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5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")

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St Peters Missouri CC Report
December 5, 2006

I decided to try and up my PUI rating this weekend by traveling to St. Peters and attempt to take down Andrew Newman, the 2nd ranked player in the world.  I opted to play Sallygross, as it's quite consistent, and I'm very familiar with how to run it.  I opted to play both Sally d and Sally ex to give my deck some versatility.

Anyways, onto the report. 32 people in 15+, 5 rounds, top 8 cut.

Round 1 vs Lickitung/Gengar

Newman's friend. Newman won a CC with this idea, and lent the deck to this kid. I open with Bagon vs Lickitung. I do 10, he benches a Gastly, does 30 for 1 psy. I candy, Sally ex, and flame jet Gastly. He benches another and does 10. I ko that one, he benches another and does 10. I KO that one, then 3 Lickitungs.


Round 2 vs Dragonite ex

I open with Castform vs Castform. We both mentor and Delta Draw. He's playing the 40 hp Dratini, so when he gets 2 energy on it, I just flame jet. My Sally's end up beating him pretty fast after that.


Round 3 vs Kingdra ex/Xatu/Fearow d

I get a Beldum + Mentor against T2 Kingdra/Fearow, which leads to more Kigndras, UGH. I play my flame jets really well though, setting his Kingdras up to be OHKOed later on, and end up winning in a super close game.


Round 4 vs Newman with Plusle/Beedrill d/Ray d ex
Before you laugh, it's actually a really good deck idea, and definitely gave me some trouble.  I go 2nd with a Castform against his Weedle. He does 10 and Paralyzes, I bench a Beldum and pass. He Candys, Beedrills, benches a Ray, plays a lightning, blows up his Beedrill, and KOs my Beldum. So I have a lone Toxiced/Paraed Castform with 30 damage against his Ray. IT WASN'T LOOKING GOOD FOR THE CHAMP FOLKS!  I mentor and start building for a Sally. He sacs a Beedrill at a bad time to KO my Gross, and my Sally ex ends up beating him at the end with the game tied at 1-1, with 150 damage on it :-D. Super close one.


Round 5 vs Mike with Houndoom/Swalot

Close game. Same list as Banette/Doom, but Swalot +DRE and Scramble over Banette. He opens with Houndour and starts swarming me with Swalots. He eventually nailed both of my Sally d and a Sally ex with Pick and Choose, but the Psy weakness was too much for him to handle.


Top 8 vs Guy with Banette ex/Exploud ex/Dugtrio

That's the advantage of 1st seed in a small tourney with a top 8 cut. Odds of 8th seed having a weak deck are pretty high :-D.  He didn't really get set up either game, so there wasn't much he could do.  I won both games pretty fast.


Top 4 vs Newman

I got 2 really good starts, and his starts were still above average, but not close to as godly as his swiss game start. Game 1 we played a very slow game, building our Pokemon and waiting for the other guy to make the first move.   In the end, my Sallys ended up being more than his Rays could stand.  Game 2 was similar to game 1, but I ended up setting up much better than he did. 


Finals vs Metanite

He ran Lugia ex which kinda worried me a bit. Game 1 was really close, with him getting T2 double gross, which lead to turn 3 4 and 5 Drags. After the Grosses went down, he Agility spammed me while letting his Lugia sit and wait for my Sally ex. I ended up making a big misplay at one point, but I made up for it with solid play way later. I ended up barely winning.

Game 2 there was only 20 mins left, so he rushed and seemed to misplay a bit. He had an energy drought mid game, and I was able to build a big advantage.  I took all of my prizes quite easily.


So after that tourney, my rating jumped a WHOPPING 130 points, and I'm currently rated #8 in the world right now.  Now all I have to do is beat Ness a few times and I'll be #1!



I'll have another report up after my next CC




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