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Classic Turn 1 kill deck
By Michael Gundesen
November 3, 2008

Hey Michael from Denmark here
as you may may not know i'm in China which keeps me from following the current formats closely. However classic now has become totally broken i'll post a deck to prove my point (if nothing else you can enjoy the beauty of a deck that will kill everything in 1 turn without a singe attack) :)
Classic for a long time has been a broken format, but I think you can say that the quest for the most broken deck is over. From the labs of China i proudly present to you:
Forretress of doooooom

    2 : Blastoise ex
    2 : Forretress, LA-28
    2 : Espeon, AQ-11

    2 : Squirtle, OP4-14
    2 : Azelf, MT-4
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    2 : Pineco, DR-71
    2 : Eevee, Promo1-11

    4 : Pokedrawer 
    3 : Item Finder, B-74
    4 : Bill, B-91
    2 : Pokemon Center, Promo1-40
    4 : Pokedex Handy910, DP-111
    4 : Misty's Wrath, GH-114
    4 : Computer Search, B-71
    4 : Erika, GH-100
    2 : Professor Oak, B-88
    4 : Rare Candy, SS-88
    1 : Windstorm, CG-85
    1 : Luxery ball
    4 : Oracle, SK-138
    2 : Water Energy, GC-132

Who would think a classic deck would be centered around forretress ? Not me. This deck however turns forretress into pokemon that with ease ko'es all of you opponents six pokemons in turn 1 without ever attacking!
The combo is simple Blastoise ex can attach energy as often you like espeon returns these to your hand.... If there just was some pokebody that was activated whenever that happened :-D..
With forretres for every energy you attach you get to flip a coin if tails put 20 damagde on each non forretres pokemon in play.
with blastoise ex and espeon you now have 8 flips averaging at 80 damagde to each non-forretress in play this is usually enough, but whenever you feel you pokes is getting a little to much damagde a simple pokemon center will solve the problem. Now its just flipping til your opponent has lost....
An obvious objection would be: but you need like a million different cards to win in this way what are the odds of getting those in first turn?
Just about 100%............
This is classic and the beauty of the deck is
it kills in 1 turn
Go nuts with Bills, Erikas,Oaks, Pokedrawers and misty's wrath it doesn't matter that you empty your deck becaurse there will be no next turn the game is over..
I've never tried getting an opening hand with which I could not win the first turn I'm allowed to use trainers and pokepowers (however it's bound to happen some time).
You could try to beat the deck with cards like muk , but remember to get it up in turn 1... if not its too late
Enjoy playing classic
- Michael from Denmark



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