. Finding faults with children's trading cards is the height of comedy! Cringe laughs are welcome, but not encouraged.

1/123 – Aggron – Following Diamond & Pearl's lead, Mysterious Treasures also chose to print something awful as the first card of the set. Must be a DP-era thing. It's really, REALLY bad.

2/123 – Alakazam – Power Cancel is fun, but you can hardly attack with this thing, what with its 100 HP and overpriced, terrible attack. Is it worth throwing a 1/0/1 line to sit at your bench? Nah.

3/123 – Ambipom – Another one for the "Pokémon you didn't know existed" pile. Like Alakazam, it's obsessed with making people discard two cards. Unlike Alakazam, it has to be active to do so.

4/123 – Azelf – Quite bad, but I will give it bonus points for its flavor text:

Known as ″The Being of Willpower.″ It sleeps at the bottom of a lake to keep the world in balance.

5/123 – Blissey – The winner of many a Fall 07 Battle Road tournaments. Eventually became useless due to its Fighting weakness.

6/123 – Bronzong – Nice power, rubbish attack. Retreat cost of 3 doesn't help either.

7/123 – Celebi – Leaf Tornado is good, but expensive. A 60 HP basic just isn't worth it these days, other than fulfilling a starter role. Neo Genesis Sneasel, a 60 HP basic, was banned because of how powerful it was just several years ago. The game does evolve rather curiously.

8/123 – Feraligatr – A good card. Had a good run in HP-On, until Gardy came along. The deck's supporter line moved from Magneton/Delcatty to Claydol, and is having a mini-revival in DP-On, thanks to the Stormfront Bronzong.

9/123 – Garchomp – A bad card that you can sell to little kids for 6 dollars.

10/123 – Honchkrow – Somehow being an archetype for a while, this card isn't really that good. 1DD for 50 is pretty bad. And why does a bird Pokémon *not* have free retreat?

11/123 – Lumineon – Annoying power. Underused, underrated, and astonishingly blue.

12/123 – Magmortar – The BAD Magmortar.

13/123 – Meganium – Oh man, Ultra Powder is RE-DONK-ULOUS. And what's with the card art? Meganium is PISSED. He's here to chew bubblegum and kick butt, and he's all out of butt! Wait, how does that line go again?
"I'm Meganium, and I hate you >:O"
14/123 – Mesprit – Dumb. Its name, its HP, its attack, it's all so very dumb.

15/123 – Raichu – An OK card, unfortunate to be printed right around Gallade. Couldn't abuse DRE, not that it made a difference.

16/123 – Typhlosion – Had a nice combo with Magmortar for a while. Still a good card, but Kingdra's ubiquity and the lack of DRE/Scramble to discard with Evaporating Heat make it unuseful-like.

17/123 – Tyranitar – 140 HP or not, this card is poop.

18/123 – Uxie – See Mesprit.

19/123 – Abomasnow – Glacier Snow is annoying, but it just doesn't make the grade.

20/123 – Ariados – Heh heh, Sticky is *so* very fun. Great potential, pity its attack sucks.

21/123 – Bastiodon – An overgrown Crystal Guardians Dugtrio.

22/123 – Chimecho – Wouldn't be bad if it had an evolution. It doesn't, so it is.

23/123 – Crobat – Great card. I say that not because it was a playable card in HP-On, because it wasn't. However, it has excellent art, free retreat, a cool power, and an interesting attack. You're bound to run out of Rare Candies, though.

24/123 – Exeggutor – Egg-cellent card! Fun attacks, cool art, and egg puns! It's egg-straordinary! Does egg-sactly what you would expect from a rogue-ish card. You shouldn't have great egg-spectations from it, but it's a fun, fun card.

25/123 – Glalie – Lame.

26/123 – Gyarados – It's not bad, and without Cessation Crystal, it won't get utterly locked down.

27/123 – Kricketune – Ohho! Kricketune, the protagonist of the Turn 2 Kricketune deck. The Stormfront Scizor is along the same vein.

28/123 – Manectric – Free retreat is nice. Chain Lightning is nice. 80 HP isn't.

29/123 – Mantine – Not very good.

30/123 – Mr. Mime – The bane of Kingdra! And, um, Gengar?

31/123 – Nidoqueen – I like this card. Makes Monarchy possible. The +30 Weakness to Psychic didn't help at all, though.

32/123 – Ninetales – Interesting Power, limited attack. Could work with a Ninetales Lv.X.

33/123 – Rampardos – Horrible.

34/123 – Slaking – Within contention for being the ultimate tailsfails card. Heads, you do 130. Tails, can't attack or retreat. Better stack up on those Warp Points. And Sabrina's ESP.

35/123 – Sudowoodo – This card flails. Yes, a fail/flail pun. I'm not proud.

36/123 – Toxicroak – It's Body is annoying, but easy to work around. If it only had an attack that stopped the Defending Pokémon from retreating.

37/123 – Unown I – I am certain that the only reason they make rare Unowns is because someone at Nintendo has a serious case of schadenfreude. That's also the reason why they don't print good Cubones >:|

38/123 – Ursaring – It's a godless killing machine! Well, no, but bears are intimidating. Outside Pokémon.

39/123 – Walrein – Good card. I'm curious as to why it didn't see more play.

40/123 – Whiscash – Why is this card a rare? Oh, right, schadenfreude.

41/123 – Bayleef – Use Rare Candy instead.

42/123 – Chingling – Inviting Bell is OK, but the new Sableye is better.

43/123 – Cranidos – Heh heh. Head Butt Pokémon.

44/123 – Croconaw – The Power combos nicely with its evolution. Good Stage 1.

45/123 – Dewgong – Oh look, it's a Snorlax clone. Attack makes it Asleep, then its Body/Power abuses the Asleep condition. If you don't flip heads inbetween turns.

46/123 – Dodrio – Free retreat is always nice (well, maybe not worth it on Base Gastly), and Triple Attack is expensive, but good. If only Double Colorless Energy was reprinted.

47/123 – Dunsparce – Typical Dunsparce: terrible. The SAR one was an anomaly.

48/123 – Gabite – Too many Colorless symbols on this card. I still say Weakness to Colorless should mean it's weak to all types.

49/123 – Girafarig – Not good at all.

50/123 – Golbat – Pulse Search rocks. Free Retreat rocks. 70 HP doesn't.


52/123 – Happiny – The 3D/claymation art? Horrible. And a little creepy.

53/123 – Lairon – Mend is good. The rest of the card isn't.

54/123 – Magmar – The GOOD Magmar.

55/123 – Masquerain – Centrifugal Force is interesting. There's always the hypothetical "4 Ariados in bench" scenario, but that has never occurred in the history of Pokémon. No, I don't care how your friend swears that his Japanese friend actually saw a Junior pull it off and attack with Centrifugal Force with 4 Ariados in bench against a Master player at a Japanese Battle Road, it didn't happen, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

56/123 – Nidorina – Rescue is nice. Nidorina wearing lipstick isn't.

57/123 – Octillery – Crash Bomber is good, but the card just doesn't do enough damage.

58/123 – Parasect – Ohoho, Parasect. It's a deadly card in No Rares.

59/123 – Pupitar – Pressurized Gas is nice, but you will never attack with this. And why does Pupitar have free retreat, when Zapdos doesn't?

60/123 – Quilava – Ehh.. mediocre. Or rather, below average.

61/123 – Sandslash – Poison Spike is good. Could work with a Sandslash Lv.X. But only if the Lv.X had an amazing Body.

62/123 – Sealeo – Ice Rider? How is that an attack? How does riding ice do any damage?

63/123 – Shieldon – Oh man, this Pokémon is UGLY. Who designs these nightmare-inducing Pokémon?

64/123 – Tropius – Bonus Leaf could work nicely, if timed right. Too bad Torterrible has no space for it.

65/123 – Unown E – Maybe if EQUIP gave +20 HP. For now, no.

66/123 – Unown M – Horrible.

67/123 – Unown T – Bad.

68/123 – Vigoroth – Wake-up Punch is hard to pull off, but the look on your opponent's face would be worth it.

69/123 – Abra – Just in case you don't know, Ultra Evolution -- and the lack of Kadabra -- is because of Uri Geller.

70/123 – Aipom – Crap basic.

71/123 – Aron – Crap basic.

72/123 – Barboach – Crap basic. I really don't have much to say here.

73/123 – Bidoof – It's Bidoof! And he's holding a Wacan Berry!

.. I'm just trying to come up with something other than "crap basic."

74/123 – Bronzor – Ahh, there we go. This is a really good Basic.


75/123 – Buizel – This one's pretty bad too. A Basic should have at least one 0/1 cost attack, so it can attack turn 1.

76/123 – Chansey – I'm pretty sure I've seen this card before. And it had 20 more HP then.

77/123 – Chikorita – See, this is a good Basic! Sure, would've been nicer if it didn't have to flip for sleep, but it's a free attack! Take THAT, Bronzor!

78/123 – Croagunk – Ghastly Sound is flippy, but nice.

79/123 – Cyndaquil – 60 HP, energyless attack, there we go!

80/123 – Doduo – 60 HP, cheap attacks. Well done to you too, Doduo!

81/123 – Electrike – 60 HP, and a REALLY good attack for a single Lightning! Very well done, Electrike!

82/123 – Exeggcute – 60 HP, good attack for a single Grass! You've done well too, Exeggcute! Egg-cellent job!

83/123 – Finneon – Not very good.

84/123 – Geodude – Very good!

85/123 – Gible – Good enough!

86/123 – Kricketot – Really good!

87/123 – Larvitar – Good!

88/123 – Magby – No.

89/123 – Magikarp – Flail combos nicely with Gyarados. 30 HP is just horrendous, though.

90/123 – Murkrow – Swarm would be better if it got all Murkrows, but it's a free attack, so can't complain.

91/123 – Nidoran (F) – CFF only gets a single Nidoran (F) or (M), and it's not energyless. Average.

92/123 – Paras – Nicely done!

93/123 – Pichu – No. You FAIL. Claymation art makes me furious! Why Nintendo, why?!

94/123 – Pikachu – 'tis OK.

95/123 – Remoraid – Average.

96/123 – Sandshrew – Good!

97/123 – Seel – 60 HP, but attack just isn't good enough.

98/123 – Shinx – Rawst Berry is pretty pointless, but an effective card!

99/123 – Slakoth – Good card, with a good attack that sets up Vigoroth, if you can stop flipping heads.

100/123 – Snorunt – What the bloody hell is that thing? That's a Pokémon?

101/123 – Snover – It has an attack named Snowball Fight. I can't possibly say something bad about a card like this.

102/123 – Spheal – Look at the card! Those Spheals are so happy!

103/123 – Spinarak – Fine.

104/123 – Surskit – Sleep Inducer is a VERY nice attack.

105/123 – Teddiursa – If you have to use Rest to get rid of 2 damage counters on a 60 HP Pokémon, you will probably lose the game.

106/123 – Totodile – Good basic! Egg-semplary!

107/123 – Vulpix – Fire Soul is expensive, and pointless. But 60 HP is nice.

108/123 – Zubat – Slightly below average.

109/123 – Bebe's Search – Not very good when Celio's Network is legal in Modified. REALLY good when it isn't.

110/123 – Dusk Ball – Average. Could use it to get back a Pokémon you accidentally Cosmic Powered, but why would you do that in the first place?

111/123 – Fossil Excavator – Would be useful in a deck with fossils. There are none. No, a 1/0/1 Omastar line doesn't count.

112/123 – Lake Boundary – Really good! My Lake has no boundaries, though 8-)

113/123 – Night Maintenance – An outstanding Trainer card that should be included in virtually every Modified deck.

114/123 – Quick Ball – Good card for those Turn 2 decks.

115/123 – Team Galactic's Wager – This card was printed by Satan.

116/123 – Armor Fossil – Fossil evolution fodder.

117/123 – Skull Fossil – You can actually knock out Pokémon with Skull Stone and a rigged coin. That just blows my mind.

118/123 – Multi Energy – Has its uses. Quite good.

119/123 – Darkness Energy – Awesome card. A 'must' in every Darkness deck =/

120/123 – Metal Energy – Awesome card. A 'must' in every Metal deck =/

121/123 – Electivire LV.X – Good Body. Good Attack. HORRENDOUS Weakness. Gallade didn't even have to flip a prize, if it didn't have a DRE.

122/123 – Lucario LV.X – Did well at Autumn BRs, then faded away.

123/123 – Magmortar LV.X – Tried to better Gardelade. Failed.

124/123 – Time-Space Distortion – Stupid, pointless, arbitrarily rare card.


(You can send in your feedback at PoJoMOTL@gmail.com)

Dear Monster,

I like this article way better than the last one. Keep up the hard work! :P

Keep it up!

Dear Alazor,

I like this feedback way better than the last one. Keep up the hard work! :P

First, Great Articles.

Second, I have Personally spoken to the artists of Pokemon (OK, not really), and they have all assured me that these little pictures are not unintentional.

For those that cannot take a joke, they simply referred me to the Fire Red Leaf Green Clefairy!

If you look at what the Pokemon is doing in the picture, you might think…well, that couldn’t be what I think it is, is Clefairy really flipping me the bird?

Then you look at the name of the attack – GESTURE. Too much coincidence.

I met the Artist at Worlds a few years ago (and had him sign the card). He laughed when I pointed this out.

That’s NOT a denial!

Vince aka Meganium45
First, I have to say that Vince is one of the heroes of Pokémon; he has done so much for the game. And he writes COTDs for Pojo!

As for the Clefairy in question:

Clefairy FR/LG
Bad Clefairy!

Merry 2008, and a happy new year!


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